How To Sleep With A BBL And Tummy Tuck

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When you get both a BBl and tummy tuck, it becomes doubly difficult to sleep. Let’s look at how to sleep with a BBL and tummy tuck in this article

The famous Brazilian butt lift (BBL) and Tummy tuck (also known in technical terms as abdominoplasty surgery) are plastic surgeries performed on women to provide a fuller look in the breasts and a slimmer tummy. The most frequently asked question about these two operations is how to sleep with a BBL and tummy tuck. 

Because after the surgery, most people find it problematic to sleep at night. In some cases, you can undergo both surgeries simultaneously, depending on your health and condition. 

After the surgery, you need extra caution while sitting and sleeping because putting pressure on the area where the surgeon injects the fat can cause problems, like damage to the patient’s fat cells. You should avoid putting pressure and consult your doctor for the best sleeping position.

How To Sleep With A BBL And Tummy Tuck

What Exactly Are Tummy Tuck and BBL?

Tummy tucks and Brazilian Butt lifts (BBL) are different surgeries. A tummy tuck, a popular surgery that surgeons perform to remove excess body fat, usually around the belly. This surgery also includes tightening loose skin and repairing muscles. This famous surgery that surgeons can perform on both men and women to flatten the stomach.

However, in BBL surgery, doctors transfer belly fat to buttocks in women. Surgeons perform this surgery by extracting the fat by liposuction from the body’s middle and lower abdomen area. After the extraction, doctors injected it into the buttocks to give a better look.

Doctors can perform these surgeries simultaneously. The surgeon conducts tummy tuck on the front side of the patient’s body while in BBL on the backside of the body. 

These popular procedures, also known as the “Mommy Makeover,” help women get their pre-pregnancy look back. After the surgery, you will have more shapely buttocks and a flatter and slimmer waist or middle abdominal area. 

After the surgery, you will need a BBL and tummy tuck bed for sleeping because you may experience difficulty laying on the bed. 

Doctors advise their patients to follow their directions until they fully recover from the surgeries.

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What Are the Precautions of Sleeping After Tummy Tuck and BBL?

It would help if you had a consultation from the board-certified plastic surgeon before the surgery, as it may cause you some trouble during and after the surgery. Doctors recommend not sleeping on the back when you have a Brazilian Butt Lift and not sleeping on the tummy when you have a tummy tuck. Follow these tips and get the best result of surgery.

Use pillows to get support.

Ask your surgeon for the specially designed BBL and tummy tuck pillow to support your back and abdomen. Typically, this includes two wedge pillows both for your back and your thighs. This way, your tummy will remain flexed, and your buttocks will also stay in the air, thus minimizing pressure on both the affected parts of the body.

This type of pillow is beneficial for patients who get plastic surgery as you can place it under your thighs and back to help while sitting and sleeping. 

It will help if you avoid sitting on a hard surface like a chair as putting more pressure on the area where you have BBL surgery can cause reabsorption of fat into your body. You can also purchase a recliner instead of a pillow

But when you buy a pillow, look for inflatable wedge pillows that provide comfortable side sleeping, and you can place them between the legs. You should make sure that the pillow is made from high-quality memory foam.

How To Sleep With A BBL And Tummy Tuck

Sleep on the side

Sleeping on the back and upright position is impossible for people who get both BBL and Tummy tuck surgery. Your surgeon may advise you to sleep on the side to prevent any problem during the recovery phase. 

It is the best sleeping position as you cannot sleep on your stomach in a tummy tuck because it needs healing. You cannot rest on your back, putting pressure on your buttocks where the surgeon injects the fat. 

Calm atmosphere

You may feel calmed and relaxed when you are at the hospital because doctors believe that patients recover faster in a comfortable environment. 

It is important to have a soothing and uncluttered bedroom to help you feel calm at the hospital and home. This cozy ambiance helps you sleep during the initial recovery period. 

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How Much Does It Cost for a Tummy Tuck With BBL?

You can get a specialist plastic surgeon to perform them simultaneously, saving your time and having one recovery period. The plastic surgeon charges differently for the tummy tuck with BBL according to the region. The typical cost for both ranges from $8000 to $25000.

Before getting surgery, it is important to get a consultation from your doctor to avoid any risk and help you in your healing process. Is BBL covered by insurance? know more here.

Is BBL and Tummy Tuck Safe?

Patients should know that having tummy tuck surgery means you need to stay at the hospital for at least 2 days under observation and recovery. You can have both surgeries together, but you need to stay at the hospital for a long time. 

Plastic surgeons first perform the surgery on the front middle abdominal area to extract fat and remove the excess skin by tightening it. After collecting the patient’s body fat, the doctor injects it back into the lower back part of the body. 

After several days you can go home with beautiful results from the successful procedure. You will need some time for the healing process, usually 6 months. You may need to follow your doctor’s diet plan and exercise daily after a few weeks of the surgery.

How To Sleep With A BBL And Tummy Tuck

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The Best Way To Sleep After Tummy Tuck and BBL

After learning expert tips on how to sleep with a tummy tuck and BBL, you will be able to sleep peacefully and comfortably in your bed. Sleep on the side. You may need to buy a BBL and tummy tuck pillow and use them to support your procedure body part.

Take the help of the proper diet and exercise plan for

Experts suggest putting pillows under the back and area of your buttocks. It would be best to wear the corset as compression garments for up to 6 months to get the best result for the surgery.

We hope this article has given you all the information you need to address your sleeping posture with a tummy tuck and BBL operation. For any further questions of comments, do reach out to us in the comments section below.