How Long Does BBL Last?

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Are the effects of a Brazilian butt lift permanent? How long does BBL last? After all, if you are spending your money and time on the surgery, you should know what you are getting out of it, right?

Brazilian Butt-lift (BBL) is a cosmetology method that transfers fat from one part of the body to the buttocks to make the buttocks more bulging and improve their aesthetic appearance. This procedure also helps treat specific problems with aging, such as sagging and deformation in the buttocks

How Long Does BBL Last

In contrast to other buttock surgery, Brazilian buttock lifts do not use silicone buttock implants or implants such as autologous fat. Therefore, the Brazilian butt lift gives more natural results, and the procedure is safe as no foreign matter is embedded. Brazilian buttock lifts have a lower risk of infection and reaction than silicone buttock implants. 

How Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Work?

The Buttocks Lift is a fat transplant operation performed in Brazil that moves fat from one portion of the body to the buttocks. Surgeons use anesthesia during surgery, and as a result, there is no discomfort associated with the process. 

It is possible to do this procedure under local anesthetic or sedation. Liposuction is used initially to remove fat from high-fat regions of the body, such as the hips, abdomen, and thighs.

What Kind of Person Is a Suitable Candidate for a Brazilian Butt-Lift?

  • A Brazilian buttock lift may be ideal for persons who have lost their buttocks’ natural shape due to aging or weight changes.
  • If you are uncomfortable with your clothing
  • Have adequate fat stores in other body areas for grafting, such as the thighs and abdomen
  • If you don’t smoke, because smoking can delay healing.
  • Have a healthy body weight and want to keep it after the treatment.
  • If you don’t intend on getting pregnant because pregnancy might induce weight changes, damaging the procedure’s effects.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes frequent exercise and a nutritious diet.
  • There have been no new infections or problems from the procedure.
  • Aren’t susceptible to developing keloids and Scarring
  • Have realistic expectations 
  • They want natural results with little to no alteration in their structure or their ability to dress comfortably.
  • Do not suffer from any significant medical ailments. 
How Long Does BBL Last

Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

If you were wondering, “does a BBL last forever” sadly, it doesn’t. The effects of a Brazilian butt-lift might endure anywhere from a few months to many years

How Long Does BBL Surgery Last?

BBL surgery can last up to 4-6 hours, with several steps to the whole process. If you are undergoing multiple procedures, then it might take even longer. The effects of BBL surgery are impermanent, and while the effect of the operation may take a few months to show up, you might need to have to undergo more than one operation to get the full benefit. 

How Long Does BBL Recovery Last?

For an initial couple of weeks after surgery, you will need to make sure that you put absolutely zero pressure on your buttocks (that means no sitting). Gradually, the fat cells that were injected settle in and you can slowly begin to resume a normal life. It may take up to 6 months for the recovery to fully take effect, including swelling to go away

How Long Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

The full effects of the initial operation might take up to 6 months to appear, so to answer the question of how long does a BBL lasts, it will stay for a few months to a few years (this varies from person to person). 

Does BBL Get Rid of Cellulite?

It doesn’t remove cellulite from the body. To do liposuction, the surgeon creates a tiny incision in the skin. The body fat has been removed and is ready to be injected into the buttocks.

The surgeon then injects the altered fat into a specific buttocks area through a tiny incision for a rounder, plumper, elevated look. 

To transfer fat, they make 3 to 5 incisions around the buttocks. Sutures are used to seal and join the wounds (stitches). Cuts are usually minor and heal quickly.

Post Operative Care That the Patient Needs To Keep in Mind

  • Patients who get postoperative treatment can frequently return home the same day.
  • Swelling, bruising, and pain might linger for up to 12 weeks.
  • Antibiotics and pain relievers can be prescribed.
  • You may be unable to sit on your buttocks for up to two weeks following surgery due to postoperative pain and discomfort.
  • Until the surgical incision heals, patients must sleep on their stomachs or sideways.
  • It might take up to two weeks to recover completely.

The Following Are Some of the Advantages of BBL Surgery:

  • Body symmetry gets improved.
  • Size and roundness of the buttocks
  • Immediate outcomes
  • Natural and more appealing
  • Fat in other regions of the body should be reduced.
  • Satisfaction and confidence

Improves body symmetry

A BBL will not only make you feel good, but it will also make you look fantastic. Your figure will be more symmetrical, with a lovely contour around your waist. 

According to studies, the more symmetrical our bodies are, the more appealing they appear to our brain. BBL plastic surgery is based on removing undesirable fat from various places of your body (most notably the abdomen) and injecting the same fat into the butt for greater enlargement. 

A medical injection takes your fat and repositions it where it is needed for more fabulous body and butt symmetry.

Increase Butt’s Size and Roundness

The primary motivation for having BBL surgery is to increase the size and roundness of the butt. Not only does your butt region improve, but you also lose fat from other places of your body, such as your abdomen. 

This fat is transferred, and a BBL surgery will help you in a variety of ways. You’ll have a more rounded or hourglass form as your body’s proportions improve. A BBL surgery will benefit you if you are in good health and desire a natural look.

Getting Rid of Fat in Other Areas of the Body

You’ll require fat deposits from another section of your body if you get BBL surgery. As a result, you will eliminate undesirable fat from parts of the body such as the abdomen and have a healthier overall shape. 

The stomach, hips, thighs, and love handles are all areas where fat can be lost. It’s the best of all worlds because you shed fat in the parts that aren’t needed and inject it into the areas that are.

Instantaneous Results

One of the nicest things about a BBL is that you don’t have to wait months to get the results you want. The benefits of BBL surgery are instantaneous, and you may start enjoying your new appearance as soon as your body has healed. 

Rather than practicing squats every day and seeing no results, you will spend two hours in surgery and have the finest appearance of your life. The nicest part about a BBL is that you only have to do it once, and you’re done; no more injections or breast implant changes.

How Long Does BBL Last

Creates a natural appearance

When you want to improve your butt’s appearance and give it a more natural aspect, you need a technique that produces the greatest natural-looking results. A fat transfer, such as a BBL, takes the patient’s fat and moves it to a different part of the body. 

Using artificial fillers and butt implants might lead to future problems and a less-than-natural look. Plastic specialists solely prescribe the BBL, and it has become the gold standard for butt augmentation surgery. 

Because just fat is utilized, you may continue to do your regular routines while changing the contour of your body.

Satisfaction and self-assurance

Butt enhancements are a new fad. With everything going on, a BBL surgery might help boost one’s self-esteem and contentment. Patients can even wear the outfits they’ve always wanted following BBL, and your new style will be an instant hit. 

Patients who get surgery because they did not have access to breakthroughs in plastic surgery when they were younger can now seem ten years younger and draw attention like never before.

A BBL Can Last For Years, But It Does Not Last Forever!

The effects of BBL surgery are immediately visible, help you improve your self-image, and are completely natural. However, these effects are not permanent and may whither over time. 

However, they are sure to last you for a reasonably long time, even years on end, as long as you eat right and continue to exercise properly.

I hope this article was able to answer your questions on BBL and how long its effects last.