Pre Op Test For BBL – All You Should Know

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Undergoing any surgery requires a fair bit of preparation. In this article, we look at the pre op test for BBL and other things you need to take care of before getting it done.

If you have decided to undergo surgery to get a more impressive posterior, you need to prepare for the surgery beforehand. Surgery is an excellent but expensive way to improve a person’s body and appearance permanently. 

Many expert plastic surgeons successfully perform surgeries on their patients to ensure that they are good candidates for certain surgery.

Pre Op Test For BBL - All You Should Know

To make BBL surgery successful, a doctor asks for the patient’s medical history and tells them to go through the pre-op test for BBL.

The pre-operative instructions will help you get the best possible results out of your Brazilian Butt Lift. With pre-op instructions for BBL, you can prepare for the day of your surgery.

What is BBL?

Surgeons have performed this surgery on many patients with perfect results as it is the most common Butt Lift surgery. Surgeons use liposuction techniques to extract the fat from the different regions of the body of a patient. 

When the surgeon had collected enough fat, they injected it into the lower body to add volume and tighten the skin. This surgery is outpatient surgery which means you don’t need to stay overnight at the surgical center. 

After the surgery, you will have toner and your most sexy booty. The surgery will take a few hours, and you have to wait a few more hours in the waiting room until you can go home.

The recovery phase 

On your BBL surgery appointment day, you should wear loose, comfortable clothes that are easy to take on and off.

Your doctor may tell you to wear specific pairs of clothes you should wear on the day of your surgery. However, it is best to avoid accessories, including jewelry, hair products, deodorant, makeup, and sunscreen.

Pre Op Test For BBL - All You Should Know

What are Pre-Operative instructions for BBL?

The instructions depend upon the certain period before the BBL surgery:

3 to 4 weeks before surgery

In this period, you should start following pre-op instructions for BBL and obtain medical evaluation and clearance from your healthcare provider. Provide your surgeon with your medical reports to ensure that the procedure is safe for you.

Make necessary arrangements to take off from work or other strenuous activities for the surgery and its recovery. Find someone to help you on the day of surgery, especially if you are carrying a child. Avoid and discontinue tobacco products.

Two weeks before surgery

You may have to visit your surgeon for your pre-op appointment to get a list of your diet plan, supplements, and prescriptions. You should inquire if you have any regarding surgery or recovery before two weeks of surgery. 

Avoid certain foods, drinks, vitamins, and herbal supplements that can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. Also, fill some prescription antibiotics and pain medications. 

A week before surgery

You should confirm with the person driving you to the surgical center and stay for at least 24 hours after your surgery. If your doctor provides Arnica, start taking it two days before surgery. Take one in the AM and another in the PM.

Night before surgery

Surgeons strictly forbid eating and drinking after midnight, or they have to cancel the surgery.

You can shower, but don’t apply perfume, lotion, and hair products. You should set up a home recovery area.

Day of surgery

On the day of your surgery, dress in comfortable, clean, and loose-fitted clothes. Arrive at the surgical center on time with your family or friend. You should avoid wearing makeup and remove all your piercings.

Pre Op Test For BBL - All You Should Know

List of products you should buy before BBL

  • A compression garment
  • Prescription pain medication that you need after the surgery
  • Cushions, stool softeners, or BBL pillows.
  • BBL mattress or recliner
  • Some supplements for bruise healing

What labs and lab tests are needed for BBL surgery?

Your doctor may first check your hemoglobin level, and if it is 12 or above, you are a good candidate for this surgery. Doctors instruct their patients to undergo pre-op tests including, fasting blood labs, chest X-rays, and cardiological evaluation to determine the possible risks and complications. 

If your doctor analyses your medical condition and get high in the Caprini Risk Scale, they may not perform the surgery; another test you will require to undergo, including:

  • CBC Differential
  • CMP
  • ECG
  • HIV
  • Coagulation Panel
  • Urinalysis 

What Are The Benefits Of BBL?

You will have permanent natural results.

Unlike other plastic surgery, this surgery doesn’t require synthetic silicone implants that look and feel unnatural. This surgery gives natural results as it uses the patient’s fat to reshape and sculpt the buttocks. You will need to work out to maintain your body after this surgery.

You will find it easier to shop for clothes.

Once you have done this procedure, you find it easier to shop for comfortable clothing that perfectly fits you. Most women find it challenging to dress in comfortable clothes and look attractive because of the different shapes and sizes of their butts. 

How To Prepare For BBL

You will look years younger.

This surgery not only makes your booty fluffier but also tightens the other skin that makes you look years younger. This surgery gets rid of your sagging skin and adds volume to your buttocks. After the excess fat comes out of your body, this makes your skin taut, making you look younger and healthier.

Your overall counters will improve.

The removal of excess adipose from most regions of your body helps contour all the parts. It helps people improve their disproportionate bodies. It overall counters the lower and upper abdomen.

You will be comfortable during the BBL procedure.

In this surgery, you will not feel any pain as surgeons perform under general anesthesia. You will be asleep the whole time during the procedure. However, you have to take anti-nausea medications if you feel nausea under general anesthesia.

What Should You Take Care Of Before Getting A BBL?

You can’t eat before the procedure.

To make general anesthesia work safely and effectively, you have to have an empty stomach. The doctor advises you not to eat or drink anything before a few hours of surgery.

It would help if you also had a friend and family to take care of you after the surgery as you feel the effect of general anesthesia and may not drive.

You may need follow-up procedures.

You may not like the look from the first-time procedure, and it can happen because too much or too little volume is added to your buttocks.

In this case, you can ask your doctor for a follow-up procedure to add just a little bit of fat that you need to achieve the look that you have wanted for years.

You may have to change your sleeping position.

After the surgery, you may find it challenging to do everyday activities such as walking and sleeping. However, the difficulty is temporary, and your doctor advises you with some tips to help you.

Your doctor may tell you a sleeping position, sleep on one side and add pillows between your thighs. 

Pre Op Test For BBL - All You Should Know

Wrap Up

Doctors perform BBL to get a quick mommy makeover as it is an outpatient procedure. However, these procedures have mild risks that you can avoid using pre-op instruction for BBL.  

Before surgery, you should follow your surgeon’s instructions to get a higher chance of a successful and speedy recovery.

The preparation for the BBL and the choice you make will shape and determine the successful result.