What To Pack For BBL Surgery: 15 Must-Have Items In Your BBL Bag

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Are you getting a BBL surgery soon? Read on to learn what to pack for BBL surgery and how to ensure a relaxing time during the immediate recovery period.

For a BBL surgery, you may need to stay in the hospital for a day or two. If you are traveling away from your hometown to get the surgery, you will probably spend a day in a hotel, so you need to carry all essentials. If you want to know what to pack for BBL surgery, please keep reading. 

Things to Pack for BBL Surgery

A BBL surgery is not too complicated. But you need to take care of yourself before and after the surgery. If you want to know what items and clothes to pack for BBL, check the details below.

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Loose and Comfortable Clothes

To ensure a quick and safe recovery process, you need to wear loose clothing after the surgery. Pack clothes that will not restrict your movements in any way. Choose clothes that are loose but comfortable. They also need to be clothes that you will not mind getting stained. 


When you are in the hospital for your BBL surgery, you will need a pair of slippers to go to the washroom. Carry a pair from home so that you do not have to rely on the hospital to give you slippers. 

What To Pack For BBL Surgery

A Soft, Fluffy Robe

You need to stay as relaxed and comfortable as possible before your surgery. So carry a fluffy robe. You can wear the robe while waiting. It will also come in handy after the surgery. Once the BBL is complete, you will be feeling a little sore, and a cozy robe will comfort you. 

Compression Socks and Slides

After the surgery, your feet will be swollen, and it will be pretty uncomfortable. If you pack compression socks, you can wear them immediately after the BBL surgery. Since your feet will swell, it will be difficult for you to wear regular shoes. So it would be best if you get some slides as well.

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Cheap, Dark Coloured Sheets

If you stay at a hotel overnight after your surgery, you need to carry some spare sheets. Choose a set of cheap sheets that are dark-colored. You can use them in your hotel bed to avoid stains getting on the hotel’s linen. 

Cleansing Wipes

Large cleansing Wipes are essential and need to be a part of your supply list before the BBL surgery. You can use these to keep yourself clean once the surgery is over. 

BBL Pillow

A special BBL pillow is necessary to sit comfortably after the surgery. For about three months, you will not be able to sit on the area that has been treated in the surgery. A BBL pillow helps you sit comfortably without putting any excess pressure on your buttocks. 

Water Bottle

Do not forget to carry a bottle of water. It would be best if you stay hydrated at all times, especially after the surgery, so that the healing process happens faster. You can also carry some pineapple juice in a bottle. It is known to be rich in bromelain. Bromelain is an enzyme mixture that lessens inflammation and helps you recover from the surgery. 

Tips for a Hassle-Free Surgery

When getting all the things you need for BBL surgery, you must also remember to stay healthy for the surgery. Here’s what you can do.

  • Try to maintain proper body weight. It should not fluctuate rapidly before (or after) the surgery.
  • Stay hydrated during and after the surgery. 
  • Take blood health supplements if your doctor prescribes them. Blood health supplements usually keep the hemoglobin levels steady during surgery. 

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Pharmaceutical Products for BBL

What do you need for a BBL from the pharmacy? You will need certain medicines and topical products after the BBL surgery. You can consult your doctor and ask what pills, lotions, or other items are essential post-operative. Take a look at the following list. 

Antibacterial Soap

A bar of antibacterial soap is essential before and after the surgery. Before going in for your surgery, you must clean your body with antibacterial soap.

You need to continue using the antibacterial soap even after the surgery to keep the incisions clean. Ask your dermatologist to recommend an antibacterial soap that is suitable for your skin. 

What To Pack For BBL Surgery

Mild Laxative

Your body systems will not be in order immediately after the BBL surgery. You may feel constipated. So the doctor will prescribe you a gentle laxative to ease the bowel movements. 

Cream or Solution for Incision Scars

After the BBL, you might have some scars from the incision. You can use a topical cream or lotion to treat the scars. Ask your doctor for a safe cream and buy it from your local pharmacy. 

Arnica Gel or Pills

After the surgery, there may be some bruising, soreness, or pain. Arnica gel or a few pills can soothe that. If you do not want to consume any pills, you can apply the topical Arnica gel.

As Arnica does not interfere with any other medicines or have any side effects, it is safe for BBL surgery patients. Consult your doctor and then pick up the medication from your local store.

Surgical Dressings

For a few days after the surgery, you will need to dress your incisions. SO stock up on good-quality surgical dressing like gauze and bandages before your surgery. You will only need them for a couple of days or so, and there is no need to worry.

A surgical dressing is good for keeping the incision wounds clean and thus reducing the risk of infection. 

Pee-pee Pads

After BBL surgery, there will be some drainage from the incision. You can use pee-pee pads to soak up the drainage. You can place these pads wherever you sit or lie down. The pads will help you stay dry and completely clean. You can discontinue using these pads once the drainage stops after a few days. 

Peroxide for Stain Removal

There may be some drainage after the surgery, and it might get difficult to control. There may also be some bleeding. When that happens, you are likely to stain your clothes or the bedsheets. It is not easy to remove such stains from clothes or upholstery. So you will need to use some peroxide. 

What To Pack For BBL Surgery

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Essentials for BBL Recovery

People often think that different types of BBL surgeries require different things for recovery. You might wonder, “what is J Plasma BBL and what do I need to recover?” While the procedure may be slightly different, the recovery process is similar to a usual BBL surgery. Therefore, some common items help with the recovery. 

The following list will guide you through all the items you need for a speedy recovery after BBL. 

  • A low compression Faja
  • Lipo foam for abdominal skin compression
  • Lumbar and abdominal boards for support
  • Female urinal for fluid drainage
  • Antibiotics and supplements as recommended by the doctor
  • A BBL mattress and BBL chair

Ask your doctor to provide you with a list of medications, and make sure to pick up everything before the surgery. You will not be able to move around much once the surgery is complete and so you need all the items once you get home. 

What To Pack For BBL Surgery

Wrap Up

So that’s all you need to pack or buy before a BBL surgery. You can use this article as a guide for packing your bag and preparing your home when you decide to get a BBL. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share this with others.