How Soon Can You Get A BBL Revision?

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Unsatisfied with your BBL? Wondering how soon can you get a BBL revision? Before jumping back under the scalpel, read this article

Brazilian butt lift surgery is a surgery in which the body fat from thighs, lower back, and abdomen are suctioned from there. After that, the pure and healthy fat cells are transferred to the butt cheeks. 

After having this surgery, you have to follow some tips instructed by your doctor, like eating a healthy diet, sitting on your thighs, avoiding driving, and sleeping on the stomach side.

How Soon Can You Get A BBL Revision?

After following all these steps, the inserted fat cell will get settled there, and it will give your buttocks a perfect contour. Your figure will be much slimmer after that surgery. 

The BBL surgery will vary from patient to patient, and its cost varies from $9500 to $12500. So while signing your contract with doctors, read all the details carefully and see what the surgery process is and what precautions you need after surgery. Importantly, if you are not satisfied with your results, there are no other policies for that. 

When can you get a BBL surgery?

Before surgery, the doctors give you anesthesia. After the surgery is done, you will not be able to sit properly, and you need another person who will drive you home after surgery. 

When surgery is done, the doctor will give you a BBL pillow in which you have to sit for the next two weeks so that the fat cell can heal, and you will get some side effects like sweating, the skin retracts, soreness and discomfort. 

After surgery, there will be normal side effects, and it is part of the process to get the perfect shape. These side effects hardly stay for 10 to 15 days, and you will be comfortable after this. After some time, you see actual changes in your butt area and figure when inserted fat starts its healing process. 

How Soon Can You Get A BBL Revision?

After surgery and all precautions, you will recover 80% after 12 weeks, 90% recovered after six months. You will see your complete results after a year when all inserted are healed, and your butt will be in your expected contours and shape. Doctors will recommend you six months before any further surgery. 

How Soon Can You Get A BBL Revision?

Before I answer this question, let me answer a more basic one: “what is a bbl revision?” Well, it is basically nothing but another BBL operation that you get if you are not satisfied with the volume or shape of buttocks that you get from the initial BBL.

After the initial operation, there is swelling in the buttocks which can start from the first week and last for up to six months. During this time, you might feel that the swelling is part of the actual volume but it’s not.

The disappointment when the swelling reduces comes from this misconception. Many people end up feeling they didn’t get as much volume as they saw in the initial few weeks and therefore try to go in for a BBL revision.

If you want to do another surgery, you should wait for at least three to six months. After that, if you are disappointed with your previous results or have to get new buttocks, you should consult with your surgeon. 

How Soon Can You Get A BBL Revision?

You can do surgery after three or six months, but the healthy fat is taken from thighs, lower back, and abdomen will be less to perform the whole surgery again. 

In most cases, the patient will be satisfied with results after ten weeks when the fat cells will heal in the buttocks, but if you make any mistakes in precautions recommended by the doctor, there will be fat loss. 

What Are The Precautions To Be Taken In A BBL?

In BBL surgery, you need to take precautions, such as diet and eating habits, sleeping, avoiding driving, and directly sitting on the butt. 

If you fail to follow these precautions, the fat cell injected in your body may get suffocated due to all your body processes and can not heal properly, so you notice the loss of fat from butt cheeks. Sweating is also normal after surgery. It will disappear after two weeks. And you will notice changes in the shape of the butt. 

Showing Off Your New “Ass”ets

Some people are eager to show their new butt after the surgery and wear tight skinny pants. While doing this, the patient forgot about the healing process of fat cells, and the growth of butt cheeks will be less than what they expected after surgery. 

After surgery, your butt area will sweat more for like ten to fifteen days. You should avoid any cardio, power yoga class, gym, and other exercises in this period. The body needs some time and energy to heal those new cells, and if you exercise, all that energy goes to growing in muscle.

How Soon Can You Get A BBL Revision?

Know Your Contract

While you consult any doctor or surgeon for this process, read the contract carefully. After the surgery, if you do not get the desired results, you claim doctors for another surgery. Before this claim, wait for three months and consult doctors because inserted fat cells need some time to heal in the butt part.

Sometimes, the surgeon suctioned the pure and healthy body fat and transferred it to the butt. The fat cells may not settle and die there, so the shape of the butt and figure will not be as you expected. The fat cells cannot heal or grow, so it causes fat loss from the body. 

After some time, as an example, more than a year and a half, if you notice changes in your butt contour and shape or see there are some times gaps or dimples formed there.

Then you should consult with your previous surgeon about these changes so that he can recommend you to revision surgery for those problems. The doctor should schedule the surgery in that particular area and other buttocks where new fat cells are needed. 

After three to six months, you can get BBL if you have lost fat or the tissues may not survive there. But before jumping to any confusion, wait for three months to see results after surgery.

What if I don’t take precautions after surgery? 

If you don’t take precautions seriously after surgery for the next two weeks, the shape of your butt will damage and may ruin your buttock’s contours. Maybe fat cells will not heal in the buttocks, so the results you see after three months are not what you expected.

How Soon Can You Get A BBL Revision?

BBL Revision Results

BBL results are not permanent. Due to weight changes and routine life, there are body parts that will sweat, leading to the loss of fats. 

Gaining weight will not ruin your BBL. It will not affect your treated area, but the figure of yours will change. The BBL results stay for more than a year, but in some cases, the change in contour or fat loss happens, then you have to do surgery again.