Can You Get a BBL and a Breast Augmentation at the Same Time?

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Combining plastic surgery to get an hourglass figure is a great idea on paper. But can you get a BBL and a breast augmentation at the same time? What do the experts say? Let’s find out.

A BBL includes grafting undesirable fat from other parts of the body into the buttocks to shape them. A BBL has the effect of shaping the buttocks while slimming you in other parts of the body, like your waist. 

Breast augmentation is popular among individuals who want a more top-heavy look. Having BBL and BA at the same time has the benefit of providing a more dramatic alteration by increasing the buttocks and breasts all at once while reducing the waistline (if you extract fat from that area). 

Can You Get a BBL and a Breast Augmentation at the Same Time

All in all, having BBL and breast augmentation at the same time is a great approach to get the hourglass figure you’ve always wanted.

Can You Get a BBL and Breast Augmentation at the Same Time?

Combining procedures in plastic surgery is a regular occurrence. You can theoretically do breast augmentation and a Brazilian Butt Lift at the same time. 

On the other hand, many cosmetic surgeons do not encourage this procedure since it has more drawbacks than advantages.

Your plastic surgeon is the best person to guide you whether combining the two is an option that you can comfortably live with.

While your surgeon may ultimately decide that it’s possible, the typical reaction that we have heard from some of the top surgeons whose opinion we solicited was that it’s ideally something that a woman should avoid doing. 

End of the day, what matters is not how quickly it’s done but whether it is done right, and with minimal harm to the subject of these operations.

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Reasons Why You Should Do It.

As long as the patient is getting only the standard breast augmentation along with BBL, many plastic surgeons will allow you to combine the two operations and get an hourglass figure in one go.

One major advantage of combining the operations is the time saved both in operation and recovery. There is also a cost-saving which you should consider. So if you ask us: “Can you do breast implants and BBL at the same time?” the answer is a definite yes.

Can You Get a BBL and a Breast Augmentation at the Same Time

Things That You Should Consider Before Doing It

However, if breastwork goes above and beyond the standard augmentation procedure, you will be ill-advised to combine the two.

The primary reason is that with a BBL, you are not supposed to sit or lie on your back for at least two weeks, which means that you have to lie with your breasts facing the bed. With a complex breast augmentation operation, it is better not to lie in this kind of position.

Secondly, the combined surgery for the two operations may go beyond 5-6 hours, and such a long period is stressful both for the doctor and the patient under anesthesia.

Lastly, both of these surgeries have a lengthy recovery period. When you do both simultaneously, your body may take longer to recover since it is repairing two sites rather than one. In the end, this might mean a more extended recuperation period and more time away from work.

Can You Get a BBL and Breast Reduction at the Same Time?

The same rules apply for combining Breast reduction and BBL as well, you can do it, but you would have to find a way to keep your body free from pressure on both sides during recovery.

But there are definite advantages to doing it, be it cost reduction, a single anesthesia bill instead of two, lower recovery time, and less time off that you have to take from your work.

Can You Get a BBL and Breast Fat Transfer at the Same Time?

Yes, and it’s probably a great idea to do so! Breast fat transfer is essentially the same as a BBL; the only difference is that the fat is put into your breasts instead of your butt.

So, in this case, as long as your surgeon can graft enough fat from the same area, you are probably going to end up saving time on both the surgery and the recovery. Again, the only problem is that you need to be creative with your recovery methods so that both sides of your body are well protected.

Can You Get a BBL and a Breast Augmentation at the Same Time

BBL and Breast Augmentation Recovery

Any surgical operation causes agony, and combining procedures increases the discomfort one must endure following elective surgery. 

To reduce strain on the buttocks, breast augmentation patients should avoid laying on their chests, while BBL patients should avoid sitting or sleeping on their backs.

Therefore, recovering from these procedures can be tricky since lying comfortably on your front or back is challenging. A two-week sitting restriction is necessary during BBL recovery, and a sitting pillow is provided to use during this time. 

Since there will be some limitations on how you sit or lie down during recovery, you will need to carefully follow your aftercare instructions from your plastic surgeon on positioning yourself safely for resting. 

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Here’s a breakdown of what happens in the weeks after the surgery

1–6 Weeks After Surgery

Your first post-operative appointment with your surgeon will likely be at the 1-week mark and another will happen near the two-month/6-week milestone. At your first post-operative checkup, your doctor will remove any sutures.

After surgery, your bruising will likely remain for another 1-3 weeks. You may have a bit of swelling in the affected areas for up to eight weeks, and for several weeks even after that, tenderness will remain.

While problems are uncommon, infection is the most prevalent complication following cosmetic treatment. Follow all of your surgeon’s post-operative instructions and whatever you do, do not go for a swim for the next three weeks once your surgery is done.

Wear compression garments for the entire period. You should be able to return to work in anywhere between 2-3 weeks.

6 Weeks and Beyond

You should be able to resume your usual activities, including exercise, about 6 weeks/2 months following your BBL and breast augmentation. The swelling should have started to go down at this point, and you should see the procedure’s outcomes.

Can You Get a BBL and a Breast Augmentation at the Same Time

Wrap Up

You can get a Breast augmentation and a BBL at the same time, provided you can take care of yourself and rest in the manner your doctor has prescribed. 

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