Pain Management

Elderly in pain

Almost all caregivers have to deal with chronic pain when taking care of the elderly and the disabled. To compound this problem, many seniors choose to suffer silently rather than tell their families and caregivers that they are in pain. So much so that chronic pain can impact the mental health of the sufferer and … Read more

50 Motivational Quotes Diabetes Quotes Inspirational Quotes For Diabetics

50 Motivational Quotes, Diabetes Quotes Inspirational Quotes For Diabetics

If you are suffering from diabetes, these 50 motivational quotes diabetes quotes and inspirations quotes are sure to lighten up your day! For people with diabetes, staying motivated can be a challenge. Following a healthy lifestyle and managing blood sugar levels takes hard work and determination.  And since diabetes slowly affects your body and damages … Read more

Why Do Dementia Patients Go to the Bathroom So Much?

Why Do Dementia Patients Go to the Bathroom So Much

If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia you may have noticed that their use of the bathroom has greatly increased.  At first, you may not believe that these two things are related. Perhaps they have a urinary tract infection or issues with their bladder.  This pattern, though, is very common among patients with … Read more

Red Light Therapy For Depression

Red Light Therapy For Depression

Recent research has suggested that red light therapy for depression might have positive outcomes. Let us discuss what this therapy is all about and how it helps people who are affected by Seasonal affective disorder Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) is a common mental disorder found in a large group of people with mental issues and stress. … Read more

Facts and Figures About Abortion in the EU

Pregnant Woman with Caregiver

Here are some facts and figures about abortion in the EU. You can get American abortion statistics here. Some of the countries of western Europe have the lowest abortion rate in the world, at 12 per 1000 women of childbearing age, according to the European Health for All database (HFA-DB). By contrast, eastern countries (in … Read more

77 Shocking Abortion Statistics in 2022

Pregnant Woman with Caregiver

Abortion is a hotly debated topic in the US. The 1973 Supreme Court judgment has as many detractors as supporters. Here are some abortion statistics that will open your eyes to the reality of the issue. Abortion continues to remain a thorny issue in the medical profession with political and religious ramifications. On the one … Read more