Plastic Surgery Shelf Vs Slope BBL

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All set to get your BBL done, but clueless about which shape you want? This article will help you understand which plastic surgery shelf vs slope BBL should you get.

BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the United States. People love BBL because it involves extracting excess fat from any body parts like thighs, upper and lower abdomen by liposuction and then injecting the processed fat into the buttocks to have fullness and volume. 

Consequently, a patient gets two benefits, i.e. liposuction, which makes the body slimmer, and secondly the butt lift which makes your buttocks look fuller and.

However, a patient should know that all BBL surgeries do not give identical results. There are various shapes of BBL which vary the results. A patient can choose different techniques to get the desired outcome. The two most common techniques are shelf and slope BBL.

This article discusses plastic surgery shelf vs slope BBL and different types of BBL shapes in detail. Keep reading for more information!

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Different Types Of BBL Shapes Prior To Surgery

The bums are just like snowflakes, i.e; each bum is unique! You need to first identify the natural shape of your bum before the surgery so that you can decide which post-BBL shape will match the proportions of your body. The pre BBL shapes mainly fall into four major categories:

#1. Inverted or V shape Buttock

The ladies who have inverted or V-shaped buttocks usually have more fat cells on the upper part of the buttock, thighs, and waist. It’s challenging to add fat cells naturally on the lower half of your buttock. 

Plastic Surgery Shelf Vs Slope BBL

Such girls may find it difficult to wear jeans. A BBL surgery, where the surgeon can extract fat from the waist and thighs and inject it into the lower buttock will give you the proper shape. It will help you fill out your jeans and make your butt look more voluminous.

The surgeon usually advises the patient with V shape buttock to have a round post-BBL shape.

#2. A-Shape Or Heart Shaped Buttocks

A-shaped buttocks are considered the most feminine because individuals with A shape have a narrow waist and wide hips. The goal of a BBL surgery in this case is to increase the size of the buttocks while maintaining the shape.

Plastic Surgery Shelf Vs Slope BBL

#3. H-shaped Or Square Shaped Buttocks

The ladies who have H-shaped buttocks lack feminine curves. The curve appears to be masculine. They find it challenging to fill their clothes as they have excess fat on their waist. 

In this case, BBL surgery can remove the extra fat cells from the waist and inject it on the buttocks to give a perfect A-shape.

Plastic Surgery Shelf Vs Slope BBL

#4. Circle Shaped Buttocks

Circle-shaped or round buttocks are also a covered shape for girls. Many BBL surgeries focus on enhancing an already circular or O-shape into a wider round shape.

Plastic Surgery Shelf Vs Slope BBL

Different Types Of BBL Shapes Post BBL Surgery

#1. Heart Or A-Shaped BBL

Individuals who have heart-shaped buttocks usually prefer to keep the A shape even after the surgery. But the BBL will add round gentle curves with plenty of volume in the buttock.

#2. Round Or O-Shaped BBL

This shape is a bit dramatic in comparison to the heart shape. The surgery will result in round or O-shaped buttocks.

#3. Curvy Shape BBL

The curvy shape BBL combines heart and round shape to get a beautiful body after the surgery.

Plastic Surgery Slope vs. Shelf BBL

Below is a comparison of these two types of post BBL shapes:

Slope BBLShelf BBL
Fat PositionBottom and MiddleTop of the buttocks
CurvesCurvierLess curvy
ShapeNatural-lookingProtruding outwards, almost like a shelf
TightnessMore firmLess firm

Here’s a video that helps you understand the difference if you are a more visual person!

What’s Right For You: Slope Or Shelf BBL?

The shape of the body varies from one person to the other. So the results depend on mainly two factors. The first is the type of buttock you have naturally, and the second is your goal in having the shape after the surgery.

Although both types of BBL, i.e. shelf and slope BBL, are suitable for some persons, people choose the one suitable for their physique. 

If you are confused about the types, then it’s best to consult your plastic surgeon. He can advise the right buttock shape you can have after the surgery.

Laterals Lats Vs Hips BBL

Another question that people often get confused about is laterals vs. hips in BBL.

The laterals start from the abdomen down, whereas the buttocks start at the buttox area. If someone has a shelf buttock, then the individual is likely to have laterals, whereas if an individual has a heart shaped buttock, he is likely to have hips. The slope fluctuates in laterals whereas, in hips, you will have a gradual slope.

Here’s a great video to understand the difference:

Post  BBL Surgery Care

  • After the surgery, the patient is kept under observation for a few hours or overnight. You may feel pain in the buttock for a few hours after surgery which is reduced by giving medicines.
  • Most of the surgeons allow the patient to sleep on the buttock two weeks after the surgery. So, you have to do all your essential duties only by standing for almost two weeks. Apart from it, you have to sleep on the sides after the surgery.
  • You should avoid doing strenuous exercises two weeks after the surgery.

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Wrap Up

BBL outcomes vary from one individual to another. One can choose to have a slope or shelf BBL according to the proportions of her body, and it’s great to know and appreciate this information before you go in for multiple rounds of BBL instead of spending so much money without getting the right shape!

I hope the article has given you helpful information regarding BBL surgery and different types of BBL shapes. Please share your experience if you had BBL surgery before in the comment section, and if you found the information useful, please give us a shout-out to others looking for similar information.