Where Is The Cheapest Place To Get A BBL?

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Where is the cheapest place to get a BBL? The cost of a BBL can depend on various factors. Let’s understand how you can get a perfect behind at a reasonable cost.

Nowadays, a Brazilian Butt Lift or a BBL has become very common. It is available at many clinics, and the surgery is usually not too expensive. If you are hoping to get a BBL at a low price, this article is for you. So please keep reading! 

Is BBL Surgery Affordable?

BBL surgeries cost a substantial amount, but they can still be affordable. Before you get a BBL, you need to be sure about your budget. There is an amount that you will have to spend no matter how cheap the surgery is.

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Get A BBL

A BBL surgery is usually affordable if you choose the right clinic and a reliable plastic surgeon. However, if the surgery is very cheap, then it may compromise the quality of care. Therefore, you must choose a BBL at a rate that is affordable but not cheap enough to affect the operation.

The cost of a BBL includes several charges. Read about these charges below.

Doctor’s Fees

The doctor’s or the plastic surgeon’s fees are a significant part of the total cost of a BBL. Usually, only an expert plastic surgeon will attempt a BBL surgery so that cost will be high. However, you can look for surgeons who perform BBL surgery at more affordable prices. 

But it is essential not to compromise the quality of surgery and care for the doctor’s fees. Choose a qualified and experienced surgeon to perform a successful BBL and not a doctor whose fees are less. 

Cost of Anesthesia

The cost of anesthesia includes the anesthesiologist’s fees, staff for anesthesia, and the cost of equipment, medications, and supplies. IV sedation usually costs around $500, and it is administered in an office operating room. 

If you choose general anesthesia, it might cost upto $3,500. Usually, an anesthesiologist or a registered nurse anesthetist will administer it in the hospital operating room. 

Operation Room Costs

The cost of the operating room will be added to your bill for the BBL. The rate may vary. It will depend on the equipment available and the hours spent. However, some plastic surgeons may also perform the surgery in office operating rooms which is more affordable. 

Type of BBL

If it is a regular BBL, the cost will be affordable. However, if the BBL is combined with other surgeries, the price will be a lot more. You need to be sure of the kind of augmentation you ask for, as the surgery will get expensive if the process is lengthy. 

The cost will also be considerably higher if you choose BBL in combination with another surgery. People often opt for a tummy tuck or liposuction. If the case becomes complex with the addition of another surgery, the cost will be high. 

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Get A BBL

Choosing the Best Clinic for Cheap BBL

If you are looking for the best clinic for a cheap BBL, you need to look into several aspects of the clinic.

The geographical location of the clinic or the hospital is a factor in determining the cost of BBL. If the cost of living is high in an area, the surgery price will not be so affordable. 

Therefore look for cities with low living costs and try to find a reputable clinic for cosmetic surgery. For example, if you are in California, opt for surgery in San Francisco rather than Los Angeles. 

You can also travel abroad or at least to a different state for a cheaper BBL. Some many medical spas and clinics offer BBL surgery. But these are usually located in expensive neighborhoods and involve a lot of unnecessary costs. 

Instead of getting a BBL from such a place, visit a hospital with a dedicated plastic surgery department. The cost will be much less there.

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Medical Tourism for Cheap BBL Surgery

If you are looking for the cheapest place to get BBL, you may try medical tourism. Many places across the world offer cosmetic surgeries like BBL at a low cost. 


One of the most popular places for medical tourism from the US is Mexico. The cost of a BBL is significantly cheaper. Travel and accommodation costs are also affordable. Apart from this, most Mexican plastic surgeons have years’ worth of experience and can therefore perform the surgery without any hassle. 


Medical tourism for BBL can take you to a far-off location as well. Countries like Turkey offer great BBL packages for patients. 

Turkey has approximately 700,000 international patients visiting for cosmetic surgeries. Due to such demand, most Turkish clinics and hospitals offer lucrative discounts on cosmetic surgeries. 

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Get A BBL


You can also go to Thailand. While it is a popular holiday destination, Thailand is also known for its advanced and affordably priced plastic surgery. You can research the numerous clinics present in Thailand and find one that is reputable and has good surgeons. 

The concept of medical tourism is popular, especially for BBL and other cosmetic surgeries. You can read more about going abroad for surgeries in the following section. 

Should You Go Abroad for Cheap BBL? 

If you ask, “where is the cheapest place to get a BBL?” most experts will ask you to go abroad. Several countries are now specializing in low-cost but effective plastic surgery and welcome international patients. Now, if you can get a BBL in your home country at a price that suits your budget, then that is great. But, otherwise, the better option is to travel abroad for the surgery. 

Here are some of the countries that you can visit for a BBL. 

  • Turkey
  • Czech Republic
  • Mexico
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Thailand

These countries have clinics that specialize in cosmetic surgeries. The doctors are experts in the field and offer the best service to all patients. However, if you decide to travel for your BBL, you must check the country’s rules and regulations related to medical help.

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Get A BBL

For example, the Czech Republic has many hospitals with affordable BBL packages, but the country is a part of the European Union and has to adhere to some rules. However, it does offer cheap medical services like affordable cosmetic surgery to international patients, particularly those from Western European nations. 

It is wise to travel abroad for a BBL, as the medical costs are lower than in the US and some European countries. Fat injections are cheaper, and the price of aftercare is more affordable. Now, you may be worrying about recovery in a foreign country.

But, BBL recovery is not too complicated. You can choose a country with low living costs and spend a few days recovering before flying home. 

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Can the Cost of BBL Surgery Increase? 

When you ask, “how much is a BBL?” your doctor or the hospital staff will likely give a tentative price and offer a general breakdown. However, several factors may affect this cost, and it might increase. 

Smoking and Drinking

The first factor that affects the cost of a BBL is the patient’s condition. For a successful BBL, you need to be healthy and a non-smoker. Now, suppose that you haven’t been able to quit smoking. In that case, you will need to visit the clinic for several pre-operative treatments before the doctor can perform the BBL. 

If you binge drink or are still unable to stop smoking and insist on getting a BBL, the plastic surgeon will likely charge extra as the surgery will become risky. 

Medical History

Your medical history may also be a factor in increasing the cost of a BBL. If you have a chronic condition, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or arthritis, the surgery will become highly complex. Therefore, the cost will increase. But you should keep in mind that if the conditions are severe, the doctor may refuse to perform the surgery. 


As mentioned before, the anesthesiologist’s fees are a part of the BBL surgery costs. While you will have a personal preference when choosing the type of anesthesia, your medical history will sometimes determine that. So depending on whether you are getting an IV sedation and general anesthesia, the cost of the surgery will change. 

Additional Costs Involved in a BBL

  • Special equipment or technology
  • Lab tests
  • Aftercare costs
  • Wound dressings and medications
  • Pre and post BBL clothing
Where Is The Cheapest Place To Get A BBL

Are BBL Packages Affordable? 

Do you want to know how to get a free BBL? If you do, then you need to take a look at the packages available at popular clinics. Many clinics combine BBL with cosmetic surgeries like a tummy tuck or Lipo 360. 

The total cost of surgery, including additional charges, is relatively cheap. Most of the time, the clinic will add BBL free of cost if the other surgery is significant. For example, in a Lipo 360, the fat is already being harvested.

So it can quickly be injected into your buttocks to give you a curvy shape. Therefore, the clinic may decide to include a BBL free of cost. Keep an eye out for such packages, and you will be able to get a BBL free or at a very low cost. 

Wrap Up

Now you’ve reached the end of this article. You can share and use this information to find the cheapest way to get yourself a BBL. 

Don’t forget to write in the comments below if this piece has helped you decide on an affordable BBL, and please put in your questions, comments, suggestions and of course words of encouragement if you find the content relevant