Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Calendar

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Looking for the perfect Brazilian Butt Lift workout calendar after your BBL surgery? Here are all the answers you need

Every person likes fitness and wants to get the best look of their body, but not all people have the same body. Every individual has a unique body structure which means different people need different workout programs. 

This fact also goes for booty, and different booty shapes need suitable workouts such as Butt LIft. Some people have pear butts, and some have flat butts. 

Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Calendar

Don’t set goals based on best results; however, you should set goals to build your body depending on the type of your body. There are four standard Brazilian butt lift workout calendars that you can work on. 

Each Brazilian butt lift workout calendar has a different mechanism and works on different muscles of your booty to give you the best outcome.

What Exactly Is the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a fitness program of 30 to 60 days that helps lift your booty. The programs include workout guides and diet plans that help reshape your butts for the ultimate summer look. 

Most girls use separate fitness programs to get a stunning look at their bodies. However, these workout routines focus on the three muscles of the buttocks, including the gluteus medius, maximum, and minimus. These butt muscles help sculpt and tone your butt.

There are many advantages of this BBL Workout Schedule by Leandro Carvalho. He also adds his dance moves to the workout to keep it entertaining.

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Which Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Schedule Should You Follow?

You know that all butts are not the same; there are many types of butts. So if you are wondering which workout program will be the best option for you, you can use any program depending on the butt shape and your body type. 

The best thing about BBL workout is that you can adjust the workout as you find it fit. This workout primarily focuses on the lower body, so you don’t have to worry about getting muscles on other parts of your body.

Flat Butt

If you have a flat butt and lack fat and muscle in your body, then you can use the Lift & Shape workout schedule. With this workout, you can get rid of your straight-shaped butt and give it a curve shape. 

This workout is the best solution to develop butt muscles; it helps shape and tone all your booty muscles. Follow this workout for four weeks to see some awesome results. In the first week, start with Booty Basics and High & Tight for 30 mins a day.

You can rest after every day in the first week. In the second week, use Sculpt and High & Tight on an alternative day. Rest on a weekend. In the third and fourth weeks, add Tummy Tuck and Cardio Axe to your workout. 

Pear Butt

In pear shape, you may look curvy but not happy with disproportionality. The larger butt and stubborn saddlebags pop out from the side to give a wide-angle silhouette. For the pear shape butt, there is an excellent solution. 

You can try the Slim & Shape workout plan. This workout plan helps you get an optimal combo of cardio and toning work. This workout helps your butt to get rounded from the rear instead of the side. 

In the first week, you should practice Booty Basics, Cardio Axe, and Tummy tuck. After some weeks, you can add more workouts to it and use massage on a rest day to heal your muscles.

Big Butt

When you have round butts, but they are too big to follow, they may trouble you in clothing. If you decide to reduce the size of your booty, then the best solution is a Slim & Lift workout schedule. 

To slim down, you need to practice cardio and sculpting. It helps you burn extra fat and shape your butt. You should follow this workout plan for several weeks to see amazing results from it.


This Combination Schedule is the definitive solution for the ultimate booty result. This combination workout schedule contains every workout for the lower body that you need. 

You can try this solution for any butt you have. It helps you sculpt and tone your butt. Follow this workout plan for four weeks to get the bootylicious butt.

Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Calendar

Where To Download the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Calendar?

Leandro Carvalho’s BBL workout programs come with four separate schedules that you can pick. Leandro provides a customizable program that you can use according to your goals.

You can download separate workout plans in pdf format on the internet or from any fitness website. The Brazilian butt lift workout download is available for different body type are as follow:

  • Brazilian Butt Lift-combination workout calendar
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Shape and Booty Lift workout calendar
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Slim and Booty Lift workout calendar
  • BBL Slim and Shape workout calendar

You can download any suitable workout calendar (such as here and here) and use it as instructed to get the best result.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Results

Each Brazilian butt lift workout schedule is different from another. But each schedule helps you lift, mold, reduce, or combine all three to give you your sexy booty. 

After completing the Brazilian butt lift workout, you will notice the absolute result, such as rounder and more toned butts. It can also build your thighs as it focuses on the lower body. 

If you like to experience the best possible result, you should follow experts’ advice and tips on the workout.

You should follow the sample meal plan to get enough necessary nutrients to grow your lean muscles. Eat your meal daily and get support from your trainer while you work out.

Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Calendar

What Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Look Like?

Following the BBL workout challenge, you will surely see some awesome results with these workout calendars. However, this workout takes some time and requires complete dedication. 

The benefits you can get from this workout schedule include a cardio and eating plan to help you lose weight and a great program to tone the lower body. It has four customizable calendars to work with your current butt shape and goals.