Brazilian Butt Lift On Men

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Are BBL’s meant only for women? In today’s world, when men are as conscious of their looks as women, it makes sense that a Brazilian Butt Lift on men is definitely on the cards. Learn more about the differences and similarities between BBL’s for women and men

Both men and women admire the shapely buttocks of celebrities. Many try to get the exact look by methods but don’t get any result. Surgery is one way that is more guaranteed to give you the look that you desire. 

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a plastic surgery that surgeons perform mostly on women to reshape their butts. However, with the growing demand among men who want the same treatment, BBL’s are democratizing to include the males of the species. 

Brazilian Butt Lift On Men

This surgery offers to reduce the fat from unwanted parts of your body and provides rounded and toner buttocks. Most men follow a proper diet and exercise plan but don’t get desirable results. 

To get more permanent results for their backside, men try this surgery to achieve what they can’t gain from the workout and diet.   

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What Is Brazilian Butt Lift?

Surgeons perform a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure to transfer fat from different body parts to the backside. The fat cells help to add volume and reshape the buttocks. The surgeon carries out this medical procedure using liposuction. 

This surgery not only reshapes your butt and thighs but also tightens your skin and makes your abdomen slimmer and other parts to give you an absolute look. You can have a Brazilian butt lift for men as a growing number of men are undergoing this butt lifts procedure to enhance the shape and look of their flat butts. 

This surgery also helps people to achieve an attractive and masculine-looking derriere that can boost their confidence. You can get this ideal surgery at some cost and in little time.

Some benefits you can get from having a butt lift, including:

  • Lift to the lower buttocks
  • Enhances contour and shape
  • Better volume
  • Better body proportion
  • Improved fit in clothing
  • Greater satisfaction with personal appearance
  • Boosted self-confidence

However, it would help if you had a consultation with your doctor before you decide to get any surgery. Some people may not be fit for surgery according to their health, age, and race.

Brazilian Butt Lift On Men

Is It Possible To Perform Brazilian Butt Lifts on Men?

Men and women think alike, especially when it comes to appearance. Women want shapely derrieres, whereas men want their posterior to look more muscular. In either case, many expert plastic surgeons have performed this Brazilian butt lift on men to give a bigger, muscular buttock. 

Men have varying bodies. If you want to make your lower body more voluminous, this surgical procedure is an excellent way for it. This process needs one day to perform but also requires 5 to 7 days for the recovery phase.  

Before doing this surgery, your doctor first consults you and provides you with enough information about the pros and cons of this procedure. Your surgeon also goes through your medical history, medical conditions, and your prescription to ensure that this surgery is safe for you. 

After this buttock lift, you may experience some difficulties in doing ordinary activities for a few days. You may face trouble while sleeping too. But the hardship is worth the surgery. 

Surgeons also support their patients in the healing process by giving valuable tips. You will be able to return to your normal lifestyle within a short time after the recovery.

Male vs. Female BBL

This procedure is the same for a woman and man as surgeons extract fat through liposuction from the abdomen, flanks, and back of the body. After the harvesting of fat, they transfer it by injecting it into the buttocks to remodel it. 

However, this process is slightly different for males as it focuses on creating the appearance of a more substantial, muscular, and larger gluteus maximus and medius

Women use fat transfer and get buttock augmentation to achieve rounder and bigger butts. Another important benefit is to tighten the loose part of their skin and get back pre-pregnancy looks. Women also have other lift surgeries to get stunning looks.

However, the techniques used in this surgery are the same, and the procedure time is also the same. But the result may not be the same for men and women.

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The Recovery Period After Brazilian Butt Lift for Men

Usually, the recovery period of Brazilian butt lift for men is the same as it for women, several weeks. Your surgeon may tell you to rest at the hospital for 5 to 7 days to see any abnormalities after surgery. Your doctor also provides you with a compression garment that you have to wear for several months. 

Your doctor may advise you to avoid sitting on your back or putting pressure on your butts during recovery. After the surgery, your back area will be swollen, but it will reduce after some time. Your doctor also tells you to use pillows while sleeping or sitting. 

You will have to visit the clinic to get your daily post-operative therapy for one week. You may need to take some medications or antibiotics to get in shape after the procedure. 

It would be best if you also had to follow your doctor’s diet plan and exercise.

What Is the Cost of Performing BBL on Men?

The cost of this procedure is variable as different surgeons charge differently. However, the lowest cost of performing BBL on men is $9500 in most areas. The price may range according to the location of the clinic and the shape of your body. 

For unique physical forms, surgeons have to use different techniques to harvest fat, as in some people performing incision and extracting fat cells may be difficult. If the patient chooses an additional procedure along with BBL, it can also affect the surgeon’s fee.

Brazilian Butt Lift On Men

Wrap Up

BBL’s work just as well with men who want muscular behinds, as it does with women who want shapely butts. The procedure, cost, and pre and post-op care are almost the same.

Before getting any surgical procedure done, you must consult your health provider first regarding its safety and success rate. This butt lift surgery can provide you with ideal body weight by removing extra fat and using it to remodel your backside. 

This procedure helps you wear clothes that you can’t wear because of bad body proportion. Expert plastic surgeons are very friendly when giving their patients a new makeover or appearance. 

This surgery is good, but it consumes some time to recover and money to process. However, it is fast and more effective than dieting and doing workouts daily.