Do BBL Scars Go Away?

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Hesitant to get a BBL because of the permanent scars on your body? Do BBL scars go away, you ask? Let’s find out together!

Brazilian Butt Lift treatments are performed on many women across the world to achieve a full, curvy bottom. BBL is the only buttock injection procedure that improves your buttocks by using your fat rather than implants and has accreditation by FDA. 

Even though BBL has grown in popularity in recent years, many potential patients are hesitant to undertake the procedure because they are concerned about lasting scars. 

Do BBL Scars Go Away

Fortunately, experienced cosmetic surgeons who have performed BBL successfully for years can provide acceptable outcomes with little scarring. They use several treatments to minimize or eliminate the scars caused by this body shaping procedure.

Will I have scars after BBL?

Do BBL Scars go away?

The BBL incision should heal in around 1-2 weeks with proper care. During this period, the patient should keep the incision clean, keep it out of the water, and follow the surgeon’s detailed instructions for recovering the BBL. It might take 6-12 months for the scar to fade from red to pink to white or skin tone when it begins to form. 

Remember that scars on the BBL are usually only a few millimeters long and do not affect the patient’s appearance. The plastic surgeon may prescribe scar removal or topical treatment if the patient is unhappy with the BBL scar. On the other hand, the majority of patients are pleased with the BBL’s outcomes and have no awareness of it.

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Follow these methods to make your scars scarcely visible:

Apply pressure to your scars: 

After the incisions have healed fully, you can apply pressure to the incision bbl scars with silicone sheets. This will aid in the healing of scars.

Avoid direct exposure to the sun:

The sun’s ultraviolet rays have great strength, and direct exposure to them can discolor scar tissue. This can lead to an increase in tissue pigmentation, especially in the first year following surgery. As a result, light fabrics and swimsuits should be avoided. In addition, you should use sunscreen and conceal your scars as much as possible.

Do BBL Scars Go Away

Don’t put irritants on your scars. 

If you, like many others, are used to cleaning wounds and treating tissue damage with irritating and harsh antimicrobial solutions like hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or ointments. These solutions are widely used. However, they can irritate nascent cell development and sensitive surgical incisions that can be readily inflamed.

Incisions should be covered, and your doctor should follow sterile surgical standards to avoid infection. Furthermore, you should avoid swimming pools, baths, and other potential sources of infection until your incisions have healed.

BBL healing time 

Pain and edema may occur after surgery and can be treated with oral medications. Pain and edema can also be relieved with a cold compress. You need to wear the compression garment for about 24 weeks. 

The contours of the body are supported by compression wear. Do not sit directly on your buttocks for a few days after treatment. It can cause fat transfer and affect the results. 

It can take up to 2 weeks to get back to work. You can go for a walk, but we do not recommend additional exercise. It takes about four weeks to return to normal.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Brazilian Buttlift Scar?

The incisions made during the liposuction phase of BBL surgery are, fortunately, rather minor. A scar will appear, although it will only be a few millimeters long and vanish quickly. After their scars have healed and faded, many people have problems recognizing their scars. 

In addition, the doctor will take great care to position his incisions so that they are hidden as much as possible inside the body’s natural contours.

The physicians will go through your risk of extensive scarring in detail during your appointment. They will give you thorough instructions and recommendations to help your incisions heal and fade as rapidly as possible.

Do BBL Scars Go Away

Other treatments that will help with BBL Scars 

Silicone Gel Sheets and Gels 

Silicone Gels and Gel Sheets have become popular home treatments for reducing scarring. Medical studies have shown that you can reduce the appearance of scars if you perform these techniques regularly as directed. 

Silicone Gel moisturizes the skin and makes scars stand out while preventing the body from overfilling with excess collagen cells during the healing process. 

Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peeling 

Dermatologists can use chemical peeling or microdermabrasion to remove a layer of scar tissue from the skin. These treatments can be done in the dermatologist’s office and do not require additional recovery time. 

Redness is the most common side effect. The response to this treatment varies from skin to skin and may require multiple sessions before the scar disappears. 

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BBL Scars are treated with cryotherapy. In this procedure, the scar tissue is punctured, and nitrogen gas is used to freeze the scar tissue inside out. The scar then “loses” from the surrounding healthy skin tissue. Cryotherapy is a simple technique that doctors can perform outpatient and does not cause pain or discomfort. 

Cryotherapy forms scars, leaks, and eventually disappears. There is no extensive study in the medical literature comparing this type of scar treatment with other treatments, but it is very effective in reducing the appearance of scars. 

Laser Treatment 

Laser Treatment is another outpatient treatment that helps resolve keloids and hypertrophic scars left by liposuction. Scar tissue is burned with a laser, which also promotes healthy cell formation in the area. 

Laser treatment is a simple procedure with a short recovery period. On the other hand, many treatments are needed on a regular basis, and it may take several months before the results are displayed.

Do BBL Scars Go Away

Does a BBL leave scars?

It is safe to say that BBL does leave scars, but they are manageable and will go away on their own at times! Otherwise, you can follow the tips mentioned above and tricks.

Plus, if scarring is why you are skeptical about undergoing BBL, please let that thought go away! You will not have any visible scars, and your butt will look as good as a new one.