What Is The Best BBL Chair To Sleep In?

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A BBL chair can help you recover without any pain after your BBL surgery. We discuss here some of the best BBL chair to sleep in and some innovative options on how to make your own BBL chairs.

If you have had a Brazilian Butt Lift(BBL) surgery recently, then you will require the aid of some external equipment to fasten your recovery. Using special BBL equipment such as a BBL cushion, BBL chair, BBL sofa, and so on will also reduce your pain and make your life considerably more manageable. 

BBL is a surgery or a procedure that affects your lower body, such as the lower back, butt, and spine. These body parts are essential to the core body due to which they take more time to heal correctly as we are dependent on these parts a lot. 

In this article, you will get detailed information about the best BBL chair to sleep in. If your budget does not allow you to buy a BBL chair, we will also tell you about the alternatives or how you can create a BBL chair at home. 

What Is A BBL Chair? 

A BBL chair is a spherical style chair that will help you to sit and relax properly. After a BBL surgery, you need to avoid sitting and lying on your buttocks for a few weeks; this creates a massive problem as we have a habit of sitting and lying on our buttocks. 

This is where a BBL chair comes into play; it will help you sit or sleep for short intervals without affecting the results of your surgery. The unique spherical design of a BBL chair shifts your body weight and pressure from your buttocks to your thighs or other body parts. As a result, your buttocks don’t touch the surface, due to which your butt lift will not be affected. 

Your butt will remain elevated; this is an essential aspect of the aftercare process. The transferred fat cells are very delicate and prone to pressure in the weeks after a BBL surgery. Applying pressure on these fat cells will cause them to disappear, minimizing the effects of your surgery. 

BBL patients are encouraged to avoid sitting for a few weeks after the surgery.

How To Correctly Sit And Sleep After A BBL Surgery

Sitting and sleeping are major concerns once you have gone through BBL surgery. Doctors will suggest that you sleep on your front and avoid sitting for at least one month. After one month has passed, you can start sitting for short periods with the help of a BBL pillow or BBL chair. 

Use Towels Or Pillows

If you don’t have such a pillow or chair, then you can also roll a thick towel or piece of cloth and place them under your knees. Similarly, you can select another pillow of a similar kind and keep them behind your back. 

This will decrease the pressure on your butt while sitting. While you are driving a vehicle, you will have to exert pressure on your buttocks, so it is ideal if you don’t drive at all until you have recovered fully. 

Compact Sleeping Space

You will also face difficulties while sleeping after a BBL surgery as you cannot lay down on your back for almost a month. This can be very frustrating when you are sleeping.

It is best advised to use a compact sleeping space that will not allow you to switch your sleeping position to your back. People that use a BBL chair to sleep in faceless difficulties while sleeping. These chairs are designed to keep the pressure off your back and butt. 

Firm Pillows

If you don’t want to purchase a separate bed or chair for sleeping after a BBL surgery, then you can use firm cushions and soft pillows. You can keep these pillows and cushions underneath you while you are sleeping. 

Re-Align Your Furniture

You can also consider realigning your furniture to support your body in a certain position. You can improve the survival rate of the fat grafts after a BBL by opting for the ideal post-operating or recovery positioning. 

Once you are done with the total recovery and healing part of the surgery, you will be very glad about the results and will not think about these relatively short-term sacrifices that you had to make. 

Advantages Of Using A BBL Chair 

The significant advantage of using a BBL chair during the recovery and healing phase is getting better results when the entire surgery process is complete. A BBL chair is specially designed to remove the load and stress from your buttocks and back, and this chair will most likely not allow your butt to touch any surface while you are on this chair. 

Spherical Design

These chairs have a spherical design. Due to this unique spherical design, users can sit in this chair sideways, where most of their weight is on their shoulders and thighs. It would help if you used this chair to avoid sitting or for sitting at short intervals. 

Less Pressure

Just after a BBL surgery, the fat tissues adjusted to your butt are very delicate. This also makes these tissues susceptible to damage and pressure. 

Applying too much pressure than their limit while ruining the entire process, you will not be able to attain your desired look or result. 

Things To Consider While Using A BBL Chair 

You should consider some facts before you go on to buy a BBL chair for your recovery. You should consider the size of your BBL chair since these chairs have a unique design that also makes them different from all other styles of chairs. 

A BBL chair has a spherical design, due to which you should have ample space in your room where you can easily fit a BBL chair. 

You should also consider the support and design of a BBL chair, as initially, the best method to recover quickly is not to sit at all. But gradually, you will have to start sitting for shorter intervals. This is the time where a BBL chair will be helpful.

The best BBL chairs for sleeping in should also be elevated so that your butt does not touch the surface of the chair. 

For How Long Should You Use A BBL Chair? 

It would help if you ideally used a BBL chair for as long as your doctor or surgeon recommends you to use it. You will take to fully recover from a BBL surgery around eight weeks or two months. Initially, you are not allowed to sit at all, but you can gradually start sitting once some time has passed after the surgery. 

BBL Recovery Guide  

This BBL recovery guide will help you to understand the entire process. You will get exceptional results after a BBL surgery if you endure after the recovery period. During the recovery phase, the fat cells are absorbed by the body. 

BBL results are permanent as they belong to the healthiest fat cells. You will suddenly experience a gain in weight after the BBL surgery. 

Some of the cells are absorbed by the body after the surgery. The fat cells that heal remain in the body, and after a few months of recovery, they change into becoming permanent. 

There are some special tips that you should remember to have an effective recovery. 

Do Not Sit

Don’t sit on your buttocks, the time for which you should avoid sitting varies from individual to individual. Usually, this period lasts from 2 to 8 weeks after the surgery. You can take help from a BBL pillow for sitting in this period. You must try only to sit when it is necessary during this phase. 

Do Not Put Pressure On The Areas Where Fat Was Grafted From

Don’t put pressure on those parts of your body from which fat was grafted. You must rest your sides or the stomach so that those places from which fat cells were extracted are kept safe from pressure have been transplanted. 

However, if you had a tummy tuck + BBL together, then you need to protect your tummy also, which means no sleeping on your stomach. 

Exercise, Diet and Stay Off The Bad Stuff!

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is an essential part of the recovery phase. Having a properly balanced diet will help you gain back the fat transferred from other parts of your body. 

Clothing And Compression Garments

Wearing comfortable garments is also very essential. You should avoid wearing tight clothes, and rather you should focus on wearing garments that are compressed. Wearing compression garments will take off the pressure from the body parts on your body, helping you to achieve desired results from your BBL surgery. 

How To Convert A Zero Gravity Chair To A BBL Chair

To convert a zero gravity chair into a BBL chair, firstly, you will need to buy a zero gravity chair that is suitable according to your shape and size. 

The next step is that you will need to remove all the strapping near or from the sitting region of the zero gravity chair. 

Once you have removed all the straps, then you can proceed forward. To get the measurements of your buttocks right, it is ideal that mark the measurements on the chair before you remove the straps. As ideally, in a BBL chair, your butt should be hanging outside of the chair so that there is no excess strain and pressure on it.

You can cut off less fabric from the chair and then cut more fabric if you need more space. But remember not to cut too much off the fabric so that you cannot even sit on the chair. Many people who feel too uncomfortable while sleeping on their stomach will find using a BBL chair to sleep very comfortable and ideal. 

You can use a fabric cutter to cut the area of your butt from the chair, and it is also important that you use an ample amount of glue after you have cut the fabric. Using glue on the chair is very important as the fabric of the zero gravity chair tends to fray. This will compromise the structural integrity of the chair, making it unable to support your weight. Fraying of the cloth will also increase the number of cuts and marks on the cloth.

Now the next step is to introduce foam padding to the chair. You can purchase mattress foam padding separately from any store or from online. After buying the foam padding, you will need to velcro this padding onto the top and the bottom of the chair. You can also use hook and loop fasteners to make these velcro straps or bindings strong and support your weight without getting loose. 

After applying the velcro and the padding, cover the chair with a sheet to give it a complete look. With a nice sheet and cover, your zero gravity chair will even look and feel like a BBL chair. This method is for people who don’t want to purchase an expensive BBL chair and want to create a BBL chair at their homes.

For more insight into the steps, you can check this video.

The 2 Best BBL Chairs To Sleep In

#1 Tropical Ambience BBL Lounge Chair

TITLE_ropical Ambience BBL Lounge Chair

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One of the major benefits of using this inflatable BBL chair is that it will not occupy much space inside your home, as you can deflate this BBL chair when it is not in use. The stylish and unique design of this chair will improve the blood circulation in your body. 

This BBL chair is also made from the best materials; it is made from PVC material with a high load capacity. This also makes this BBL chair to be 100% safe and environment-friendly. This inflatable chair will not be easily punctured, even with sharper objects. 

This chair is very comfortable and easy to use as it is specially designed to cater after you have had BBL surgery. This BBL chair is also very portable because of its inflatable design. You will find this chair compact once it is deflated. Due to this reason, you will be able to fit this BBL chair anywhere you want. 

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#2 Socivis Inflatable BBL Chair

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This BBL chair has a unique design as a hollow hole in the middle of this chair. This hole will act as the space where you will be able to rest your butt after a BBL surgery. You can install this chair pretty easily with the help of an electric inflator. The air rings of the couch have double-layered valves to prevent any air leakage. 

This BBL chair is built to last because the materials used to build this chair are very sturdy and durable. It uses PVC and reduces the risk of any puncture. You can clean this BBL chair simply with the help of a damp cloth and some detergent. 

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Answers To Other Questions About BBL Chairs

When can you switch sides after a BBL surgery?

It is best if you avoid switching sides while you are sleeping after a BBL surgery. Try to avoid switching sides for about 2-3 days completely. 

After that, you can start to switch your sides while you are sleeping. You can also choose a BBL mattress or a BBL chair to sleep in, as these things will help you have a pleasant sleep without disturbing your procedure or surgery results. 

How do I sleep on my butt after BBL?

Stomach sleeping is the best way to sleep during this recovery process. Side sleeping is an option, but only if it is certain. You will need to end up on your back. But for maximum support and faster recovery, you can opt for a BBL bed or a BBL chair to sleep in. 

A BBL chair and a bed both come with a hole in the center for placing the butt. When you rest on them, your butt keeps hanging in the air; hence there is no contact between the butt and the bed or chair. 

What is a zero gravity chair used for?

Zero gravity chairs suspend your body in a position where your feet and heart are at the same height. This means the heart does not have to work against gravity and thus relaxes your body in the same way astronauts experience in outer space.

The position can also improve breathing and blood flow, along with a range of other benefits. When reclined in a zero gravity chair, you experience a weightless sensation, allowing you to relax and release tension deeply. 

As mentioned above, you can also transform it into a BBL chair by cutting a hole in the seat where your buttocks should be.

Wrap Up

You will find these BBL chairs to sleep in an ideal part of your recovery phase once you are done with a BBL surgery. Make sure that you use a BBL chair for at least 4-6 weeks after your operation, otherwise, you might end up ruining the effects of BBL.