BBL and Tummy Tuck Recovery

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Getting a BBL and Tummy Tuck together is a tricky thing to do. But even more difficult is BBL and tummy tuck recovery to prepare you for the weeks that follow.

When a tummy tuck and BBL are combined, the effects are generally significantly more striking than if the doctor performed each of these procedures separately. 

But, BBL and tummy tuck are difficult surgeries, and recovery is crucial for your well-being and gain and maintaining long-term outcomes. This means to recover fully, take at least 15 days off work after your procedure.

BBL and Tummy Tuck Recovery

To make sure that you heal when recuperating, you’ll need to take specific steps. 

  • As soon as you are stable, you’ll need to get up and start moving; you also have to wear compression clothes to keep blood clots at bay
  • For the next two weeks, you can’t sit on your buttocks to avoid hurting the fat cells that have been transplanted there.

While this looks like an impossible task, because duh! Not sitting for two weeks can drive anyone crazy, but following this doctor’s order will result in you getting the perfect result. 

Why Tummy Tuck and BBL Together Is a Great Choice

Here are a few of the advantages of this combination cosmetic surgery.

Complementary procedures

You need less fat in your belly and more fat in your buttocks to look aesthetically pleasing. Your front and back should be the same form and size, which you may do correctly with an hourglass stomach tuck and BBL surgery.

A combined tummy tuck BBL operation means you’ll only have to go under general anesthesia once, and you’ll only have to go through one surgery and recuperation phase. As a result, your surgical risk is lowered with a single treatment rather than two separate procedures while your efficacy improves.

Benefits of customization

By arranging standard incisions and adapting the surgery to your anatomy, your plastic surgeon may do your belly tuck BBL in a personalized way. When compared to having both operations done independently, you will have more natural-looking results and less scarring.

BBL and Tummy Tuck Recovery

How To Prepare for Tummy Tuck and BBL

Both tummy Tuck and a Brazilian butt lift are complicated cosmetic surgery treatments that take two to three hours to complete. A general anesthetic will be used for both the tummy tuck and the BBL. 

Multiple treatments, including liposuction, fat transfer injections, and skin and muscle tightening, will be performed through large incisions.


  • Make a strong support network for yourself.
  • Maintain your dedication to the healing process.
  • Participate in some relaxing activities that are good for you.
  • Maintain regular contact with the surgeon.
  • Consume a Protein-Rich, Healthy Diet


Use Tobacco in Any Form

Stop smoking at least four to six weeks before and after the stomach tuck surgery if you use it in any way. Tobacco use, including smoking and other types of tobacco, can impede healing and increase the risk of bleeding following surgery.

You should avoid rapid weight loss.

If you’ve been attempting to reduce weight using specific crash diet formulae, weight loss medicines, or other methods, you’ll need to stop several weeks before the operation. Before tummy tuck surgery, try to maintain a constant, healthy body weight as much as possible.

BBL and Tummy Tuck Recovery

Avoid Taking Aspirin and Herbal Medicines

At least two weeks before your stomach tuck surgery, stop taking any blood thinners like aspirin or Motrin. You may need to quit using herbal remedies, vitamin E supplements, or some prescription prescriptions as well.

Maintain a Consistent Bowel Routine

Before the stomach tuck surgery, eat lots of fiber foods and natural fruits and vegetables, exercise often, and maintain a regular bowel routine. If you get constipated due to the operation or the anesthesia, you may live with it for a time until your mobility improves. 

Make transportation and follow-up arrangements.

Make arrangements ahead of time for someone to drive you home following your stomach tuck, and if feasible, hire some help for a few days during your recovery. Dr. McCluskey, an experienced plastic surgeon, sees stomach tuck patients from Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Getting a BBL.

These methods are designed to help you recover from your Brazilian butt-lift as quickly as possible.

  • Sunbathing should be avoided for two weeks before BBL surgery.
  • Nicotine can damage and delay recovery, so quit smoking at least two weeks before your operation date.
  • Two weeks before surgery, discontinue all aspirin-containing products, blood thinner drugs (Motrin, Advil, etc. ), vitamin E, and herbal supplements. You can take one multivitamin once a day.
BBL and Tummy Tuck Recovery

How Long Does It Take To Recover From a BBL and Tummy Tuck?

For a period of up to Two Weeks:

  • Take a 10- to 14-day vacation from work.
  • Get mobile after you’ve reached a point of stability (moving)
  • For two weeks, don’t sit on your buttocks.
  • Sleep on your side if possible.
  • Squatting and stretching should be avoided.
  • Wear your girdles 24 hours a day, seven days a week for up to six weeks
  • There will be no hard lifting.
  • Do not engage in physical activity.

While you should be able to return to work after about two weeks of rest, you should avoid hard lifting for four to six weeks. You’ll also have to cut back on your exercises, and you should not exercise for two months after a Brazilian butt-lift/tummy tuck combination.

How To Sleep After A BBL?

We recommend utilizing cushions beneath your thighs or sitting on your side on a BBL chair to change your sitting position. Sleeping on your side or on a special BBL mattress, rather than your back and buttocks, is also recommended. 

You should avoid sitting for two weeks and squatting and extending your buttocks since these activities might harm the newly implanted fat cell grafts.

You’ll want to wear your girdles both day and night while you’re healing, both over your buttocks and your belly. These crucial compression clothes help to avoid tissue swelling, which might affect your outcomes. Girdles should be removed only when showering.

We suggest using two pillows for BBL and Tummy Tuck together, one under the buttock and the other behind your back. This will keep the tummy flexed while also taking pressure off the buttocks.

BBL and Tummy Tuck Recovery

Wrap Up

Getting a tummy tuck and BBL together is an excellent idea if you are prepared for the consequences over the next few weeks. With the right knowledge of do’s and don’ts, recovery from your dual plastic surgery will be a breeze.

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