What Is a Faja For BBL?

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After your BBL, your surgeon will ask you to wear a compression garment called a Faja. If you don’t know what is a faja for BBL, this article will explain everything, including the difference between Stage 1 and Stage 2 Faja.

A faja is a garment that is used for compressing the body and is usually worn after the surgery and it helps the patient to recover after BBL and liposuction. It helps to keep swelling to a minimum and ensures that the skin tightens properly. 

Fajas also helps to improve flabbiness, but that’s not all. They also tone your skin. That’s the reason why cosmetic surgeons all over the world recommend their use after certain medical procedures to enhance shaping results. 

What Is a Faja For BBL?

What is BBL?

BBL is a common term used for Brazilian Butt Lift, usually including lipo-contouring of the waist and back areas while transferring fat to the buttock portions. It is one of the most looked for after plastic surgery procedures. It is famous among women who want their bodies to be proportionate and also for the new mommies.

Most women who wish to go through this surgery either want to improve their body appearance or have a smaller waist and rounder buttock area. This helps them improve their look in fitted clothes and bathing suits. 

BBL is mainly performed or done by board-certified plastic surgeons who have well-established hands-on experience in this field. It is necessary to have a good relationship with your surgeon to trust them with the process easily. 

He/she can also help you with appropriate preoperative screening as well as postoperative care. However, it would help if you always went through the photos or sample pictures of the process and the outcome as it allows you to know whether a particular thing will suit you. 

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What is “Faja”?

While a person plans for having a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) or liposuction done, one would have heard the term ‘faja’ many times while doing your treatment or plastic surgery research.

A “faja” is a garment or cloth used for wearing during the postoperative period to recover from BBL. Liposuction patients also use it to ensure that the skin tightens properly after the surgery and avoid any swelling caused due to it.

What Is A Stage One Faja?

Stage one faja is something you have to wear immediately after you wake up from your treatment. Also, it is a part of the BBL process, which one can easily buy before or after your appointment is done. However, if you are in a rush you can select the best Stage one faja for BBL here. 

How Often Is It Necessary To Wash The Stage One Faja, Lipo Foams And Abdominal Board? 

It is quite necessary to keep your faja clean to keep your body safe from any infections. You should always keep in mind that while you first remove your fajas, you should be very careful with it as the skin is quite loose, and you may feel unsteady when the compression is released. 

The way you wash your Stage one faja regularly in the same way the foams should also be washed on a regular basis to keep yourself clean. Most people who undergo this treatment prefer to buy extra foams so that they can use them while the other one is drying or is being washed. 

The abdominal board cannot be washed regularly like foams and faja, but if it gets dirty, you can easily clean it with products like peroxide.  

What Is a Faja For BBL?

How Long Does One Need To Wear Stage One Faja?

The Stage one fajas should be worn by a person for at least three weeks after the treatment is done. It is necessary and good if a person tries and keeps on wearing Stage one faja regularly. You can remove it while taking a shower or washing it but should immediately put it on after you’re done. 

People also prefer purchasing two fajas at a time so that the other one could be used while the previous one is drying or whatever the case be. Also, you should try to sleep in your Stage one faja only. People should also try sleeping in their lipo foams, if possible, for them, and can remove their abdominal board while sleeping.

What Is Stage Two Faja? 

Once you have worn your Stage one faja for three weeks, you are required to shift to a stage two faja. You will find stage two faja to be highly compressible, and it should feel much more compressed than your Stage one faja. 

You can purchase it for postoperative appointments. It will usually be the exact size as your Stage one faja. You can switch between abdominal board & lipo foams, but stage two faja needs to be worn alone.

How Long Does One Need To Wear A stage two Faja? 

Once you switch over to your stage two faja, you need to continuously wear it for six months. You should develop a habit of sleeping in stage two faja as well. The same applies to stage two faja as it was in the case of Stage one faja. 

You need to wear it throughout the day, even while sleeping. You can take it off only while taking a bath or washing and drying it. Though the person can stop wearing all these garments after six months, you cannot start with waist training until you are done with your stage two faja. 

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What Is The Difference Between Stage one And stage two Faja For Bbl?

Stage one faja has low compressibility, which states that it is meant for loose-fitting and should mostly be worn during the day along with your lipo foams and abdominal board. You can remove the abdominal board at night if you wish to.

Whereas in stage two faja, the garment is highly compressible and fits the body very tightly. It should also be worn alone. You should wash it every other day to keep it clean and free of any body fluids. 

Fajas, abdominal boards, and lipo foams assist one’s body easily heal after the treatment and aid in skin tightening leading to the outcome of the process your body has undergone. 

I hope the above information was helpful for you, and it might help you deal with your pre and post-surgery requirements. Do let us know if you have any further doubts, which we can clear.

What Is a Faja For BBL?

Wrap Up

We hope we were able to cover Faja’s, both stage 1 and stage 2 and the difference between the two clearly. Both have an important function in your recovery after BBL.

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