Does Insurance Cover BBL Surgery?

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Getting a BBL can be a costly affair. Does insurance cover BBL surgery? Is there some way to get the procedure done without paying for it? Unfortunately not, but let’s learn why

The number of people undertaking cosmetic surgery to enhance or reshape the structure of their bodies is growing at an unprecedented pace. One example of such surgery is BBL surgery (Brazilian Butt Lift). 

BBL surgery is a popular cosmetic surgery in which fat is collected from a part of the body through Liposuction and injected directly into the buttocks to make them firmer and give them a toned appearance. The fat is usually collected from areas like the abdomen, thighs, lower back, or hips.

Does Insurance Cover BBL Surgery

The shape of the buttock plays a vital role in a well proportioned and attractive body. So, most youngsters are now doing BBL surgery to give the desired shape to their buttocks. But before surgery, the first that comes to most people’s minds is, does Insurance cover BBL surgery? 

Unfortunately, BBL is not covered by insurance because it is not medically necessary. BBL is cosmetic surgery, and It’s impossible to have a purely cosmetic procedure covered by Insurance. In other words, you will never get benefits from Insurance if you are doing the surgery to enhance your look.  

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Can A BBL Be Covered By Insurance?

Insurance does not cover a BBL because of several reasons, as follows.

#1. Type Of Surgery

Most insurance companies consider the most significant factor during coverage is whether the procedure is reconstructive or cosmetic.

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery repairs the parts of your body that have defects right from birth or the faults that have developed because of any severe illness or injury.

The Insurance covers reconstructive surgery for correcting congenital disabilities or trauma. For instance, if a woman is born with asymmetrical breasts, she may use Insurance to pay for the surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is usually done to improve the physical appearance of a person. It improves not only the appearance of the person but also increases her self-esteem and confidence.

For instance, BBL surgery is done to reshape the butt. But the Insurance does not cover it because the procedure is purely cosmetic and not medically necessary, which means the whole expenditure is on your shoulder.

Does Insurance Cover BBL Surgery

#2. Impact On Daily Life

The insurance companies cover up such surgery, which has a negative impact on a person’s daily life. For instance, if one has large breasts, she may have back pain or neck pain, interfering with her daily routine. 

She cannot properly do her daily tasks. So, if a doctor recommends her for surgery, the insurance companies bear the expenditure.

Now, if I talk about Butt lift surgery, irregular size buttocks do not hinder a person from doing daily work. So, most of the insurance companies deny paying the expenditure.

#3. No Medications For Improvement

Most insurance companies first check whether the doctor has provided any medications or therapy to the patient. If the medications or treatment is unsuccessful and the surgery is the only option left for the patient, then the insurance company bears the expenditure.

But if I talk about enhancing buttocks in a person, neither medications nor therapy can improve it. So, the insurance companies don’t think of the surgery as a medical necessity.

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Which Cosmetic Surgery Are Covered By Insurance?

#1. Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction or Mammoplasty is a surgical procedure in which there is the removal of excess skin, fat and glandular tissue to reduce the size of the breasts so that the breasts will be proportionate with the rest of the body. 

Many Insurance companies usually cover breast reduction surgery. But the patient should have a long history of back, neck or shoulder pain or breathing issues, which is not reduced after a lot of therapy and exercise. 

However, some insurance companies require the removal of pounds of tissue from each breast to cover the procedure.

Does Insurance Cover BBL Surgery

#2. Upper Eyelid Surgery

When the drooping eyelid hinders the ability to see, and vision tests prove it, eyelid surgery(blepharoplasty procedure) becomes essential, and most Insurance companies cover the surgery.

#3. Nose Surgery

When the structure of the nose makes it difficult to breathe, then the doctor advises the surgery. Nose surgery is also known as rhinoplasty. Most of the insurance companies cover nose surgery.

#4. Ear Reshaping Surgery

The ear shaping surgery is not as common as other surgeries. When the anatomy of the ear impacts the ability of hearing capacity, then the doctor recommends surgery.

#5. Mole Removal Surgery

Some people love to have moles and consider them beauty marks, while others try to remove them. When the doctor suspects the mole is cancerous, the doctor recommends surgery, and the Insurance companies cover the fees.

#6. Weight loss surgery

Some insurance companies cover the weight loss procedures like gastric bypasses, gastric sleeves, and lap gastric bands. The people who are obese, high body mass index with diseases related to the heart, or have diabetes and cancer, then the weight loss procedures are almost covered by Insurance.

Does Insurance Cover BBL Surgery

#7. Excess Skin Removal

Sometimes people have excess abdominal skin that hangs over the thighs and genitals because of massive weight loss. So the doctor recommended the panniculectomy surgery. The Insurance covers the surgery when the sagging skin becomes a problem while doing physical activities or have a history of skin issues.

Wrap Up

Cosmetic surgeries are usually expensive. The cost of the surgery depends on various factors like the type of surgery, number of treated areas, the city in which you are doing the surgery, facilities in the Clinic, and numerous others.

BBL is one example of cosmetic surgery, which people usually do to give the buttocks a firm and toned look. Apart from it, the surgery helps in losing fat from specific areas of the body. But while doing the surgery, most people are worried about its cost. 

If you are doing the surgery in the United States, then the cost involved in the procedure is almost $2000 to $12,000, which is expensive. Unfortunately, the Insurance companies don’t cover it because they don’t think the procedure is medically necessary. So you have to bear the expenditure on your shoulders. 

Anyways please do share your experience if you had a BBL surgery in the comment section. I would love to read about your experience.