How To Check Status Of Medicare Card?

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So you have applied for Medicare and are waiting eagerly for the application to go through. But how to check status of Medicare card? By when will you get it? Answers to such questions are in the article below!

Medicare is a health insurance program that helps many individuals to reduce the cost of medical bills. You need to visit the Social security website to complete the Medicare application, and the application is entirely free. 

It will hardly take 10-15 minutes to fill the application. Once you fill it, you will be able to check the status of the application at any time. However, one question that many of our readers ask us quite often is: how to check the status of Medicare cards online? 

How To Check Status Of Medicare Card

You can check the status of your Medicare card by visiting the social security website or by signing into the Medicare.Gov website. 

You should also keep a tab on your email because you will get intimations from the government regarding your medicare card from time to time. Once your application is reviewed, they will send you a confirmation letter in your email. If your application is rejected, they send a letter explaining the reason for rejection and what you need to do next. 

Another way to know about the Medicare card status is by calling or visiting the social security office near your location.

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What Are The Parts Of Medicare?

Medicare is a health insurance program in the United States for people above 65 years old. However, young people with disabilities or those who have permanent kidney failure and require dialysis can apply on Medicare. 

This program helps reduce the costs of health care, but it doesn’t cover all the medical expenses or the cost of long-term health care in a person. Medicare is categorized into four parts:

Medicare Part A

Medicare part A is also known as hospital insurance because it covers almost all hospital and hospice expenses. 

The hospital expenses include room fees for semi-private rooms, nursing, meals, and drugs required for the treatment. 

Older adults over 65 years old and getting social security benefits or eligible for social security benefits don’t have to pay a premium for Medicare Part A.

How To Check Status Of Medicare Card

Medicare Part B

If you are eligible for Medicare Part A, then you are also eligible for Medicare Part B. Part B covers all the medically necessary services like screening, vaccination, durable medical equipment, transportation in the ambulance, and various other things. However, older adults need to pay a monthly premium to get the benefits of Medicare Part B.

Medicare Part C

The Medicare part C plans are often sold by the private companies who have a contract with Medicare. It includes almost all the Medicare Part A and B services and part D prescription drug plans. It also covers dental, vision, hearing issues of the patient.

Medicare Part D

Medicare part D is also known as a prescription drug plan. It covers all the costs involved in medicines prescribed by the doctor.

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How To Enroll In Medicare?

You can enroll in Medicare by visiting the social security website and filling in the essential details such as:

  • Place of your birth
  • Date of birth
  • Name of your current spouse
  • Place of your marriage with the current spouse
  • Starting and ending date of group health insurance.
How To Check Status Of Medicare Card

Can You Check The Status Of Your Medicare Card Online?

If you have applied for the Medicare application online, you can easily check the status of your Medicare card by visiting your social security account

You can also visit and find information about your Medicare card status by entering things like zip code, Medicare number, your last name, date of birth, and effective date of Medicare Part A.

If your application is approved, then you will get a confirmation letter from Medicare. You will receive a blue, white, or red Medicare card in your mail after three weeks from the date you apply for Medicare if your application is accepted. 

The Medicare card has a number that is unique to every person. Additionally, you will find your name, the date from which insurance coverage begins, and the type of insurance like Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B. 

What To Do if You Don’t Get Your Medicare Card?

You need to make sure that the information written on the Medicare card is 100 percent correct.

Some individuals do not get a Medicare card even if their application is accepted. If this happens, it means that there is something wrong while filling the application form which needs to be corrected. 

For instance, the mailing address in which you have filled in the application form may be incorrect. Well, you can update it easily by visiting my Social Security account.

How To Check Status Of Medicare Card

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What To Do if You Don’t Get Your Medicare Card?

Some older adults want to change the Medicare plan. If you’re going to change your insurance plan, then you need to contact social security. You may have to pay some extra fees for changing the insurance plan.

You need to carry the Medicare card with you when you are out from home and show it to your doctor, hospital, or healthcare provider. If you forget to carry the card with you, the provider will look at your Medicare number online.

Medicare Frauds

These days, fraudsters can call the Medicare beneficiary and get the number and other personal information by making them false promises or pretending to be a Medicare official. I will strongly advise you to never share the Medicare number with anyone over the phone because Medicare never makes this kind of unrequited call.

How To Check Status Of Medicare Card

How Quickly Does The Medicare Plan Start?

The benefits of Medicare will start three weeks after applying. If you want the benefits of Medicare as soon as you turn 65, you should ideally apply three months before your 65th birthday.

However, if you are collecting social security benefits, you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare.

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Wrap Up

Older adults often suffer from physical illness. Medicare is a boon for them. It helps them in reducing the cost of medicines and treatments. 

You have to fill the application form for Medicare and submit it online. The application process may take a few months to materialize. But once your application is confirmed, you get a Medicare card in the mail.

How To Check Status Of Medicare Card

I hope this article has given you helpful information, and please don’t forget to share how you benefit from a Medicare card in the comment section. As usual, if you have more comments and questions, you can drop us a ping in the comments box, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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