How Do Medicare Advantage Plans Work?

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Medicare Advantage plans offer you a lot of flexibility and options over and above simple Medicare. But how do medicare advantage plans work? Find out in this article

The future is unpredictable. Savings are man’s best friends during old age, and so are the medicare plans. Medicare plans can be a great support in those days when your health and family fail you. 

Having a Medicare plan when you are sick makes us independent because we do not need to seek help from someone or use our savings which are meant for more important things in life. 

How Do Medicare Advantage Plans Work

Over 26 million people have enrolled their name in the medicare plans in 2021. Having a Medicare plan for your entire family has a huge advantage. If you are someone who wants to know about Medicare plans, then stay tuned in reading this blog. 

How Do Medicare Advantage Plans Work?

Medicare is an insurance that provides medical facilities and various medical plans for its users. Private insurance companies sell Medicare plans, (they come under the label of Medicare advantage plans). 

These private companies provide the same services that the Original Medicare provides. These services are divided into two parts, part A and B. Part A covers the hospital services under Medicare, and Part B covers the Medical Services. 

Many Medicare plans cover additional services also in their plans like

  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Prescription drugs
  • Hearing 

There are different coverage plans under Medicare advantage one can choose for themselves which offer additional beneficial coverage. There are two types of Medicare advantage plans.

  • Preferred provider organization
  • Health maintenance organization

Medicinal options are also provided for the particular needs of an individual.

But always keep in mind that you can be a part of the Medicare advantage plan only if you have enrolled your name in the original Medicare. 

How Do Medicare Advantage Plans Work

What Does Medicare Advantage Cover?

The Medicare advantage plan covers both parts of the original Medicare, which is part A and part B. It may consist of some optional coverage at your convenience and fulfill your personal needs. 

Hospital insurance: 

Part A of the Medicare plan is hospital insurance. Medicare advantage plans cover similar services provided by the Medicare part A. The services are like:

  • The small-term nursing facility care
  • Hospice care is provided
  • Small term inpatient hospital care
  • Insufficient home health care facilities 

Prescription drugs

Prescription drug coverage is part of Medicare part D. Almost all the Medicare advantage plans include this coverage which pays for the medicines that its users need. 

But all types of prescription drugs are not covered under part D. So before and during enrollment in any advantage plan, make sure that you check the coverage and what kind of prescription drugs can be included.

Medical insurance 

Medical insurance is a part of Medicare part B. The same services are provided in the medical insurance as they are covered in the Medicare part B. The services which are covered are

  • Equipment as well as treatment of the disorder
  • Long-lasting medical equipment
  • Preventive care and services
  • Diagnostic services as well as testing of it. 
How Do Medicare Advantage Plans Work

Who Can Enroll Their Names In The Medicare Advantage Plans?

Same as the eligibility of original Medicare, individuals at the age of 65 years or more are eligible to enroll their names in the Medicare advantage plan. 

The people who have received railroad retirement board disability advantages for 24 months and social security are also eligible for the Medicare advantage plan. 

Those diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and end-stage renal disease are also capable of enrolling in the Medicare advantage plans. 

People who have already included their name in Medicare part A and Medicare part B can also enroll their name in the Medicare advantages plan.

How Much Does A Medicare Advantage Plan Cost?

The following is the list of expenses you need to pay if you choose Medicare advantage plans.

Copayments and coinsurance: 

For almost every medicare advantage plan, we have to pay the copayment or coinsurance amount for the services they provide. 

These services can include a variety of things like specialist doctors, general doctors’ office visits, and prescription drug replenishment. These coinsurance and copayment amounts vary depending upon the Medicare advantage plan you have enrolled yourself.

Medicare advantage plan costs: 

Medicare Advantage plans may charge a monthly premium amount. This amount is not included in the part B advantage plan. They may charge you some separate expenses, for example, medical charges and health plants costs. 

How Do Medicare Advantage Plans Work

Premium charges for part B

If your name is enrolled in the medicare advantage plan, you have to pay for the part B premium charges. The charges may vary depending upon the various plans, but they may cost you up to $170.10 per month. Some plans might cost you a cover portion for the entire amount of this premium cost.

Do The Medicare Plans Cover The 20 Percent Cost of Medicare?

While enrolling the name in original Medicare, you have to pay 20% of the cost or 20% of the copayment for some health services like doctors to visit. 

Many Medicare Advantage plans charge copayment instead of coinsurance for the provided services. But if you have the original Medicare enrollment, you have to pay the 20% cost.

What Are Average Monthly Charges of a Medicare Advantage Plan?

The average that you have to pay for a Medicare advantage plan is 21.22$ dollars per month. You may need to pay 19 dollars per month in the year 2022. 

However, as it is average, some premiums may cost $100, and some premiums may be $0. The average of these charges varies depending upon the different plans. 

The Takeaway

Medicare plans are beneficial since they provide various plans as well as services, all under one roof. We can pay an average amount depending on the plan we choose, and you can go for 

Medicare advantage plans for emergencies and an investment for your health. In this article, we have covered various aspects related to Medicare health plans. Make sure that you go through them.

How Do Medicare Advantage Plans Work

We hope we were able to answer most of your queries about Medical Advantage plans. If you have more questions and doubts, feel free to drop us a message in the comments section and we will reply back quickly.

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