Can you lose weight while taking amitriptyline?

amitriptyline and weight gain

Can you lose weight while on Amitriptyline Have you ever tried losing weight while you are undergoing treatment? You can easily lose weight without much effort while taking some drugs, but when you are on Amitriptyline, you may be surprised at how much weight you can easily gain while on this drug. But what is … Read more

How Do I Relieve my Chronic Pain?

How Do I Relieve my Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is something that millions of people all over the world are dealing with on a regular basis. Because of that, it’s important that we know how to deal with chronic pain in a healthy and safe manner. Many people will tell you that there are two places where we deal with our chronic … Read more

Amitriptyline Pain Relief and Side Effects

Amitriptyline Side Effects

For those suffering from chronic pain of any sort, new pain medications can be a blessing and a curse. Getting some new medicine that could potentially give you your life back is always a cause for celebration, but the inherent side effects that inevitably come with those new medicines… Not so much. Sometimes the side … Read more

Penetrex: Best Anti Inflammatory Cream


For some of us, pain is something that runs our lives, especially if you’re dealing with chronic pain. Because of that, you have likely been trying to find something that can help you to get some pain relief in the long run. There are lots of creams and such on the market – but how … Read more