Soothe the Swelling: How Essential Oils Can Treat Your Feet

essential oils for swelling feet

Pregnancy, diet, and hormonal changes can all make your feet swell up. Puffy, swollen feet not only look odd, but they can also make it difficult to wear shoes or socks. The swelling can interfere with your ability to walk, run, or go through your daily activities. Can essential oils play a part in healing … Read more

Nerve Pain In A Foot After Back Surgery

nerve pain in foot after back surgery

A Common Occurrence Complications after a surgery are common and no one should worry when they develop discomfort, numbness or soreness. In fact, a recent study shows that 10% of the general population will encounter pain in their heels at some point in their lifetime. This pain occurs in both patients with successful surgical outcomes and the … Read more

9 Heel Pain Treatments

Heel Pain Treatment

Heel pain can be a frustrating problem because it is impossible to walk or be active without putting pressure on your heel. Fortunately, there are many treatments available to treat your heel pain. Read on to discover the different kinds of heel pain and what it is you can do about them. What Are the … Read more

Can Heel Pain Be Healed?

plantar fasciitis treatment

What is plantar fasciitis exactly? In laymen’s terms, plantar fasciitis translates to excruciating heel pain. To be more specific with a little PubMed Health medical terminology, it is inflammation of plantar fascia, thus the term fasciitis (the foot’s bottom, the thick tissue that extends to the toes). When the fascia becomes inflamed, in comes the heal pain. The … Read more

Swollen Ankles: Can you Remedy These?

remedies for swollen ankles

Many people throughout the world have dealt with swollen ankles. These swollen ankles are a nuisance, to say the least. It is important to note that swollen ankles are not often a disease, but they are often considered an underlying issue of something else wrong when this happens. There are several causes of swollen ankles. … Read more

Why do my feet hurt during pregnancy?

pregnant foot pain

In addition to overall weight gain and a noticeably swollen abdomen, a number of women have swollen feet and legs while they are expecting. The additional weight can put more pressure on the feet, which can make it difficult for some women to move quickly while pregnant. This is usually more common during the last … Read more

Is foot pain a symptom of diabetes?

diabetic foot pain

Is That Pain in Your Feet Neuropathy? Are you a diabetic and are wondering about what possible complications you will suffer? Do you have itching and burning in your feet or ankles? Does it feel like pins are pricking you in your feet? You may have a condition called diabetic neuropathy. You shouldn’t ignore unusual … Read more

Relief from the Burning Sensation in your Feet

feet Burning Sensation

Have you ever had a burning sensation in your feet? It may feel as though your feet are on fire, so you ditch the socks and the shoes in hopes of finding relief, but no relief comes. It can become rather hard to deal with. There are those people who have this issue who then … Read more

Remedies for Diabetic Foot Pain

Remedies for Diabetic Foot Pain

For those who have been told that they have diabetes, they need to realize that there are several issues that go along with having diabetes. One of these is the foot pain that many diabetics feel. What is this foot pain? Why does it happen? Can it be reversed? Are there remedies that can help … Read more