Standard Precautions In A Nursing Home To Prevent Spread Of Covid-19

Standard Precautions In A Nursing Home To Prevent Spread Of Covid-19

We have provided below a list of standard precautions in a nursing home to prevent spread of Covid-19. We hope this list will be beneficial for all visitors, staff and patients The covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives forever. Since its beginning, in the year 2019, it has engulfed millions of people across the globe. … Read more

Nursing Homes -Complete Guide For Seniors And Caregivers

Nursing Homes -Complete Guide For Seniors And Caregivers

Are you or a loved one considering moving to a nursing home? Please read our detailed guide about the services at a nursing home, costs, and what to think about before making a move. If you or an elderly family member has an injury or illness that progresses to the point that they need medical … Read more

Visiting Loved Ones In Assisted Living – The Complete Guide

Visiting Loved Ones In Assisted Living - The Complete Guide

This guide will help you understand the right timings to visit, proper care to be taken for Covid-19, and the activities that you can partake in a while visiting loved ones in assisted living. People with dementia are at higher risk of accidents and injuries. Memory loss can make you or your loved one unable … Read more

How to Protect Your Assets From Nursing Home Care

There are millions of people using nursing homes or long-term care facilities across the country, and as the population ages that number is only going to get bigger. All of us spend our working years saving money so that we can enjoy our retirement years, but when we become ill and need care we can … Read more

Difference Between Palliative And Hospice Care

When a loved one becomes ill, especially if it’s sudden and unexpected, the number of decisions and choices you have to make can feel really overwhelming and like you aren’t even talking about a human being anymore. It doesn’t have to be like that, though. Conversations around end-of-life care can be difficult to start and … Read more

When Should Someone Be Offered Palliative Care

Making big healthcare decisions – like going into palliative care – are hard to do for someone else, especially when it’s a loved one where it may be very emotionally hard on the family to see their family member go into palliative care. This kind of care, though, should be shied away from just because … Read more

How To Tell Your Parents They Have To Stay in a Nursing Home

Making the decision that it’s time for your parent to go into a nursing home is, probably, one of the hardest decisions you’ll make for them. Once the decision is made, you will start researching the best places for your parent to be – maybe they have a special health condition that requires a specific … Read more

What Is Palliative Care for the Elderly?

Palliative care for the elderly is a patient-oriented approach to improve the quality of life of patients with serious illnesses. It helps in relieving and preventing suffering your suffering by right assessment, early identification, and treatment of spiritual, psychosocial, and physical problems.  This Palliative care is provided with the collaboration of physicians, caregivers, nurses, and … Read more

How Often Should Nursing Homes Change Diapers

A few factors should be taken into account when determining how often to change an adult diaper in a nursing home. The primary factor is the health status and lifestyle of the individual wearing them. A healthy, active person does not need to change their diaper frequently, as they will usually be able to go to … Read more