Viral Infections – Do They Cause Inflammation?

Do viral infections cause inflammation

What Are Viral Infections? We all get sick from time to time. But what is it that makes us sick? There are two types of common infections, bacterial and viral. A viral infection is a rapid reproduction of a harmful virus inside our bodies. Viruses infect a person by forcing their genetic materials into our … Read more

What are the causes and treatments for interstitial cystitis?

inflammation of the bladder

Inflammation of the bladder occurs when the tissues and muscles surrounding the bladder organ become inflamed and/or stiffen. This can result in severe pain that may or may not be relived with urination. There are several different conditions that will cause inflammation of the bladder, such as bladder cancer or a urinary tract infection, but … Read more

10 Foods That Prevent Inflammation

10 Foods That Prevent Inflammation

There are many causes of inflammation. There are certainly ways that you can make it worse by eating foods that are high in saturated fat and sugar. Are there foods that you can eat to prevent and help inflammation as well? The good news is that there are and here are 10 of them to get you … Read more