7 Best Smartphones for Seniors

Best Smartphones for Seniors

Looking to buy smartphones for someone above 65? Browse our list of the seven best smartphones for seniors. Our top three choices are summarized below Smartphones are now a necessity. People of all ages are using smartphones, whether kids or seniors. Most seniors are switching to using smartphones over regular phones as they see several … Read more

6 Best Tablets For Seniors in 2022

Best Tablets For Seniors

Looking for the best tablets for seniors? We have collected the top 6 together in this article for you. No time? Check out our top 3 recommendations in the table below. Technology has brought people closer, and tablets with large screens and video calling facilities have reduced the gap even more. Tablet is not just … Read more

Best Citrus Juicer for the Quick Vitamin C Kick

Best Citrus Juicer

I present to you my list of the best citrus juicers for the quick vitamin C kick when you need it the most! Go through my top 3 choices below. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for our body. Our body needs it to form muscles and collagen in bones. It also helps our body … Read more

Drug Schedules – A Brief Guide For Caregivers

Drug Schedules - A Brief Guide For Caregivers

It is not enough to know the right drugs for a problem- understanding drug schedules and rigid adherence are critical in patient care. Learn more about what to do as a caregiver. As we grow old, we get more vulnerable to diseases and conditions. Drugs or medicines are an essential part of one’s life if … Read more

Is It Legal to Drive With Hand Controls?

Is It Legal to Drive With Hand Controls

The short answer is yes it absolutely is legal to drive with hand controls. It is important to note, though, that it’s not as simple as just getting hand controls put in your vehicle. You will need to make sure of a few things before you can have the convenience of driving your car with … Read more

Does Medicare Pay For Hand Controls in Automobiles?

Does Medicare Pay For Hand Controls in Automobiles

Yes, Medicare does pay for hand controls in automobiles. But there is a process to it. Read on to understand how you can get hand controls in your vehicle and get Medicare to pay for it. How Do Hand Controls Help in Driving an Automobile? Do you feel as though you could still drive your … Read more

Your Complete Guide To Residential Elevators For Seniors

Your Complete Guide To Residential Elevators For Seniors

Residential elevators are a great way to reduce falls and help seniors age in place. This guide will help you understand residential elevators for seniors. Seniors will agree that aging is not fun and exciting as it brings a lot of changes in their lives. These changes are physical, emotional, and mental. It depends on … Read more