Types of Pain and How to Manage It All

Addiction to Opioids

It’s pretty safe to assume that most people are not the biggest fans of pain. However, whether it’s something we enjoy or not, it’s one of the ways your body communicates with you. Think about it like this: what if you were to put your hand on a hot stove- your hand would get severe … Read more

Finding The Right Pain Management Specialists

how to find Pain Management Specialists

Pain affects everyone differently. What causes pain for one person may not cause pain for another person. What works on pain for one person may not work on pain for another person. While many people may suffer from a painful condition such as arthritis, there are varying degrees of said conditions. Today, more than ever … Read more

Pain Management Tips for Summer Driving

pain management tips

The Woes of Summer Travelling The summer is an opportune time for extended family vacations, and overwhelming driving distances. While many fantasize longingly about their future summer travels, this can be a stressful season in terms of activating stress hormones, muscle tension, and overall pain and discomfort. Whether you are driving cross country, or reluctantly … Read more

Eradicate the Word Pain from Your Life

pain management

Is pain something you have been living with for a long time? Are you on the verge of a nervous breakdown because strong medicine seems to be the only thing keeping intense and terrible pain at bay? Keep your hopes up, because there are things beyond what modern science has proved and accepted. There are … Read more

Ginger & Chronic Pains

ginger for chronic pain

It is said that the best thing about Nature is its infinite capacity to protect and heal us. It is perhaps for this reason it is called Mother Nature. Among its many wonderful elements there are these herbs, plants and roots that have sustained man through the ages as food as well as essential medicines. … Read more