How To File A Complaint Against A Home Healthcare Agency

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If your loved ones are not getting the right care from their HHA, below is a step-by-step guide on how to file a complaint against a home healthcare agency.

A Home Healthcare Agency (HHA) should provide quality healthcare to their patients. Nearly 4.5 mn people use Home healthcare agencies in the US for assistance with daily activities of living. An HHA has trained professionals that take care of patients or older adults and people with disabilities. People use HHA’s because of the at-home convenience and personalized care, and relatively cheaper cost.


How To File A Complaint Against A Home Healthcare Agency


However, if your HHA fails to provide the right care and comfort that your loved one needs, you have the right to complain against them. You can file a complaint if the bills are improper or the care quality is not as good as you expected.  

A person has the right to file a complaint against an HHA if they feel they’re not being given the right services or if the nursing staff is inadequate.

A medical complaint can contain various reasons. Ranging from drug /medicinal errors, nursing staff complaints to hospital conditions, or care services can be anything. Here are some common and some specific reasons for which you can file a medical complaint.

15 Reasons To File A Complaint Against HHA

  1. Medication errors
  2. Unnecessary surgery
  3. Inappropriate treatment
  4. Not getting discharged from the hospital
  5. Getting discharged too soon 
  6. Bill errors
  7. Hospital conditions
  8. Sanitary complaints
  9. Doctor related problems
  10. Support staff complaint
  11. Incomplete arrangements
  12. Customer service
  13. No access to some doctors
  14. Unsafe conditions
  15. Kidney care


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How To File A Complaint Against An HHA?

What do you do if you have a complaint against the medical agency? How do you file it? What do you write? Who is the correct person to file a complaint to? This is a common question amongst many people who take HHA services.

Every medical care beneficiary has the right to file a medical complaint. We need to make sure people know about this and learn how to reach the correct contractor to take further action. We must ensure that the money we pay for these services is worth it. Here are a few steps by which you can file a complaint against the HHA:-


How To File A Complaint Against A Home Healthcare Agency


Step 1: Talk It Out!

Address the caregiver or the individual directly before you file an official complaint. If they can improve their behavior or rectify the mistake, that is better than filing a complaint. 

Step 2: Contact the Main Supervisor or the Head

Speak with the main supervisor about the breach of rules. Tell him/her the main problem or the instances that have proven to be problematic. Ask the supervisor to resolve the issue and warn the caretaker. 

Step 3: Contact the Call Center.

Contact the HHA’s call center. Tell the person online that you wish to file a complaint against a particular caretaker or for a specific reason. You need to be calm and not misbehave with these people. One must remember they’re doing their job.


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Step 4: Share Your Details.

After the line is connected, the person may ask you to share the details. Give your name, address, phone number, and the additional information needed by them. They may ask you various questions as a formality to complete the process. You must provide them with the correct information. Wrong information can prove to delay the execution of the complaint. 


How To File A Complaint Against A Home Healthcare Agency


Step 5: Share the Patients’ Details.

Patient’s details are a must as they will be further used to access the complaint. If the details shared are wrong, it may be considered fraud, and no further action will be taken. Provide the patient’s name with other detailed descriptions. They will ask for the patients’ name, disease, etc. provide the detailed description and all the paperwork for future reference. 

Step 6: Tell the Problem.

Narrate the entire incident that caused you to take the step. Name the person responsible if there is any person involved. Describe the place, time, date, and the situation or any other parties involved. It may help to investigate the case.


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Step 7: Written Complaint

It’s essential to keep a record of the complaints you file if they come in handy in the future. File a written complaint as well. Write your complaint explaining the problem and send the agency a copy of the complaint too. Keep one with you in case it is needed in the future. It is good to keep a record of things.

Once you follow all these steps, you have to wait. The agency will get back to you in a short duration of time. It can be via call or email notification. They will state whether they will handle the situation and how much time it will take to reach a solution and resolve the issue once the agency starts investigating the issue.


How To File A Complaint Against A Home Healthcare Agency


If the agency finds the allegations are true, it’s more likely to issue a refund or change the service provider. You can tell them in which way you want the problem to be sorted out. But, if the allegations turn out to be fraud, the agency might not do anything and stop the services. You need to be very sure before filing a complaint. This can turn into a legal matter too.


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Final thoughts! 

An HHA works hard to provide the best services to their patients. However, there is always a chance of improvement. Many nurses do not take their job seriously and can be rude and mean to elderly patients. It’s the agency’s responsibility to keep a check on their nurses. They should take regular updates on their behavior and the services provided by them. 

Also, many people face problems with the machines provided by the agencies. An HHA should be equipped with the latest equipment, and their devices should not be faulty. It’s essential to take care of the equipment they use as well. They should be sanitized and kept ready to use in case an emergency arises.  


How To File A Complaint Against A Home Healthcare Agency


Sanitization is also an essential factor that should be taken into consideration by the HHA’s. If the sanitary levels are not up to the mark, it can hurt the health of patients. I hope this article helped you with your problems. Stay healthy!