10 Best Elderly Care Companies

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Older adults hold a unique place in our society. It is our responsibility to look after them. I have listed the best elderly care companies that help them age with dignity.

Throughout our lives, we all yearn to live a comfortable life. We try to work hard so that our family lives by a happy and safe future. As we age, things change. Children grow up. They move out to work and start their own lives. The parents are no longer as strong and healthy as they were. 

Pew research suggests that nearly 27% of older adults live alone at home. With age, the sane homes they have been living all their lives turn unsafe and uncomfortable due to failing health and weaker limbs. Another aspect is loneliness and depression. Older adults may require special care and timely medical assistance while staying at home. 


Best Elderly Care Companies


It is the responsibility of society to provide them with a safe and secure home. Elderly Care Companies are filling this gap. These institutions are working hard to make seniors feel at home. They are providing all types of facilities that help them to cope with their life easily and joyfully. These places arrange special activities to engage them and also keep them healthy.

How to Select The Best Elderly Care Companies

Before selecting any elderly care company, it is crucial to search for it properly and then make an informed decision. 

First of all, list down the requirements. Are you looking for a home care company, or are you looking for companionship or for someone who is going through dementia or any other condition?

Once you are clear with the purpose, the next step is to look out for suitable options. Make a list and post the inquiries regarding the same. 

Through your search, you can confirm the charges. Further, if it suits you, the next step is to verify that the agency is licensed, bonded, and insured. Look for their certification and accreditation. 

The following step is to make a background check. Every state has its own rules and regulations. It is essential to go through them.

Next, you can request information on caregiver hiring and training processes. Also, ask about their care management procedures. Through this, you will understand how the company is working and providing services to its clients. 

Before choosing any company, do not forget to check with their after-hours and emergency call procedures. It is imperative. 

Here are ten of the best elderly care companies who have understood the need of the hour and are working to make their life smooth and easy.  


Best Elderly Care Companies


#1. Nurse Next Door 

Senior people require a little bit of compassion and understanding. This company works on the same principle. They are highly specialized in intensive non-medical home-like care services. 

They understand the genuine requirement and offer a good range of home care services. The workers are compassionate, reliable, and professional. 

They keep track of their medical health and emphasize their regular screening. They make an effort to get it done. 

Moreover, the company is running a Happier Aging Program to use their time and energy prospectively. Through this, they can enhance their hobbies. Now, they can fruitfully use their spare time. They have customized the program for every individual. 

Though the company is limited to few locations, they provide the best and required services to the seniors. 


Best Elderly Care Companies


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#2. Home Instead

It is specialized caregiving services for seniors going through Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Both conditions can be very challenging. Even a healthy-looking person can suffer from memory problems. It gets tough for the person and even the family members. 

So, there are specialized agencies that provide exceptional caregivers. Home Instead is leading with it. The best part is that they ask their caregivers to go through a training program that shares insights. They provide systemized and specialized training. 

Through such training, the caregiver develops a person-focused approach. They help them to stay active and change the care system as the disease progresses with time. 

Home Instead is one of the notable caregiving companies that help seniors, and their families accept and successfully meet the challenges they face. 


Best Elderly Care Companies


#3. Seniors Helping Seniors

Every person has a reason to look out for the care services. Some feel it is required for day-to-day essentials, including cooking, etc. Some are yearning for friends and company. They may be lonely in their place. 

Seniors Helping Seniors focuses on home care services as well as providing companionship. They work with an approach to care. Here they help seniors to embrace their aging process. 

The compassionate caregivers are open to services, including home maintenance, lawn care, and pet sitting. Also, they work beyond the basic physical needs of the client. They also help them to maintain a social circle and help them with a particular lifestyle. This association is praised for the resources and care they are providing to seniors. 


Best Elderly Care Companies


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#4. Homewell Senior Care

Homewell Senior Care is an exceptional caregiving service that offers live-in and 24 hours care to their clients. The best part is they customize the services as it suits the family and the senior. They follow a flexible approach. 

Some people need help during the day and nighttime. For them, the agency has fully trained live-in caregivers. Not only this, they keep a regular check and monitor their client’s health. 

Moreover, the agency offers economical packages. The company has different packages for different people. The big thing is they offer couples care at the exact cost as an individual. I applaud their initiative. 

#5. Senior Helpers

As the name suggests, the company is fully dedicated to providing care to seniors. Many times the seniors feel that they need special care. This can be regarded as they are getting old. It can be temporary. Maybe they are recovering from a disease or an injury.

Senior Helpers have a dedicated team of personal caregivers who are specialized and trained for such situations. They have care programs designed as per the requirement. It can be temporary as well as permanent support. 

The company works with a compassionate approach to help the seniors for a better and comfortable time. I highly recommend them.


Best Elderly Care Companies


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#6. Touching Hearts at Home 

As we know, every person is different, and they have special requirements. There are many elderly who may not require full-time home care services. They may be well adjusted with their families but need caregiving services for some occasions, including family functions or regular check-ups.

Touching Hearts at Home understands such requirements and offers various ranges of services as per the client’s requirement. They even have a ‘House Monitoring Service’ that checks in with the seniors and keeps track of their well-being. They also inform their family members from time to time. 

That is not all. They are also compassionate professionals who help the seniors in-home care and even supervise the maintenance as and when required. 

#7. Caring Senior Service 

Over time, the caregiving services have also changed. Though the traditional agencies offer specific services, the Caring Senior Service has uses technology to keep seniors safe at their own homes.

They have special Tendio software that gives them ease to monitor their clients who live in remote places. It is available for their clients and families. Through this, the family members can take care of caregiving plans. Also, they can discuss various matters of concern without any hassle. This software keeps everyone well connected through chats and video calling. So, if you are looking for well-informed caregiving services, then you may opt for this one.


Best Elderly Care Companies


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#8. Home Care Assistance 

Few health conditions require special assistance. COPD, Parkison’s, Alzheimer’s are some such issues that increase as a person ages. Such elders are needed to deal with love and patience.   

Honestly, not many elderly care companies offer services to such clients. Home Care Assistance is a specialized care service. They work for those who are going through such a difficult phase. They provide their caregivers with unique proprietary training plans. 

The caregivers provide all personal services and companionship to their clients. They take special care. They understand their requirements and help them to heal. This is a commendable initiative, and l highly support them.


Best Elderly Care Companies


#9. Visiting Angels 

There are many situations in life when you experience injuries or are hospitalized for specific reasons. It gets challenging with an aging person. You need to care for them even after hospitalization to bring them back to every day and healthy life. 

Here comes the Visiting Angels. They are tailored-made pre and after-hospitalization services and help their patients to recover. Here the caregiver understands the needs and requirements of their patients and treats them accordingly. They even educate them about their condition and help them to recover.  

Moreover, the caregiver is well aware of the medical condition of the patient. They monitor it well. They take care of their food as well as help them to exercise. The family members are also well-informed about the health condition and their progress. 

So, if you have any such foreseen situation in your family, you may opt for this agency, and they will not let you down.


Best Elderly Care Companies


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#10. Comfort Keepers

Elderly people require many services, but transportation is one of the most important and major problems they face. It is hard for them to drive, and in this way, they are dependent on others. They cannot even go for their regular medical check-ups and or grocery stores for their basic needs. 

To solve their problem, Comfort Keepers comes to their service. They provide them with transportation services. Also, they are in partnership with ridesharing service Lyft. 

They are available online and on-call as many seniors are not very comfortable with the online portals, so the caregivers are available on the phone or in person. They take care of all the schedules, billings, and other processes. 


Best Elderly Care Companies



We indeed owe our lives to our elders. It is our responsibility to take the best care. We should not hitch if we require specialized caregiving services. The sole purpose is to help our elders age through a comfortable process. They should be safe and happy in their aging years. 

I hope the listed elderly care companies can help you to take care of your elders in the best possible way. There are different companies and agencies for different purposes. You can choose well between them and opt for the one that suits you the best. For fun trivia, learn here the Best Country For Elderly Care.

We need to understand their needs and fulfill them. They have done a lot for us in their lives. Now, it is our turn to help them. The last and most important tip, always check before you hire someone for your loved one. Take recommendations from friends and family who have used their services, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and raise doubts when you employ their services.