Foods You Would Not Have Thought to Reduce Inflammation

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The human body is a perfect mechanism and all the systems that sustain the human life are in perfect harmony with each other.

What you do now can affect every single one of your body parts and every single one of your body parts can have a certain effect on the other systems.

It is a perfect circle that closes down only when you manage to find the perfect balance between the things you do and your body.

In this order of things, the old saying that goes “You are what you eat” is closer to the truth than ever.

You truly are what you eat and every single piece of food you put in your body can affect your entire health (both in a positive way and in a negative one as well).

If you want to learn more about the way in which proper nutrition can help you with certain medical conditions you may suffer from, then read on.

Inflammation vs. Food – Eat Right, Feel Right

Inflammation can affect every part of the human body, starting with the bones and joints and going up to the nervous system and to the pancreas.

Regardless of the area in which your inflammatory disease may be active, the food you ingest will affect it at a certain level.

Thus, make sure to eat foods that are truly good for you such as those that are to be described here below.

1- Good oils

The old myth says that in order to eat healthy, you should be avoiding oil at all costs. However, this is not entirely true and while you should avoid oils containing polysaturated fats.

However, oils based on monosaturated fats are actually healthy for you (and one very good example is olive oil).

2- Nuts

Avoiding all sorts of packaged snacks is always a good idea. More than often, they contain a lot of salt, a lot of preservatives and a lot of polysaturated fats you don’t need in your body.

Still, you can replace these snacks with a good and health handful of nuts (any kind of nuts will do, but Macadamia ones tend to be quite appreciated nowadays).

3- Chocolate

Now, this may sound like a surprise for you, but the delicious chocolate can actually be very healthy (if you consume it in a balanced way, of course).

Chocolate that is rich in cocoa, as well as other types of deserts containing cocoa and/or nuts can actually help you with inflammation.

4- Red meat

This is something you may have heard of before, but red meat is the best and healthiest type of meat out there.

White meat can work quite OK as well, but the red one is actually extremely rich in proteins and it can help you reduce inflammation and swollen joints. Fish such as tuna and salmon are highly recommended.

Foods You Would Not Have Thought to Reduce Inflammation

5- Garlic

The delicious ingredient we like to add in our food can be absolutely amazing with reducing joint inflammation as well.

Since it is something that will make your dishes tastier and since it is extremely healthy from a lot of points of view (including the fact that it can help reduce the triglyceride levels in blood and the fact that it can help you with your immune system), there is no reason not to use it.

6- Green herbs

These are also extremely delicious spices you can add to your dishes and they will give it a special taste.

Turmeric, basil, oregano and parsley are among the most commonly used and healthiest herbs out there that will help you with joint inflammation as well.

7- Red wine

OK, this may sound like a surprise to many, but red wine is extremely healthy. Same as chocolate though, it has to be consumed with measure if you want to reap its benefits and not its not-so-beneficial effects as well.

In addition to being an excellent anti-inflammatory beverage, wine is also considered to be a great tool in preventing cancer.

There are many, many other types of food out there that will definitely reduce the inflammation causing you pain.

An anti-inflammatory diet can be a great way of living a healthier life and it can help with all sorts of inflammations that may appear throughout the body (some of which can be actually very dangerous and they can trigger the development of the Alzheimer’s disease or the development of certain types of cancer that are out there).

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