The 3 Main Supplements For Diabetes Type 1

The 3 Main Supplements For Diabetes Type 1

People with Type 1 diabetes are often confused about which supplementsto take. Let’s look at some clinically verified supplements for Diabetes Type 1. To cut down the daily doses of insulin treatment, many patients with type 1 diabetes often resort to supplements. The use of dietary supplements like multivitamins, minerals, or natural herbs among diabetes … Read more

Six Important Folic Acid Benefits For the Elderly

Six Important Folic Acid Benefits For the Elderly

Folic Acid is one of the most important nutrients for aging minds. Let us talk about folic acid benefits for the elderly, and what you need to know about its risks as well. As we age, our body loses some of its essential nutrients. This can lead to deficiencies that can cause health problems. One … Read more

Eating Disorder Facts for Teens

In popular culture and mass media, “beautiful” is synonymous with being thin. It is no wonder that eating disorders are common among teens – an age group that is very image-conscious and vulnerable at the same time. There is nothing wrong with being healthy. As a nation, on the one hand, we are fighting an … Read more

7 Best Swimsuits For Older Women

Best Swimsuits For Older Women

Let me take you through my list of the seven best swimsuits for older women my age, which I have personally tried and tested. Swimming is my favorite pastime, and it has been for more than three decades now. It is an activity that allows me to escape from my hectic and monotonous schedule. I … Read more

Is Coffee High In Potassium?

Most people’s morning is incomplete without their daily cuppa coffee. However, is coffee high in Potassium, and therefore should you rethink the number of coffee cups you are drinking? Let us find out. Coffee is the most common drink worldwide. Many people drink a couple of cups of coffee every day to keep active and … Read more

What Is An Antioxidant Drink?

What Is An Antioxidant Drink

Antioxidants are all the buzz word in nutritional expert speeches and blogs these days. But what is an antioxidant drink, how do you make it, and what benefit does it give you? Let’s answer all your queries today! Antioxidants are a trendy issue in the world of health and wellness, yet many people are unaware … Read more

Shocking Senior Nutrition Statistics: 7.3mn American Seniors Go Hungry!

Senior Nutrition Statistics

Older adults often go hungry due to a combination of disease, apathy, immobility, and lack of income. Let’s understand Senior Nutrition Statistics to get the full grasp of this problem Did you know that around 7.3 million seniors are food insecure[1]? These are primarily people who live in southwestern states or have some disability and … Read more

Benefits Of Magnesium As We Age

Benefits Of Magnesium As We Age

You may not hear a lot of health experts talk about it, but the benefits of Magnesium as we age are countless. Let’s understand some of them in the article below The majority of Americans take a diet with a low intake of Magnesium. The National Institutes of Health warns that magnesium deficiency is more … Read more