Book Review – Pain: A Political History

While managing pain is thought to be a very medical term, pain management also has political undertones. Public policy around medication and healthcare determines access to and the effective delivery of pain management. With the opioid crisis widespread in North America, we are now in what some have called the “prescription drug abuse” era and … Read more

Chronic Pain, Loneliness, Depression and Suicide

Young woman with back pain

Chronic pain and depression can go hand in hand. But it is a silent epidemic that many do not know about. In my journey of managing my mental health with chronic pain, I discovered a lot about myself and the medical system. This is a personal account of how I am managing depression and chronic … Read more

Can You Get Disability For Borderline Personality Disorder?

Can You Get Disability For Borderline Personality Disorder

BPD is a form of mental illness that can hamper your quality of life. But can you get disability for borderline personality disorder, if it is affecting your ability to have a normal work and personal life? Let us find out in the article below. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental illness that affects … Read more

How to Retire on a $200,0000 Inheritance

When it comes to retiring, it can be very difficult to determine exactly how much money you’re going to need.  Retiring means that your working days are done – which is really nice and you can now enjoy your life with travel, visiting family and friends, and just filling your days with whatever it is … Read more