Best Cognitive Activities for Elderly with Dementia

Games to Play with Elderly People

Key Takeaways Introduction As we delve into the topic of the best cognitive activities for the elderly with dementia, it is crucial to understand the significance of engaging in such activities. Research studies, including those conducted by the Alzheimer’s Association and the Journal of Aging and Mental Health, have shown that cognitive activities play a … Read more

Why Do Elderly Stop Talking: Understanding the Causes and Solutions

Emotional Elderly Parent

As people age, they may experience a decline in their ability to communicate effectively. One common issue that elderly individuals face is a decrease in their desire or ability to talk. This can be a frustrating and concerning experience for both the individual and their loved ones. There are several reasons why elderly individuals may … Read more

40 Positive Alzheimers Quotes

Positive Alzheimers Quotes

When you are fighting a disease like alzheimers, it is hard not to lose your calm and patience. Here are some positive alzheimers quotes thath help you look at the bright side and always stay positive. They will keep you strong for those around you. It isn’t easy to stay positive when the times are … Read more

40 Inspirational Uplifting Dementia Quotes

Inspirational Uplifting Dementia Quotes

Dementia can be a debilitating experience for not just those who are affected, but those who are supporting them. Inspirational uplifting dementia quotes can help you gain a different perspective on life. Do go through the list below. The number of dementia patients is increasing drastically in the US. Currently there are almost 5.8 million … Read more

Book Review – Pain: A Political History

While managing pain is thought to be a very medical term, pain management also has political undertones. Public policy around medication and healthcare determines access to and the effective delivery of pain management. With the opioid crisis widespread in North America, we are now in what some have called the “prescription drug abuse” era and … Read more

20 Inspirational Poems For The Elderly

20 Inspirational Poems For The Elderly

Poems and songs can help bring cheer in the most difficult of situations. Here are 20 inspirational poems for the elderly to read and enjoy It is important to remember that our lives still have a purpose as we age. Even as the world seems to be moving faster and faster around us, it is … Read more

504 Accommodation For Depression

504 Accommodations For Depression

If your child is exhibiting sadness, anger or frustration for a long time, they might have depression. 504 Accommodation For Depression helps such students to lead a normal life and participate in school activities and academics. Let’s learn more about it here. It’s normal for children to get angry or sad sometimes. But when that … Read more

Youth and LGBTQIA+ Issues

A Gay Couple

One of the most important aspects of a young person’s identity that they have to navigate is their sexual orientation and gender. As society becomes increasingly accepting of the diversity within it, youth are exposed to different sexual orientations and genders at an early age. A critical development task for children maturing into teens and … Read more