C Section Scar Revision Covered By Insurance

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When you’re getting ready to deliver your baby you may not have planned to have a caesarean performed, but it may have been determined necessary to safely delivery your baby. 

C Section Scar Revision Covered by Insurance

Now, though, you have a scar because the incision didn’t heal well or there were a few complications. Even though it means your baby was delivered safely, it doesn’t mean you want to have the scar visible when you wear a bikini or having intimate moments with your partner. 

There are a couple procedures that can be done to help get rid of the scar or help reduce how visible it is. 

The procedure, though, can be a little expensive to have done so it may not be in the budget for everyone. Now for those who have insurance – either state/government backed or private benefits through your employer – you may be able to get some or all of the expenses covered to have this procedure done. 

So How Do You Get A C-section Scar Revision Covered By Insurance?

For the most part C-section scars they are just unsightly but don’t actually cause a person any pain or discomfort. 

There are some cases, though, where the scar healed with an abnormal amount of scar tissue around the incision or there have been keloids formed – which can cause discomfort. 

For the most part, this type of surgery is classified as a cosmetic procedure so most insurance companies and policies will not cover it. If your doctor determines the scar needs a revision you may be able to talk to your insurance company to get an exception to have the surgery covered. 


Getting The Procedure Covered With Medicare

As with private insurance benefits, Medicare will likely want to know that the surgery needs to be done because it’s medically necessary. 

If you want the surgery because the scar just doesn’t look nice, and it’s basically for cosmetic reasons, then they may not be willing to cover it. You may have to see a specific doctor or have your doctor fill out forms for Medicare in order to qualify, too. 

If you are on Medicare and want to have this type of surgery to revise your C-section scar then you will need to talk to them to see what kind of coverage you have and what you need to do in order to qualify. 

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What Causes A C-section Scar To Heal Improperly? 

Sometimes, during the delivery a baby, a C-section is performed in an emergency because it is needed to get the baby out safely. 

Surgeons preparing patient for C section

When this happens, and it’s not planned, the doctor may be rushed and the incision may not be done as properly as it would have been if it had been planned. 

While this doesn’t make it any better for you, living with the scar, there is good news in that the scar can be revised once everything has healed properly. 

The improper healing may cause the scar to be bumpy, or have a bump of skin form around the scar from additional scar tissue being in the area. 

Further, there may be keloids form around the scar. 

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What Are Keloids?

These can form when the skin in a certain area is damaged from an incision or a piercing or cut or even a really bad burn. There is thick tissue that grows up and out from around the area that is healing – which creates a bump in the skin. This can also make the scar much bigger than the initial incision actually was. 

For C-section scars, this can make it show through tighter fitting clothes or make it uncomfortable to wear certain items of clothing. 

When there is a wound to the body, the body will produce collagen to help heal the wound. However, when too much collagen is produced, it can lead to keloid growth. 

Can A C-section Scar Really Be Removed?

You may be thinking that once you have your scar there really isn’t anything you can do to remove it or change it. Thankfully, though, that is not true. 

There is surgical scar revision that was specifically developed and designed to minimize or completely hide a scar so that it just blends into a person’s natural skin tone and its texture. 

There are some post-surgical products – like creams – that really help with the healing of the surgery and to really help minimize the scar. 

Does The Surgery Work If Someone Has Had Multiple C-sections?

If you have had more than one child, you may have multiple C-section scars – especially if there was an unplanned one where it was an emergent situation. 

This revision surgery can work for people with multiple C-section scars, and it will take those scars and turn it into one single, minimal scar that will blend right into your very own skin tone and texture.

It may even end up being flat against your skin so you will be able to wear form fitting clothing without it being noticeable. 

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Is Scar Revision Major Surgery?

This depends on the complexity of the scar and if any keloids need to be removed. 

Surgeons performing tummy tuck surgery

For the majority of cases, the surgery is considered day surgery and people will be going home the same day. For some people, they may need to stay overnight to make sure everything is ok before being sent home but that’s a few cases out of all the ones completed. 

Is A Tummy Tuck The Same Thing As Scar Revision Surgery?

The short answer to this is no. 

For many people who have been pregnant and undergone a C-section, they may have some loose skin around their tummy or lower abdominal area. 

When they go to see a doctor about a scar revision, the doctor may also recommend a tummy tuck at the same time – since they are already having surgery. 

If someone is living with pain or discomfort from their C-section scar, they may qualify for scar revision surgery with their insurance company. However, the tummy tuck part of the surgery would be consider cosmetic – and not necessary – so that part may need to be paid for out of the patient’s pocket. 

It does make sense to do the two procedures at the same time because who wants to have two surgeries if you can just do it all at once? However, plastic surgery can become very expensive very quickly

Further, if there isn’t any insurance coverage to help pay for the tummy tuck part of it then you may be going into debt to cover the medical bills or be paying them off for years to come. 

If you want to have the tummy tuck done at the same time, consult your doctor and ask what kind of price tag is attached to it. See if you are able to afford it or maybe have to save up for a little while to have it all done at the same time,.

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Side Effects Of Having A Scar Revision Or Removal Surgery 

This procedure can cause some mild to moderate discomfort for those who go through it, however the revision surgery is reported to be far less painful than having a tummy tuck done

woman puts ointment on a scar

The discomfort usually lasts for a few days after the procedure and it can be easily managed with regular pain medications. In some cases, the pain is so mild that some people do not even need pain medication to manage

This procedure is usually just a day surgery, and people are going home the same day so they can sleep in their own bed and be in the comfort of their own home. 

The full recovery from this procedure is usually between 7 and 10 days, whereas recovery from a tummy tuck is a 2 week minimum

There is very little downtime when having a scar removed, and it’s a fairly pain-free procedure when compared to other medical procedures – like a tummy tuck. 

Take Your Time Before Making A Decision

While you may know for sure that you want your C-section scar revised or removed completely, but you want to make sure you pick the right surgeon and surgical team. 

If you don’t pick an experienced surgeon, especially in this area, you may end up with a result you are not happy with and your scar could end up looking worse. 

For this reason, it’s advised that you do a lot of research to make sure you find the right surgeon for you. You will want to find a doctor you are comfortable with, who answers your questions and makes you feel at ease with them, not like they don’t have time for you. 

This is your body and you have the right to make sure you are comfortable with what’s going on. You are the one who is going to have to live with the outcome of this for a long time to come. 

If you don’t feel totally comfortable, don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion on that surgeon’s recommendation. Take the time you need to think about it before booking, and make sure this is exactly what you want to do.