Best Time To Take Probiotics Before Bed

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Probiotics have immense health benefits. Let’s discuss the best time to take probiotics before bed.

Probiotics consist of live microorganisms that are beneficial for your health which you find in pills. They are also available in some foods that will surely improve your health if you take them daily.

Your body has both beneficial as well as harmful bacteria. But whenever you suffer from disease or severe illness, stress, and radiation, there is an imbalance between good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria lessen in number. 


Best Time To Take Probiotics Before Bed
Probiotics. Good bacteria and microorganisms for human health. Microscopic probiotics, good bacterial flora. Vector


So, your immunity power decreases, and you feel weak. Probiotics consist of only good bacteria and yeast. So, taking probiotics at that time can help in balancing the good and bad bacteria. It boosts your immunity, and you feel better. Even these probiotics will help your body in flushing out extra harmful bacteria.

Well, time is an essential factor in taking probiotics. The best time to take probiotics is before going to bed. Let’s learn more about probiotics in detail.


Role Of Stomach In Processing Probiotics

Your stomach plays a vital role in the existence of bacteria while taking probiotics. It is so because whatever food you eat goes to the stomach. The stomach secretes an acid that helps your food to digest. It breaks the carbohydrates and proteins in your food and kills all the germs which have entered your body.

The stomach is usually acidic when it is empty, i.e., without food. At that time, the gastric ph Value is below 7. So, whenever you take probiotics on an empty stomach, most of the beneficial bacteria cannot survive in the stomach’s acidic environment and dies. So, you will not get much benefit from probiotics.


Best Time To Take Probiotics Before Bed

Simultaneously when you take heavy food and have your probiotics, it is also dangerous for the beneficial bacteria in probiotics. It is because, at that time, your stomach produces various digestive enzymes and acids. Again the food sits in your stomach for a longer time and delays indigestion.

So the good bacteria in probiotics get a delay in reaching the intestine. They have to exist in an acidic environment for a more extended time, killing most beneficial bacteria. So, it is pretty challenging to state the exact time for taking probiotics.


Best Time To Take Probiotics Before Bed

You indeed get probiotics from food like cheese and curd. But it’s always possible for you to add food that is rich in probiotics to your meal. The reasons can be many, like traveling or out of your home and various others. So, it’s best to have probiotic pills to boost your health.

As stated above, deciding the right time for taking probiotics is quite challenging. 

But if you take supplements at the right time, you can make the best use of beneficial bacteria. Well, the reason for taking your probiotic supplements decides the best time. If you have a digestive problem, you need to take your probiotics during the meal or just before a meal. The fat in the food helps in surviving the healthy bacteria in the acid environment of the stomach.

Some researchers say that Probiotics are highly beneficial to your health if you take them before going to bed, But you should not take heavy food while taking probiotics supplements. You can have some healthy snacks or a light dinner. Try to include some fats in your diet, which aids in existing the beneficial bacteria in your body.



Best Time To Take Probiotics Before Bed
Probiotics. gut flora: Good (Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium longum, Streptococcus thermophilus) and Bad (Streptococcus, Salmonella typhi, Helicobacter pylori) bacteria.


Why Should You Take Probiotics Before Going To Bed?

Many people have insomnia or don’t have a sound sleep during the night. The research shows that if those people take probiotics just before bed, they don’t have trouble sleeping at night. Natren says that there is a link between our gut and liver, and calming the liver aids in sleeping.

Some people take probiotics to improve the health of their mouth. The beneficial bacteria in probiotics flush all the harmful bacteria in the mouth and sinus cavity. So the best time for those people to take probiotics is just before bed.

Again you don’t wake at night just for pooping. So doctors say that if you take probiotics at night, there is a high chance that beneficial bacteria will remain active for a longer period and this will give them more time to improve your health.

Lastly, probiotics do take a bit of time to get working, so it’s best to provide them the whole night so that they can do their work effectively.


Best Time To Take Probiotics Before Bed


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Health Benefits Of Probiotics

  • Bacteria like lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium help in relieving depression and anxiety.
  • Probiotics help in treating various skin problems like eczema and acne
  • Chronic stomach pain and diverticulitis symptoms can be reduced with the help of probiotics
  • It helps in reducing the common cold
  • It lowers the blood cholesterol level.
  • Probiotics can be helpful for vaginal health and bloating
  • It helps in weight loss. You can shed unwanted fat from your body by taking probiotics regularly.
  • Probiotics dramatically help in improving the health of your intestine. Thus, it aids in digestion.
  • Probiotics have been known to be helpful in autoimmune disease


How Often Should You Take Probiotics?

Probiotics consist of various microorganisms which are invisible to our naked eye. These microorganisms are pretty good for our bodies. But unfortunately, after taking probiotics, these microorganisms don’t stay for a longer time in your body. Some microbes may die in your gut, while you may poop some bacteria. So, you need to take them daily to have a healthy lifestyle.

Time plays a vital role in taking probiotics. You should take it before bed to improve your digestive system.


Best Time To Take Probiotics Before Bed


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Probiotics From food

Some foods are rich in probiotics. Let’s list them out.

  • Curd
  • Buttermilk
  • Miso soup
  • Cottage cheese
  • Fermented pickles
  • Kimchi

It’s good to add probiotics to your diet daily. But don’t add too much otherwise, it may harm your body.


Frequently Answered Questions(FAQ)

#1. How Can You Take Your Prebiotic Supplement?

You can take your prebiotic supplement in numerous ways like pills, powder, or liquid form. But I will suggest you combine prebiotic supplements with prebiotics. Prebiotics contain carbohydrates that will feed good bacteria and other microbes. As a result, the good bacteria can remain alive for a longer time and have a better impact on your body. Whenever a prebiotic supplement combines with prebiotics, then that supplement is referred to as symbiotic.

#2. How To Store A Probiotic Supplement?

A probiotic supplement should always be away from heat and light. The microorganisms in probiotics can die, or they may break down when exposed to excess heat. I think the best place for storing prebiotics is in the refrigerator. The bacteria and yeast will be away from heat. So they are capable of working in your body successfully. Even you can get the full benefit from the probiotic supplements.

But please read the instructions before storing the probiotic supplements in the refrigerator. It is because some probiotic supplements may not require keeping a cool temperature. So read the label of the company thoroughly.

Again, use the probiotic supplements before the expiry date. Otherwise, it will harm your health.

#3. Are Probiotics Safe?

Probiotics contain healthy bacteria and yeast. So, they are safe. But in some people, probiotic supplements can cause allergic reactions, and the person may suffer from diarrhea, bloating, and indigestion for some days. 

But please don’t take probiotic supplements without asking your doctor, especially pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, or the person who has a very weak immune system because of major surgery or chemotherapy. You might be taking other medicines. So taking prebiotics along with other drugs may harm your health.


Best Time To Take Probiotics Before Bed


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#4. Can I Give Probiotics To My Child?

Yes, you can give probiotics to your kids. Probiotics help in relieving constipation, gas, and eczema problems in kids.

You can also give food that is rich in probiotics like curd and cheese to their daily diet. They will add good bacteria to the body of your child. As a result, your kid will be fit both physically and mentally.

There are some child-specific probiotic supplements also available on the market. But please consult your pediatrician before giving probiotics supplements to your kid. Probiotics can be really good for autistic children too.

#5. What Are The Common Microorganisms That Are Found In Probiotics?

Probiotics consist of numerous bacteria and yeast. But two bacteria are almost found in a majority of probiotics. They are lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

The most common yeast found in probiotics is saccharomyces boulardii. It is quite a good yeast and beneficial for your body.

#6. Where Do The Beneficial Microorganisms Stay in Your Body?

The beneficial microorganisms stay on various body locations like the gut, urinary tract, skin, lungs, and mouth.


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Wrap Up

Probiotics are really good for your body. But you need to take them consistently and at the best time of the day to get many benefits from various microorganisms present in them. It is good to eat probiotic-rich food. But sometimes, try to take probiotic supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But please consult any doctor before you take any probiotic supplement.

The best time to take probiotics depends on your health issues. The majority of researchers say that if you take probiotics before going to bed, you can get most of the benefits from the beneficial microorganisms.

Please do share your comments for this article. I would love to read your suggestions.