How To Naturally Boost Your Immunity With Age?

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Several readers ask us, “how to you naturally boost your immunity with age?” We have given you some answers in the article below.

There are many such foods and supplements available in the market which are very beneficial to boost older adults’ immunity. Despite this, we should know about some methods which are naturally helpful to increase your immunity. 

As you become old, your immune system becomes less adept at responding to harmful infections as it becomes weaker. You need a strong immune system because it’s a crucial component of good health. 

How To Naturally Boost Your Immunity With Age

But many people are wary of over-medication and side effects of supplements, and that is why we often hear the question: ‘How to naturally boost your immunity with age.’

Below, we will share some healthy and natural tips that will help you fight off illnesses and infections. 

How To Naturally Boost Your Immunity With Age?

Wash Your Hands Properly

As we get older, the immune system in the body gets weaker, so you should take care of yourself at every step. So first of all, let’s talk about the number one way related to washing hands. 

When you go out somewhere or meet new people, it is obvious that you will shake hands or hug them. When you do that, there is a chance that germs may get transferred to your hands. It is a good habit to wash your hands as frequently as possible.

The CDC recommends everyone wash their hands. That is why whenever you come home from outside or even if you do not go out, wash your hands with soap for 20 or 24 seconds. 

It will prevent you from disease-causing germs, which will be beneficial for improving your immune system. So wash your hands thoroughly and get a healthier lifestyle.

When to wash hands?

  • After you finish with cooking (before, during as well).
  • After you go to the washroom and toilet.
  • Even if you have gone to a hospital for your work or have seen someone, come home and wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Before you eat at home/restaurant/hotel. 
  • After and before you care for someone who is ill.
  • After you blow your nose, sneeze or cough.

Drink Water to Avoid Dehydration 

When you drink more water, it proves helpful in absorbing nutrients and minerals in your body and flushing out your body’s waste. People who are older and do not drink water are susceptible to dehydration. That is why drinking seven or eight glasses of water daily to avoid dehydration is very important for older adults. 

Good hydration is very important for a strong immune system. Here are some additional tips for all adult orders, so try to incorporate them. They are as follows-

  • Drink a glass of water after and before a meal, and drink water with it if you eat snacks in between.
  • Keep a water bottle with you forever and drink it whenever you feel a little tired and thirsty.
  • Mix water with soup, fat-free milk, tea (caffeine-free), and coffee.
How To Naturally Boost Your Immunity With Age

Flu Vaccination: A Must Do!

Flu vaccination is responsible for lowering the risk of the infection by 45 to 60 percent in adults. The flu vaccine stimulates one’s immune system to develop antibodies responsible for protecting against infections in your body. 

Fluad and Fluzone are the two vaccines available for older adults (65 and older). These flu vaccinations take up to 2 weeks to be effective and provide a stronger immune system than a ‘standard-dose flu shot.’ Note that the flu virus keeps changing every year. That is why taking vaccination every year becomes very important for you. 

Get the flu shot after consulting your doctor and follow some tips for boosting your immune system. So if you are an older adult, you must get a flu vaccination to avoid the risk of flu-related complications.

Don’t Stress Yourself Out.

When it comes to improving the immune system, keeping yourself calm and relaxed can be very important. Old age comes with many challenges, such as taking care of your health, your finances, and your family living without a regular paycheque in hand. These problems can be very stressful.

However, when you over-stress, there are changes in the body that can cause your heart and mind to become weaker. That is why do not take too much stress and pay more attention to those activities which give you happiness and relax your mind. You can exercise or meditate for positive effects on your body and mind. 

According to the American Institute of Stress, “When you take too much stress, it impacts your immune system. Your immune system’s capacity to fight infections and inflammation is also reduced.” 

You can consult a mental health professional if it affects your day-to-day life. There are various methods available to reduce stress in today’s model era. So try to use them and reduce or remove your anxiety and tension.

How To Naturally Boost Your Immunity With Age

Relax and Spend Time Outdoors

Vitamin D is responsible for speeding up the immune system, so a lack of vitamin D in your body weakens your immune system. The only natural way for your body to produce Vitamin D is to go out in the sun as often as possible. That is why it is important for older people to go out and do activities that relax your mind, obviously when the sun isn’t too strong. 

How much sun exposure do I need? 

Vitamin D production depends on your skin tone. Some people need 15 minutes, and some need more than one hour. To fulfill the deficiency of Vitamin D in your body, you have to get exposed to the sun every day. 

While there are OTC supplements and drugs that can boost your Vitamin D levels, the only natural way to do so is to soak in as much sun as you can.


If you are leading a lazy or sedentary lifestyle, it will affect your body’s ability to fight diseases. A sedentary lifestyle means that you have a low immune system. 

For a healthy and strong immune system, you should do a moderate workout for at least 150 hours a week or a high-intensity workout for 75 hours a week.

We can understand your problem because as you get older, you have a fear of falling or getting hurt while doing exercise. That’s why you might not want to do it, but thankfully, there is a solution to every problem. 

You can consult with a specialist and figure out things like water aerobics, yoga, and Tai Chi, which are less strenuous, do not involve as much movement, and are still beneficial to the body.

You can include some of the exercises that will help you boost your immune system naturally.

  • Pilates
  • Walking
  • Water Aerobics
  • Chair Yoga
  • Resistance Band Workouts
  • Body Weight Workouts.
How To Naturally Boost Your Immunity With Age

Elderberry: Natural Immunity Booster Against The Flu

Elderberry is also famous as Elder, Black Elder, European Elderberry, European black Elderberry, and European elder. Elderberry comes from the Sambucus nigra. It is cultivated globally now due to the higher demands of herbs. 

According to a recent study by the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering researchers’ group, the elderberry fruit can help one to fight against influenza. It is a natural remedy responsible for boosting your immune system. 

Elderberry has antioxidant properties, vitamins, and inflammatory properties. You can include elderberries into your natural wellness routine for good results. 

Elderberry nutrients for Health 

One cup of blueberries has – 

  • Water: 116 grams
  • Calcium: 55 grams
  • Iron: 2 grams of iron
  • Potassium: 406 grams 
  • Vitamin A: 44grams
  • Protein: 1gram 
  • Fat : 0.7 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 27grams
  • Fiber: 10 grams
  • Magnesium: 7.3 grams
  • Vitamin C: 52 grams.

The immune-boosting properties of European elderberries depend on a few different factors. The first factor is called ‘Sambucol,’ a natural remedy. 

Sambucol shows antiviral properties, which means it gives a fast response against the influenza virus’s exertion. So Sambucol and Its formulations increase the inflammatory cytokine production for activating the healthy immune system.

Some Other Important Benefits Of Elderberry.

People are turning to elderberries for the treatment of colds and the flu. It also heals kidney and bladder infections. There are some more uses of elderberries, such as

  1. It relieves allergy
  2. Heals your acne
  3. Improves your bowel function
  4. Best for UTI relief
  5. Reduces blood pressure
  6. Protects against cardiovascular disease. 
  7. Blueberries help you to tame inflammation
  8. It enables you to lessen your stress
  9. Suitable for the heart.
  10. Ease your cold and flu symptoms
How To Naturally Boost Your Immunity With Age

Wrap Up

There is no medicine in the world that can cure the flu completely, but flu vaccination can reduce the extent of your symptoms even if you catch the disease.

Apart from getting the right vaccinations, you should exercise, follow a healthy diet chart and spend time outdoors to improve your immune system. 

We have identified several natural ways to boost immunity in your old age without using medicines and supplements. These natural ways will keep you healthy and free of diseases for a long time to come!

We hope the information that we have given will prove useful to you. If you liked the ideas, please feel free to share them with others who might also be looking for medicine-free ways to boost their bodies ‘ ability to fight diseases.

If you have some questions or queries regarding the content, please feel free to drop us a comment, and we will get back to you quickly.