Best Resistance Bands for Seniors

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Exercise is essential for everyone. But as we age, regular work outs become even more important. Resistance bands are a great exercise tool.

In this article, we show you the best resistance bands for seniors. If you are in a hurry, you can look at the quick snapshot below. Or you can scroll down to the detailed reviews below.

What is Resistance Training?

Resistance training is a set of exercises that increases muscular strength. The objective is to move muscles against tension provided by devices such as dumbbells, machines, resistance bows or resistance bands.

Resistance training enhances muscle strength and improves balance and coordination. It also helps improve flexibility and increase range of motion. Resistance training is also useful for reducing arthritis pain.

The American Heart Association recommends adding moderate to high-intensity muscle-strengthening exercises to your regimen at least twice a week (apart from the 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic exercise that is more popularly known). This recommendation is equally true for seniors.

Among the various tools available for resistance training exercises, Resistance bands are easily the most accessible and easy to use for the elderly.

Here we have a Youtube video featuring resistance bands workout for beginners and seniors.

What are the resistance bands?

A resistance band is nothing but a strong band made from an elastic material that can be stretched, pulled or pushed and will return back to its original shape upon release. Resistance bands can be used to exercise almost every body part.

Some resistance bands also incorporate handles on the ends, for better grip. Resistance bands can have different resistance and elasticity, depending on your loved one’s need. In the case of seniors, it is usually best to choose one with a lower tension range to start with and then increase the range as flexibility improves.

Why should one use a resistance band?

Resistance training can be done through various means, as already discussed. Resistance bands are the best of the lot because of their versatility. They can be used for almost any strengthening exercise, be it chest presses, shoulder presses, bicep and tricep exercises. Apart from this, below are several reasons why resistance bands are perfect for use by the elderly:

Cost-effective: Resistance bands are inexpensive. Many come loaded with paraphernalia such as DVDs, exercise manuals and other exercise-related information, all at a very reasonable price.

Versatile: Resistance bands can be used by anyone, for exercising almost any body part. Plus, it is easy to buy a resistance band that is suited to your exercise intensity level.

Easy to store: They’re just bands of cloth! They are easy to fold up and store, carry around in your bag and put in a closet.

Effective workout: They are extremely effective at improving flexibility, stamina and strength.

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Are there different types of resistance bands?

Loop Bands

This is the most common and versatile kind of resistance band. It is shaped in the form of a continuous loop or a large rubber band. It can be used for pull-ups, dips, push-ups, bear crawls, squats, shoulder presses etc. People suffering from leg, knee and back injuries can also use loop bands. You can also anchor it to a pole for pull and push exercises.

Tube bands with handles

Tube bands have handles on either side and are useful for exercises similar to a gym machine and dumbbells. They are easy to anchor onto a pole. Tube bands are perfect for chest presses and shoulder presses They can easily be used for touching almost all muscle groups.

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Hip circle bands

Hip circle bands are like loop bands, but much smaller and wider. They help you to stabilize, and maintain proper posture. You can also get extra tension in the hips during lifts, hip thrusts and extension by using them.

Therapy bands

Therapy bands are free bands, in the sense that they do not have a loop – they are open at one end. They are very long as compared to other resistance bands. They are great for light therapy and calorie burn exercises.

Figure 8 bands

As the name suggests, these bands are in the shape of an 8. They have soft handles and can be used for both upper and lower body exercises. They are great for lateral movements, and pushing and pulling exercises.

In the following section, we discuss the best resistance bands available for the elderly.

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#1. TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands with Handles

The FitLife exercise resistance band set is a complete set of 5 bands for use in a singular or a conjoined manner. The bands can be stacked together for an intensity level of 10 pounds right up to 110 pounds, based upon your loved one’s needs and level of experience.

TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands with Handles

Each band is 48 inches in length, with separate, attachable soft handles and ankle straps. There are door anchors that are also part of the set. Together, they can be used for a variety of different exercise routines.

The bands are lightweight (only 1.9 pounds when shipped) and can be carried anywhere, anytime. They also come with their own carrying bag. They are made of natural latex, which is stackable, irritant-free and odorless.


  • Anti-snap tubes are made of latex which is naturally stackable
  • They have cross-stitched weaving and a larger carabiner and d buckle (6X60 inch), which helps them to support 140 pounds, more than others on the market
  • Large and soft ankle straps
  • Carrying case included
  • Highly lightweight and portable
  • Can be used for a variety of exercises
  • Versatile – you can choose the amount of tension you want, based on your need


  • Some customers complain of the wrong product being delivered to them
  • The straps are known to snap in a couple of cases

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#2. Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

The black mountain resistance band set includes bands of Yellow color that support weight up to 2-4 pounds, and blue bands supporting weight of 4-6 pounds. There is a green band and a black that weight 10-12 pounds and 15-20 pounds simultaneously. A red band helps support weight up to 25 to 30 lbs.

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

Each band is 48 inches in length and they are all stackable on each other to give a combined resistance of up to 75 pounds. A metal clipping system is available on the bands, so as to be able to attach soft-grip handles and ankle straps.

A door anchor, an exercise chart,  an ankle strap and a starter guide is also included with the set of resistance bands. There is also a convenient carrying bag available for easily storing and moving the bands. The product has a lifetime warranty.


  • Commercial grade grommets for durability
  • High strength nylon and double stitching on all seams
  • The extruded blend of synthetic and rubber
  • Each band has durable carabiner clips (that can support up to 200 pounds weight)
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • The stitching on few of the bands is known to be weak.
  • The resistance of the elastic bands could have been higher.

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#3. SPRI Xertube Resistance Bands

SPRI resistance products are created by a ‘dipped process’ rather than an ‘extruded process’, making them the most durable set of tubes, They have a handle plug, a protective sleeve and a grommet reinforcement which contributes to making these resistance bands one of the toughest.

SPRI Xertube Resistance Bands

The bands are made from a proprietary tuff tube formula which increases their durability and resilience. They have varying tube lengths to accommodate all types of weight equivalence.


  • Dipper versus extruded process improves durability.
  • Super strong and durable
  • Versatile ( different weight equivalences available in one set)


  • The band is known to have snapped off for a few customers
  • The handles are off-balanced, one side shorter than the other.

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#4. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

The Fit Simplify resistance loop bands are one of the few out there which claim to be 100% latex made and free of TPE.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

The 12 inch X 2-inch bands are extremely versatile and can be used for multiple types of exercises, stretching, strength training and even power weight programs.

The loop bands come with colour-coded weight equivalences and are comfortable for daily use. They come along with a  carry bag and a helpful instruction booklet. The bands are also available in an all-pink ensemble, with varying gradients of pink colour used to code the weights of the bands.


  • 100% latex made, comfortable and easy to use
  • Versatile can be used for many types of exercises
  • Bands are lightweight and come with a carry bag for easy portability


  • The bands tend to roll after exercise
  • They are thin in shape, making them more difficult to maneuver

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#5. Tribe 11PC Premium Resistance Bands Set

The Tribe 11 piece set comes with 5 color-coded resistance tube bands, 2 handles, 1 door anchor, 2 ankle straps, a carry bag and exercise booklet.

Tribe 11PC Premium Resistance Bands Set

The tube bands are made from 100% latex and high elasticity extra-thick silicon. This makes it difficult to snap. The bands can be used in combinations to create weight tension equivalent to 105 pounds, thus enabling the user to use as per their requirement, usage and level of experience.


  • 100% latex-based tube bands for extra strength
  • Bands can be used in conjunction with each other to produce a weight equivalence of almost 105 pounds.


  • Some customers have complained the band broke off after one or two days of exercise

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Resistance bands are one of the most versatile and easy to use medium for resistance training and improving flexibility, balance and range of motion. They are a great medium for seniors to get in their twice a week muscle-strengthening exercises. They are cheap, easy to use, easy to store and provide effective exercise for the entire body.