Best Place To Live In The US When You Have Arthritis

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Places that have a warm and dry climate are ideal for arthritic patients.  We look at the best place to live in the US when you have arthritis, and a few more options

Are you an arthritis patient? Arthritis is a global problem that affects a large number of people. Over 54 million adults in America suffer from arthritis. Patients who suffer from this condition can face difficulty performing the simplest of tasks, such as bending over to pick something or bending over to tie their shoelaces.


Best Place To Live In The US When You Have Arthritis


The body of an arthritis patient goes through severe pain in the joints such as the ankles, knees, elbows, etc. Usually, the degree of pain is so high for arthritis patients that they cannot perform their daily chores. Many people are unaware that the place you live has a massive effect on your arthritis condition. You will get to know about the best places to live in the U.S. when you have arthritis.

Relationship Between Climate And Arthritis

Arthritis patients can consistently suffer from severe pain due to swelling in joints or due to muscle stiffness. Places that have a warm and dry climate are ideal for arthritic patients.

You must avoid living in colder and humid regions as in such an environment, the tissues present inside our body tends to expand. Due to this expansion, our tissues and muscles start to exert a high degree of pressure on the nerves causing a sharp increase in the pain.

Places where the pressure inside the barometer drops are less likely for arthritic patients, whereas the areas with no effect or experience an increase in the pressure gauge of a barometer are suitable for arthritis patients.

Places that have a wet and damp climate are also likely to discourage you from going out and exercising. Lack of exercise or physical activity is a significant contributor to arthritic pain as well.

8 Of The Best Places To Live In The U.S. When You Have Arthritis

#1 Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is a great place to live when you have arthritis. You will get beautiful city parks in this state. The cost of living in Phoenix is comparatively lower than in some other states as well. This state is a popular choice for people who suffer from chronic pain such as arthritis, as Phoenix’s healthcare facilities are top-notch.


Best Place To Live In The Us When You Have Arthritis


This state has a warm and dry climate throughout the year. You will experience a less drastic change in the barometer living in Phoenix. Arthritic patients can benefit from the low humidity and warm temperature in this region. For enjoyment purposes, there are quite a few hiking options available in the city.

#2 Tucson, Arizona

Tucson’s climate is perfect for people who suffer from Arthritis as this region experiences less humidity and a warmer temperature. The barometer usually remains stable and steady in this city. Tucson is a desert city that mainly has two seasons that are summer and winter.


Best Place To Live In The Us When You Have Arthritis


In terms of healthcare, Tucson also has the University Of Arizona Medical Center(UAMC). This university is the main center of Arthritis in the state of Arizona.


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#3 Taos, New Mexico

If you are an enthusiast that likes Mexican culture and cuisine, then Taos, New Mexico, is ideal for arthritis patients. This city has a dry climate that will reduce the pain in your muscles and bones. You will experience moderately hot or warm temperatures in Taos as it also experiences less humidity.


Best Place To Live In The Us When You Have Arthritis


Taos offers a different cultural vibe that you will surely enjoy and would like to be a part of. You can even participate or enjoy the native American arts that this city has to offer. There is plenty of decent hiking and low-impact activities available in and around the city to keep you busy. Taos is also close to neighboring metropolitan cities or areas to not feel alone or isolated while living here.

#4 Albuquerque, New Mexico

This city in New Mexico has a dry climate throughout the year as this city experiences hardly any rainfall. This city remains in rain shadows. Due to this, the humidity in this region is pretty low. The culture and vibe of Albuquerque city is also a massive beneficial factor for the people that live here or for the people who are looking to move here.


Best Place To Live In The Us When You Have Arthritis


The summer heat in Albuquerque is also comparatively less than many south-western cities. Beautiful mountains also surround Albuquerque, and these mountains provide ample outdoor and fun activities such as hiking, rock climbing, trekking, and so on.


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#5 Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a very popular city in America, and it is not just known for its casinos and hotels, but it is also quite famous for the dry and warm weather this city has throughout the year. You can manage your arthritis pain significantly by moving into a town like Las Vegas. However, living in this city would be comparatively higher than the cost of living for some other cities on this list.


Best Place To Live In The Us When You Have Arthritis


There are many options for you to explore and enjoy while living in Las Vegas other than visiting the famous tourist spots and casinos. Just outside Las Vegas city, you can find some fun and exciting recreational activities that would keep you engaged and busy.

#6 Denver, Colorado

The Denver city is different from the cities given in this list as all the previous towns boast a hot, warm, and dry climate, unlike Denver. Denver is a snowy and cold city; you can still manage to reduce your arthritic pain in this city as it has pretty low humidity, which is preferable for arthritic patients.


Best Place To Live In The Us When You Have Arthritis


You will not experience sudden changes in the weather or the climate while living in this city. The changes in the temperature of Denver would be slow and gradual. Due to this feature, you will get plenty of time to adjust to the weather. You even get a different range of snow activities to participate in here.


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#7 Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is among the most calming and relaxing places to live if you suffer from arthritis. The people in Salt lake city have one of the lowest rates of smoking in the United States as we know that smoking can aggravate or worsen many health conditions, including arthritis. The winters in this city can be a bit cold, but they also serve as an opportunity for participating in outdoor recreational activities.


Best Place To Live In The Us When You Have Arthritis


The living cost in this city are pretty affordable, and the crime rate here is also very low. People living here have easy access to good doctors and healthcare facilities.

#8 El Paso, Texas

El Paso is famous for its perfect weather and climate that is effective against arthritis. Texas city experiences hot summers and mild winters throughout the entire year. Due to this reason, arthritic patients will not suffer from pain attacks if they live in this city. The barometer remains stable for the best part of the year in this city. Low humidity will relax your body’s nerves and muscles, reducing the pain and stiffness of your body.


Best Place To Live In The Us When You Have Arthritis


The living cost in El Paso is very affordable. Your money will run farther here. If you are on a budget constraint for moving and reallocating, this city is ideal. El Paso also has the largest urban park in America.


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Factors You Should Consider Before Selecting A City 

You cannot decide or choose the city where you will move to just based on the barometer and warm climate. There are some other factors that you should also take into consideration before making up your mind.

Healthcare Facilities

The place where you will shift or move should have good hospitals and doctors that are arthritis experts. As you are moving for the betterment of your health, it is completely natural to move to a place that offers better health facilities at an affordable price.

The cost of the treatment and the medical facilities also plays a major role, just as the quality of healthcare. You might even consider the number of doctors specializing in arthritis treatment that lives or operates in your city. It is ideal if you move to a city with special hospitals dedicated to the treatment of arthritis.

Cost Of Living

The place that you choose for moving should also be affordable. You should consider the overall expense of moving and living in a different city whether you are on a fixed income or not.

You should consider the major changes like buying a house, purchasing a car and so on. Most of the places or cities on the above list are quite affordable. If you can also relate to the city’s vibe or culture, you will take less time to adapt to your new home. Having an open mind helps you massively to cope and adjust to your new surroundings.


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This list tells you briefly about the best places or cities you should live in the U.S. if you suffer from arthritis. The cities selected in the above list are chosen based on the conditions favorable to arthritic patients, much less humidity, warm and hot climate.

Apart from these factors, several other factors will affect your decision to move, and these factors are also discussed in this article.

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