Best Climate For Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Did you know that temperature, pressure, and humidity can cause pain to an RA patient? We explore the best climate for rheumatoid arthritis.

Has your doctor recently asked you to change the city due to excruciating Rheumatoid Arthritis pain? If yes, you must not take his/her advice lightly because climate plays a crucial role in the pain caused due to Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Best Climate For Rheumatoid Arthritis


Rheumatoid Arthritis can be painful, and climate changes can make it worse. Therefore, one must know about the best climatic conditions for people with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder that affects the joints and causes pain in them.  According to a study done by scientists, many RA sufferers said that weather affected their condition and made Arthritis even more painful.

Arthritis patients say that cold or damp climatic conditions or changes in the barometric pressure aggravate their symptoms. It would cause them pain or stiffness in joints accompanied by swelling. The winter season causes the most discomfort of all. The pain receptors are more vulnerable or sensitive during winters.

The drop in the atmospheric pressure also causes the joints to pain due to the tissues’ swelling. Therefore, rheumatoid arthritis patients must be cautious of the climatic cognizant of the place they’re living in . This article will brief you about RA patients’ ideal climate and various other things to alleviate the pain.

3 Climatic Factors To Be Taken Care Of For RA

There are many types of climatic conditions, but only some suit people with Arthritis. Climate plays a crucial role in the life of people with rheumatoid Arthritis. We must know what climate type will do the best to reside and lead a peaceful and pain-free life. It isn’t entirely clear why the weather affects RA patients, but people with RA often complain about increased pain on joints when a climatic change occurs.


Best Climate For Rheumatoid Arthritis


 Some even use this as a power to predict the weather or further temperature change. We should try to carefully study this and understand how different weather affects the patients. We can find a place for them with the best climatic conditions. The following are some factors that should be taken care of:-

1. Temperature

Temperature plays an essential role as it is the core element that causes the most discomfort during climate changes. A study conducted stated that a drop in temperature caused more joint pain, knee pain being the main one. Low temperature makes the synovial fluid thicker that is the natural lubricant of our body that keeps the movement friction and pain-free. 


Best Climate For Rheumatoid Arthritis


 When this fluid gets thicker, it causes the joints to stiffen, therefore causing more pain. With this, some RA patient use heat therapy products such as hand warmerknee warmers, or even hot tea.

2. Pressure

Air pressure changes can cause joint pain. The slightest change in the pressure can cause pain in the knee and finger joints. The pressure change causes the tissues, muscles, bones, tendons, etc., to expand and contract. These body parts tend to respond differently, but due to the pressure change, this causes tension in between them, causing them to ache. This pain is more prominent when a person tries to stand.

3. Humidity

Cold and damp places can worsen arthritis pain. Studies show that cold and wet areas cause more pain than hot or dry places. There isn’t any detailed study or evidence which shows why this happens. 


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5 Best Places To Live If You Have Rheumatoid Arthritis

Do you have RA and aren’t sure where to live with this condition? RA can worsen during the weather change, and therefore a RA sufferer should be very aware of the place he/she is living and the climatic conditions there.


Best Climate For Rheumatoid Arthritis


Though not every place suits a RA patient, here is the list of appropriate places for RA patients. These places have the perfect weather conditions and can prove fruitful to RA patients.

1. Seattle, Washington

People with RA find it hard to drive as sitting ideal behind the wheel can cause your joints pain. Ranked 1st in Business Insider Magazine, Seattle has the best public transportation facilities. When you live in a city that can get you anywhere, you want to go for free, who needs to drive? Arthritis makes the joints stiff.

It moves the body restrictively, and therefore driving can be challenging. Public transport is the best solution for this. Seattle can be your best shot if you travel a lot. Another city that has a fantastic transport system is New York 

2. San Francisco, California

If you don’t prefer driving and more of a walking person, San Francisco is the answer. San Francisco has many neighborhoods ideal for taking a stroll. Studies prove that a 30 minutes walk can help with weight loss and better heart health. 


Best Climate For Rheumatoid Arthritis


This can prove to be less strenuous on your joints. It helps to improve the RA symptoms and thus can be a significant health booster. A good massage for foot, knee, and hand could be also a great idea after a stroll. 

3. Salt Lake City, Utah

Smoking and exposure to air pollution can prove fatal to people with RA. Utah has low smoking rates and therefore ideal for people with RA. Smoking is a punishable offense in public places, including indoor public places like bars and restaurants. Smoking can be deadly for people with RA. The death rate is twice the death rate of those who don’t smoke.

 Hence, a smoke-free environment is necessary for people with RA. Utah may be the best place to reside if you’re looking for places with minimum air pollution. 


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4. Athens, Greece 

Omega-3 oils are helpful in the treatment of people with Arthritis. It is filled with olive oil, fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains, etc. Mediterranean meals are a storehouse of Omega-3 oils. Nutrition and diet are one of the main things that need to be taken care of in rheumatoid Arthritis. The Diet of the Greeks is the best for people with RA.


Best Climate For Rheumatoid Arthritis


It has the proper amount of proteins, calcium, vitamins, and oils needed to help in RA treatment. 

5. San Diego, California

Love beaches but have RA and are afraid of the climatic changes? Well, San Diego is the answer. With a warm and dry climate, this place is the best for people with RA. With sea, it has a low barometric pressure along with a warm and dry environment. It can reduce your medication intake as well, and that can prove good for your health. It’s an ideal place to live if you’re searching for places to live in the U.S. with RA.  


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Final Thoughts On RA

The scientists haven’t found a cure yet for RA, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot live your life if you have RA. With proper care, medication, and preventive measures, one can live their life to the fullest without the RA troubling them.