Where Can I Buy An Upright Walker?

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Where can I buy an upright walker? We will answer this question for you in this informative guide.

When people grow older, they find it difficult to walk or stand independently. Their body becomes unstable. So, they need some device with the help of which they can stand and walk alone. There are many devices available in the market, like walkers, rollators, and various others. But in those devices, older adults have to bend and walk, which affects their posture.

Where Can I Buy An Upright Walker?

However, the technology is developing year in and year out. Now upright walkers are available in the market, which allows the aged people to stand straight and maintain stability while walking. The upright walkers decrease the risk of falling, and you can walk confidently on the road.

If you have aged people at home, you will wonder where I can buy an upright walker. This article discusses upright walkers and from where you can buy an upright walker in detail.

What Is Upright Walker?

The upright walker is quite similar to the rollator. But you cannot say that both are the same. The upright walker differs from the rollator in handles—the handles in the upright walker support both your hand and arms.

The main advantage of using upright walkers is that it enables you to walk straight. So, it does not put pressure on your joints and back. Again these walkers increase the step count of sick people.

That’s why a lot of people are opting for upright walkers. They feel confident while walking on the road. You can say the upright walkers are stable, safer, and secure. You can take your upright walker from one place to another place just by folding it with your hand.

If I talk about its weight, it’s just 18.5 pounds, which I think is exceptionally light. So, you can easily lift in and out of the car while going out of your home. So, in my opinion, they are best for aged and sick people who need support while walking. 


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Different Components Of Upright Walker

There are different components of an upright walker. So, in this article, I have listed some of the essential features of an Upright walker.

#1. Wheels

In an upright walker, you will find four-eight rubber wheels that will easily grip on the road. These wheels can lock independently. There is a tab near each wheel that you can use to lock or unlock the wheel.

#2. Height Adjustable tube

The height is also easily adjustable with the help of a tube in an upright walker. It has 14 different levels of adjustments. So, you can adjust according to your choice.

#3. Handles

The upright walker has unique handles where you can rest not only your hand but also your arms. You can adjust the handles anglewise. So, it becomes pretty easy to turn your upright walker in any direction.


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#4. Brakes

You will find brakes near the handles for each opposite wheel in Upright Walker. You need to push forward your brake to lock the walker in a specific place. If you want to slow down your upright walker, then you can use its brake. That’s a very great thing about the upright walker.

#5.Moveable Seat

The older adults become tired after walking for some distance. So, they need to sit and take a rest for a while. The upright walker has an adjustable seat. First, they have to lock the upright walker in a specific place by pushing the right and left brake and then moving the seat forward.

Now the user needs to turn around and can sit comfortably. He can rest his two hands also in a proper manner. By the way, we have a separate how to use a rolling walker properly.

#6. Beverage Holder

Another great thing you will find on an upright walker is a beverage holder where the user can carry any soft drink or water during walking. The older adults become tired very soon, and they may need water. So, they can carry the water bottle in the beverage holder and use the bottle whenever they want to quench their thirst.

#7. Personal Bag

There is a personal bag in an upright walker. The user can carry many essential items in the personal bag or even add some accessories for the walker


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What Are The Health Benefits Of Upright Walker?

#1. Improves Posture

In traditional walkers, you have to bend forward. As a result, you have to face back pain, poor blood circulation, joint pain, and muscle tension.

But in an upright walker, you can walk straight. So, you will not face all the above problems. It will increase your confidence. Again by walking straight, you are improving the posture of your body. So, you maintain an active lifestyle.

#2.Comfort And Support

Whenever you are tired on the way to your destination, you can pull the seat forward and rest for a while. The seat has back support which consists of mesh material. Again your spinal cord is getting support while sitting; you will feel comfortable and relax.


Does Medicare Pay For Upright Walker


#3.Increase Stability

When you use a traditional walker, you have to bend forward, which will make you tired after walking for a small while. You may lose balance while walking and may fall somewhere. So, in my opinion, the traditional walkers are unstable.

But the upright walkers increase stability and security by walking straight on the road, and you can adjust them according to your preferences. It allows you to change the settings. So, an upright walker is helpful for aged people and the person who has recently recovered from surgeries or has any injury and needs support while walking.

#4.Ideal For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use

A sick person or older adult can safely use upright walkers on four walls of the home. It enables them to walk independently from one room to another.

Besides that, the aged people can walk outside for a short distance with the help of an upright walker. We all know walking is a good exercise which keeps a person healthy both physically and mentally.

So, by walking with an upright walker, aged people can be physically and mentally sound. Again, the older adults can travel with their family members to malls, shops, and restaurants by the upright walker. An upright walker will also help the sick and aged people to attend various social events like marriage parties, birthdays, and various others.

#5. Customization

In traditional walkers, you don’t find any adjustable settings. So, it makes older adults lazy. But in an upright walker, you change settings according to your preferences which makes the sick and more aged adults comfortable while walking.


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How To Fold An Upright Walker?

Folding an upright walker is relatively easy. It will take you one or two minutes. First, you need to drop both arms down. Then grab the seat straight up. Once you do this thing, close it together and move to the front. On the front, you will see a clip. You tie the clip together.

Does Medicare Pay For Upright Walker

Upright walkers are pretty easy to lift. You can easily carry it along with you.


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Where To Buy An Upright Walker?

If you are aged or sick, you must be wondering where I can buy an upright walker. Well, it’s a popular question, and you don’t have to worry at all. There are plenty of options for purchasing an upright walker. You can prefer either online or offline shops.

Just keep in mind that Medicare does not cover upright walkers, and therefore the cost of a walker has to be borne mostly by you unless you opt for private insurance.

In online shopping, you can see various brands of upright walkers under one website even if you read the reviews of multiple people who have already purchased that particular upright walker. But one problem with online shopping is that you cannot physically touch or see it. 

Anyways, everything in this world has some pros and cons. So, neglect the cons if you want to prefer online shopping. Well, there are plenty of websites like amazon.com,healthproductsforyou.com,valleymedicalsupplies.com.

You can also prefer to buy offline. There are plenty of local shops which must be available nearby where you purchase an excellent upright walker. When you physically visit the shop to buy an upright walker, then you may get various brands at one place, but you can fold or see your upright walker before buying. 

The store owner can instruct you about its maintenance and how to fold the upright walker. You can prefer Walmart.com,oswaldpharmacy.com, where you can do both online and offline shopping for the upright walker.

If after researching everywhere, you find that upright walkers are too expensive for you, and your needs are temporary instead of permanent, you might even like to rent an upright walker.


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An upright walker has become a necessity for older adults. If you purchase an upright walker, the walker will help you walk or move from one place to another. You cannot always depend on others for walking. An upright walker will boost your confidence.

So, if you are sick or if you have elders or anyone at home who needs support while walking, then you can purchase an excellent upright walker. Well, I have discussed above where I can buy an upright walker. You can choose any model, i.e., offline or online, to buy an upright walker.

Please share your thoughts if you purchase an upright walker after reading this article. You can also share your pictures. I would love to see those pictures.

Happy Walking.