How To Tame Your Sweet Tooth

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Are you suffering from diabetes? Perhaps you want to reduce your weight? Let us teach you how to tame your sweet tooth and take control of your health.

Sugar harms our body and brain if it is consumed in excess. Diabetes is a widespread disease nowadays. A diabetic person should cut off all the high sugar products. Many people don’t know how to tackle their sweet tooth.

Do you want to control your sugar intake? In this article, you will come upon the ways to tame your sweet tooth and a diabetes caregivers guide. So stay tuned into reading this blog. 

How To Tame Your Sweet Tooth

What Are The Ways To Tame Your Sweet Tooth?

Start training your mind to consume less sugar.

You can slowly try to cut off sugar from your food. Try to avoid an extra spoon of sugar in tea, coffee, or any shake. If you add 1/4th spoon of sugar in your coffee, reduce it to 1/3th spoon. Try to eliminate sugar gradually. 

As you get habituated to it, your taste buds will require less sugar over the period. 

Try to cook your treats from scratch: 

Instead of eating sweet food, you can cook them at home. Whenever you are indulging in a pancake or hot chocolate, try to control the sugar you have added.

Instead, you can add some healthy substitutes as a sweetener in your treat. You can control what kind of sugar goes into your food when you prepare it at home. 

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Use natural sweeteners more often: 

Natural sweeteners are a good choice and healthy. You can add them to your food. These natural sweeteners are an excellent choice and are packed with nutrients compared to ultra-refined sugar. 

But as the goal is to tame your sweet tooth, you must limit the usage of natural sweeteners in your food. Yes, these natural sweeteners are healthier, but they are still sweet. 

If you want to reduce your sugar habit, you need to reduce all forms of sugary foods. You can reduce nutrient-dense ones. This will help you tame your sweet tooth.

Begin your day with a savory breakfast:

If you begin eating sugar in the morning, you will crave sugary foods all day. But if you start your day with self-control and eat a savory breakfast, you will start your day on the right foot. 

This will help you be on track for the entire day and stay away from excess sugar. Try to eliminate tea or coffee from your diet in the morning. If you feel too much craving for any of the beverages, then all you can do is consume it by adding jaggery.

How To Tame Your Sweet Tooth

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Try a bite of dessert before committing:

Instead of consuming a big slice of chocolate cake, initially take a bite of it. Through this, you will understand how much sugar you will be eating and how huge amount of calories you will consume. 

This is an excellent way to track the amount of sugar you will be eating. Some desserts are so tasty that you don’t care about the sugar added to them. But through this way, you will control your sugar intake. 

Guide To Diabetes

Being a caregiver, you can care for your loved one who has diabetes. You can educate yourself about everything related to diabetes, so it becomes easy for you to take care of them. 

Keep track of their sugar levels:

Being a caregiver, you need to check your blood sugar levels. You can record blood glucose readings, exercise, meals, medicine schedule, and what they feel. 

This might help you when you take a consultation from a doctor. You can let them know about the person’s conditions and thinking patterns. If they crave sugar a lot then you may let them eat it by consulting the nutritionist, however make sure they maintain the moderation.  

Their exercise schedule:

If they want to exercise, then let them know that they can exercise after an hour after eating. Immediately after eating the food, the blood sugar is higher.

If they are away from home, you can pack a carbohydrate snack, plenty of water, and glucose tablets. You can check their glucose levels before and after the exercise. 

Try to look upon their stress levels:

Stress is known to affect blood sugar levels. You can ask them to perform daily activities like mediation, exercising, working for a hobby, walking, or gardening. If they still take the stress, you can try to get them preoccupied with some work. 

You can help them to manage their stress levels by incorporating different activities. This will help them to overcome stress levels and keep them occupied.

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How To Tame Your Sweet Tooth

Eating habits:

  • It is a good idea if you try to keep the blood sugar levels stable. You can ask them to consume smaller meals. Ensure that they don’t skip their food as their blood glucose levels can drop. If they feel like munching, you can provide them with healthy snacks. 
  • You can appoint a nutritionist as they would help them include small portions of carbohydrates at every meal. It is essential to have food rich in protein in the diet. A balanced diet and eating in the correct proportion is essential to bring down your diabetes levels.  
  • Drinking a lot of water and fluids is essential. You can ask them to consume sugar-free and caffeine-free drinks by keeping track of their water intake to keep their skin and body hydrated. 

Dressing habits: 


  • As diabetic patients have dryness, you can take care that they take warm showers or a warm bath with mild soap. Try to skip foot soaking as it is known to dry the skin. You can ask them to apply a moisturizer approved by the doctor on their feet. Make sure that they don’t apply it between the toes.
  • Diabetic patients have damaged nerves usually. Diabetic patients typically develop callus or cut on the foot. You can do their skin check after they bathe. You can look if they have developed blisters, sores, and red spots. 
  • You can gently smooth calluses with an emery board, pumice stone. Try to wash the minor cuts with soap and water. If they have developed any problem, then keep track of whether they are feeling it or not. 

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How To Tame Your Sweet Tooth

Wrap up

People who have diabetes go through extreme weakness and develop various diseases. They need care as they cannot perform their tasks on their own.

Many people get confused about how to care for their loved ones suffering from diabetes and to tame their sweet tooth. You can breathe easily because you will come across a caregiver’s guide and ways to tame the sweet tooth in this article.