How To Paint Nails With Shaky Hands

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How to paint nails with shaky hands? Let us have a look at some tips to nail painting when your hands are not still. 

Nearly ten million American’s have shaky hands, a condition known medically as essential tremors [1].

Coating your nails without smudging the cuticles and the fingertips is difficult. It becomes even more challenging for those who have non-dominant or shaky hands. They may spread or rub their nails many times when getting their nails painted.

And why not! Even professional nail artists often need a bit of help to coat their nails. So what will be the solution to stop smduging your nails? I have gathered some tips from nail artists on how to paint nails with shaky hands.


How To Paint Nails With Shaky Hands


Please go through the article carefully to get the tricks to master the nail craft even with shaky hands.

How To Paint Nails With Shaky Hands: Tips, Tricks & Tools

Keep your shaky hands stable.

According to professional nail artists, the primary key to get perfect nail art is to keep your shaky hands stable. So, you can put your hands on a table or any other flat surfaces to support both your forearm and elbow to avoid shake.


Nail Arm Rest Table Desk
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You can also try a removable cap to support one finger at a time to reduce the nail mess.


Himo Acrylic Nail Cap Clip
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Apart from these tools, you can follow another technique to reduce your nail art. Try to hold the nail polish brush with your shaky hand and keep one finger on a flat surface. It will give you reasonable control of your hand to coat nail polish smoother.


How to Paint Nails with Shaky Hands


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Keep nail polish remover by the side.

Never forget to keep nail remover or acetone beside you whenever you coat your nails. It will help you to get your manicure comfortable and straightforward. Whether you are a nail artist or blessed with shaky hands, Nail lacquer remover is very effective.


Cutex Ultra-Powerful Nail Polish Remover
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It will remove the overflowed cuticles very fast to give you more beautiful nails.

Try liquid latex

Latex is the best solution to reduce your overflowed nails. You can apply latex to your cuticles to prevent overpainting. 

Mehron Makeup Liquid Latex
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How to Paint Nails with Shaky Hands


You can get different latex options in Amazon that you can coat around the cuticles before nail painting. They work as a barrier between your nail enamel and cuticle. They dry very fast, and you can remove the layer to get a beautiful and flawless nail painting.

How To Paint Nails With Shaky Hands: Steps To Follow

  1. Before a nail coat, you can push your nail cuticle back using a wood stick. It will help you to get more space than before. 
  2. Apply the selected base coat to give your nail look skinny and round-shaped. It will also seal the end part of your nails.
  3. When you paint your nail with a base coat, give the nail brush a flat shape. Then, keep your nail brush still and roll your pin to get a well-painted corner. Now, slowly pull the meeting down to complete your nail art. 
  4. You can apply one or two additional coats to make the color look vibrant and gorgeous. Though, it will depend on the intensity of the color you choose. 


How to Paint Nails with Shaky Hands


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How To Paint Nails With Shaky Hands: Popular Styles

Black-eyed pea nails


How to Paint Nails with Shaky Hands


For this, you need to choose one dark shade and one light shade nail polish. First, apply the light shade polish on your nail as a base coat. As soon as it dries up, take the dark shade and draw a straight line a little away from your nail cuticle.

You can use thinner brushes, made explicitly for nail art, to get perfection.

Winstonia Super Fine Nail Art Brush
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Dripping party nails

You need a little much time to get this style done. First, apply light shade on your nails. Wait for at least 10-minutes to let it completely dry. When your nails get dried, use tape on them to cover 25% of your pin. You might also consider having a UV nail lamp.

After that, pick a dark shade and apply it over your nails. Rest your hand to dry the coat. Finally, remove the tape from your pin to get the party nail art done.


How to Paint Nails with Shaky Hands


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Diagonal nail time

Choose two contrasting shades to complete this nail art. When your first coat dries completely, apply a second shade from the bottom side corner to finish the job. You can draw a slanting line between the two colors to highlight them brightly.

Nail moons

Black and white color nail polish will best work for this. Coat your nail with black color. After it dries up, draw a white color moon to complete the art. 

Geometric nails

Choose any three of your favorite three colors to sparkle your nail with various geometric shapes. After your bottom part of your nails dries, put tape on the upper side of your pinto. Then apply other shade to complete your nail art. 


How to Paint Nails with Shaky Hands


Goth bomb nails

It is much simpler nail art than the previous ones. First, apply a light shade to your nail. Then take a thin and pointed brush to make the shapes. 

Matte finish nail

It is also a straightforward and easy-to-try nail art method. For this, you can use black nail color as a primary coat. Then take a matte finish top coat to complete the look. 


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Final words

This article gives you a complete tutorial on how to paint your nails with shaky hands. All the above guidelines and the nail art methods will help you get a salon-like pin sitting in your home. Happy polishing!

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[1] Facts about Essential Tremor