How To Treat Shaky Hands At Home

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In this article, we will show you how to treat shaky hands at home. We share tips, tricks, and some common home remedies that reduce the extent of the problem.

Muscle spasms can occur in any part of your body, including your eyes, legs, vocal cord, or other body parts. But hand tremor is very common and happens very often. As per the medical statistics, above 10-million US people are suffering from hand tremors.[1]

Among them, nearly 7-millions are facing essential tremors.[2] Though shaky hands do not come with life-threatening symptoms but can affect your regular activities. Shaky hands can also be an early signal of any of the neurological syndromes. 


How to treat shaky hands at home


Early diagnosis of this syndrome may not need to consult your physician. Instead, you can follow some of the home remedies to reduce your shakiness naturally. Please go through the entire article to delete your hand tremor from your daily activities.

What are shaky hands or hand tremors?

If you feel any parts of your body are unintentionally moving in a rhythmic order, it is a tremor. Similarly, if you experience your hands are unnecessarily shaking, it is a hand tremor. You can experience hand tremors either frequently or constantly.

When your brain fails to control the movement of some of your body parts, it starts to tremble. A person with hand tremors not only faces issues drawing or writing but also even holding a cup of coffee.

What are the symptoms of shaky hands?

These are the most common symptoms with shaky hands disorder-


How To Treat Shaky Hands At Home



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Causes of shaky hands

Essential tremor is one of the most common factors that may cause your shaky hands. Some of the other causes are-

  • Overactive thyroid
  • Seizure
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Low blood sugar
  • Cerebellar diseases

Factors that may increase the risk of hand tremor

These are the following factors that are responsible for increasing the risk of developing hand tremor-

  • Consuming too much alcohol
  • Too much consumption of caffeine
  • Inheritance of essential tremor
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Feeling of hunger
  • Smoking
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Extreme cold or hot surrounding


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Most of the time, doctors diagnose hand tremors to reduce the other causes. You can CT or MRI to know if there is any medical reason that causes your hand tremor. 


How to treat shaky hands at home


After you finish the diagnosing process, your doctor will prescribe some anti-anxiety drugs to help your situation. 

Those who have advance hand tremor may need some surgeries, like-

  • Deep Brain Stimulation: It will help you place an electrode in your brain to control all the activities responsible for causing your hand tremor.
  • Thalamotomy: It will help you reduce the tremor that is happening in your brain’s thalamus.

But those who do not like these medication treatments can follow some home remedies. These will work efficiently to reduce your hand tremor naturally.


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How to treat shaky hands naturally? Essential Oils

Lavender oil

Ingredients you need: 3 drops Lavender Oil, one diffuser, and water

Method: First, add three drops of lavender oil to the water-filled diffuser. Then just inhale the fragranced air. Also, you can add 10-15 drops of lavender oil to your bucket full of water and wait for 15-20 minutes before your bath.


How to treat shaky hands at home


Frequency: You can practice this method once or twice a day.

Effects: Aromatherapy works efficiently to help nervous disorders like hand tremors. Likewise- lavender oil plays a significant role in reducing your stress and anxiety. As a result, it will relieve your shaky hands.

Chamomile oil

Ingredients you need: 3 drops chamomile oil, one diffuser, and water

Method: At first, add three drops of chamomile oil to a water-filled diffuser. Then you can inhale aromatic chamomile diffused air.

Frequency: You can continue this once or twice a day.

Effects: Chamomile oil can also relieve your stress and anxiety to help your shaky hands syndrome. Moreover, it can also reduce your depression.


Vitamins deficiency can also lead you to hand tremors. 

Vitamin B12 is very important to build healthy nerves. Therefore, a deficiency of vitamin B12 will not make your nervous system function properly. 

Vitamin B1 also helps to reduce your shaky hands. Vitamin B1 deficiency can cause Beriberi that may lead you to shaky hands.


How to treat shaky hands at home


Vitamin E has all the antioxidants that help to treat Parkinson’s disease.

To meet your vitamin needs, you need to consume healthy foods, including- eggs, milk, lentils, sprouts, sunflower seeds, etc.

Coconut oil

Ingredients you need: 1-2 teaspoon virgin coconut oil

Method: Start to consume at least one teaspoon of coconut oil regularly. After you become comfortable, make it two tablespoons.

Frequency: You must take it once in a day regularly.

Effects: Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids to fight depression and stress. It also has a very significant role in reducing Perkinson’s disease.


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Apple Cider Vinegar

Ingredients you need two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a glass of warm water.

Method: First, pour two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into the warm water and stir well. Now, it is ready to consume.

Frequency: You should take this once a day.

Effects: Indeed, medical science does not believe in the role of apple cider vinegar to treat shaky hands. But many ordinary people believe that it has pectin that has a potent property to reduce hand tremors.


How to treat shaky hands at home


Lemon Balm

Ingredients you need: Lemon balm in the right proportion

Method: You can mix lemon balm in salads, teas, or other cooked dishes in the right proportion. If you want, you can use lemons peels in place of lemon balm to get better results.

Frequency: Try it regularly.

Effects: Lemon balm works well to reduce shaky hands. It can not only relieve your anxiety and stress but also soothe your brain to help your shaky hand syndrome.

Chamomile Tea

Ingredients you need one teaspoon chamomile tea, one cup of water, and little honey.

Method: First, add one teaspoon of chamomile tea to the cup of water. Pour them in a saucepan and leave them in sim. After that, you can strain it. Then make it cool a little and finally add honey to it. Enjoy this flavored tea.

Frequency: You can consume this tea twice and thrice a day.

Effects: Chamomile tea can relieve stress, depression, and anxiety to make your nervous system relaxed. As a result, it will help your shaky hands.


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Foods to treat hand tremor

It is an appropriate diet that you should follow to help your hand tremor. Foods that can help your shaky hands are-

  • Fresh fruits and leafy vegetables
  • Olive oil
  • Herbs
  • Nuts
  • Fish
  • Red wine

But remember, you should consume this food at a moderate level. Overeating may be harmful. Also, try to avoid butter, cheese, and red meat.

Final words

This article comes with complete guidance on the causes, remedies, and treatments of shaky hands. You must follow the above home remedies to reduce your stress and anxiety. Therefore, it will play a beneficial role in helping your shaky hands. 


How to treat shaky hands at home


Also, symptoms may vary from one person to another. In case you feel that hand tremor starts to disrupt your regular activities, you must consult your physician. Do not panic. 



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