How to Make a Shower Floor Less Slippery

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21.8 million people get injuries because of a slippery shower floor every year. If you are wondering: “how to maintain a shower floor less slippery?”, try our tips and tricks

Have you ever wondered which is the most slippery place you have in your house? The shower floor is one of the dangerous places, and it becomes most slippery due to moisture and shampoo. 


How Do I Make My Shower Floor Less Slippery


According to research, around 21.8 million people get injuries because of a slippery shower floor every year. Don’t you think it is important to take essential measures to make the shower floor less greasy, to avoid any uncertain injuries?

In this write-up, we will give you excellent tips and answer your question: “how can I make my shower floor less slippery 

How To Keep Your Shower Floor Less Slippery?

# Get an Anti Slip Mat

The most popular method to make your shower floor less slippery is by adding an anti-slip mat in your bathroom. Anti-slip mats are readily available in the market; you must buy the best one to not be in danger or have any chances to slip. 

No matter what type of shower mat you choose, they are usually affordable and easy to get to add traction to your slippery floor. 

However, no anti-slip mat manufacturer ensures or guarantees that you will not slip. Still, yes, there is a high probability that there would be fewer chances of accidents due to its extra grip. 


How Do I Make My Shower Floor Less Slippery


All shower mats you get in the market come in different shapes, colors, and styles; typically, they are PVC or plastic. The shower mats come with suction caps located on the bottom side that prevent sliding the mat on the slippery shower floor. Regardless of what type of shower mat you want for your slippery floor, you would be able to get one that works well for you. 

As per our recommendation, the Gorilla grip shower tub mat is one of the best that you can place on your shower floor to avoid any accidents. It comes in different colors, and you can choose the one that matches your entire washroom’s look. The best part of the mat is, you can easily wash it with water, and it features drain holes. The carpet’s sterling highlight is its 324 suction caps for better grip and holds on to the slippery floor. 

Gorilla grip shower tub mat
Anti-slip shower tub mat with suction cups, drainage holes and a large size to protect you from falls

Drawbacks of anti slip floor mats 

Before you head to Amazon to look for the best anti-slip mat for your washroom, make sure you are aware that it also comes with few downsides. 

The first drawback is that when moisture and soap foam gather together, it sticks in the mat’s suction cups, and it results in sliding of the mat from its place. And sometimes, it becomes impossible to stop the moisture from reaching the suction cups of the mat; therefore, it is essential to wash the mat regularly to avoid bacteria or mold under the mat. 


How To Make Your Shower Floor Less Slippery


Another downside is while washing the mat, and it is hard to scrub the suction cups; you would need a lot of time to do this task. 

Also, if there are not proper suction cups available on the mat, there is a considerable possibility of sliding the mat when you step on it. So naturally, it leads you to the same scenario, what you are trying to avoid. Also, when your mat is not correctly kept, it could slide.

Therefore it is essential to install the mat correctly. You need to put the mat on the smooth and dry surface, as the suction cups will not stick to the floor if there are soap scums. Once your mat is placed correctly, when suction cups are placed on a dry and smooth surface, they will not slide. 

If your shower floor is textured or tiled, it is not recommended to have anti-slip mats as the suction cups can stick adequately only on a smooth surface. 

Next, although floor mats are beneficial, on the other side they are not beautiful. If you are more into aesthetics, you have to look at their alternatives, such as GOBAM Bamboo Bath Mat. 

GOBAM Bamboo Bath Mat
It has a 5 Slat vented design for quick drying and provides and excellent non-slip surface to have your bath on


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#Go for Anti-Slip Adhesive Treads.

If you are not willing to add a bath mat in the washroom and would like to get something less noticeable, then getting anti-adhesive treads is an excellent option to add traction to your shower floor. 

Usually, many people use these anti-slip adhesive treads on stairs to avoid slipping. But there are many versions of adhesive treads that are specially designed for shower floors to prevent falling. 


How Do I Make My Shower Floor Less Slippery


Adhesive treads are tape-like strips with a sticky bottom that you have to stick to the floor, and its top surface is rough that offers excellent traction to your feet.

You must be thinking about how anti-slip adhesive treads are beneficial for slippery shower floors; the answer is obvious.

They provide extra traction and are easy to place. These anti-slip treads are readily available to buy online and are cheaper and less conspicuous than other methods of adding traction to the shower floor. 

The good thing about adhesive treads is, it does not require washing like shower mats. Once you stick it to the floor, they are attached for quite a long time. 

To get a perfect piece of adhesive tape, search on Amazon, and you will be getting multiple adhesive treads, but the real task starts when you have to find the best one for you. Don’t worry, and we will help you by recommending one of the best pieces that you must take for your slippery shower floor, is Pretigo Black Grip tape. 

When we talk about Pretigo tape, it is a perfect solution to avoid any slipping scenario and keep your loved ones safe. It is a durable and long-lasting tape that you can quickly put on your tiled shower floor; regardless of floor type, you can stick the tape to any surface to reduce the chances of slipping. 


How To Make Your Shower Floor Less Slippery


The grip is 1 inch wide and comes in a roll of 33 feet tape. You can anytime tear the tape, and the best part is it does not leave any residue. 

Pretigo Black Grip tape
Durable adhesive tape with high anti-slip action

There are few steps you must know before you stick the tape on your shower floors, they are: 

  • The first step you need to do is clean the surface and keep it dry before placing the adhesive tape. 
  • Either you can cut the tape as per your desired size, or you can quickly and directly start sticking it to your shower floor. 
  • Tread comes with white paper on the inner side; you have to remove the paper and place the tread on your shower area. 

Drawbacks of Adhesive tread

Before we move further, we must know along with benefits; adhesive treads also come with downsides. 

Many people complain, adhesive tapes are not easy to place, and after some time, they get peel-off themselves. Before you put the adhesive treads on the shower floors, ensure you clean the surface thoroughly and keep it dry. Then while pasting the tape, you need to keep a check on bubbles or bumps; this complete step takes a lot of time and hard work. 


How Do I Make My Shower Floor Less Slippery


Most adhesive tapes come with a rigid top surface, which means it is tough to keep your barefoot. Although many variations and textures come in Adhesive tapes, before you select one, make sure you check its ratings and avoid rough surfaces. 


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# Last but Not Least- Anti-Slip Formula

All anti-slip formula you get in the market is liquid-based coatings that improve the traction part. For permanent traction, this is a wise and ideal option. 

This anti-slip formula is excellent, as once they are on the floor, they are permanently in the shower floor. Also, it does not require any cleaning. We may feel applying this anti-slip formula is intimidating, but in reality, it is easy. Although all anti-slip formula comes in different types, they have some steps of installation. 

Here are the steps of applying the anti-slip formula for your slippery shower floor. 

  • The first thing you have to di clean your floor thoroughly with a scrubber and dry it completely. 
  • Now you have to mark the area where you want to apply the anti-slip formula. Get a tape to mark the place where you stand. 
  • Now apply the anti-slip formula in the marked area. 
  • All anti slip formulas come with a roller, which you can use for spreading the formula in the area. 
  • You have to wait until the formula gets dry, ultimately. Usually, most brands recommend 5-6 hours for complete drying of the formula. 

All anti-slip formulas you get in the market are inexpensive and can be applied easily on the shower floor. Also, it does not need any regular maintenance. This coating is the best addition you could add to your shower floor to prevent slipping, as it does not affect the appearance and does not require any ongoing maintenance. Also, they improve traction more than any other way. 


How Do I Make My Shower Floor Less Slippery4


Another best part of the formula is, you can even apply it on the rough surface, unlike adhesive treads and shower mats. While searching for the best anti-slip formula, it may have become a daunting task as there are multiple options available in the market. 

As per our recommendation, you must try Tub guard coating. It is easy to apply a coating that gets dry quickly and leaves no odor behind. It is an ideal choice to prevent injuries due to falling or slipping on the slippery shower floor. Also, you will get a roller along with it for easy application. 

Tub guard coating
Prevents slipping in the tub by applying a water repellant coating. Available in clear and white colors.


Cons of Anti-slip Formula 

Although the Anti-slip formula is a perfect way to add traction to your shower floor, just like other methods, it also has some disadvantages. 

The first drawback is it requires a lot of effort and time, as first, you need to mark the area, then tape it off and allow it to get dry for 5-6 hours, isn’t it a project for not less than 7-8 hours. 


How To Make Your Shower Floor Less Slippery


Another downside is, if you apply any harsh chemicals on the shower floor or use any scrubber to clean, the formula will peel off. You have to clean the shower floor with a regular sponge instead of any hard scrubber. 


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How To Prevent Accidents In The Bathroom?

Get Anti-Slip Shower Shoes

Anti-slip shower shoes are a great way to avoid accidental falling. Shower mats and adhesive tape can only cover so much of your bath area, but the anti-slip shower shoe will prevent slippage anywhere you stand.

Shower Chair

For the elderly and infirm, the problem is not as much of how slippery the shower is. The problem is also that they are unable to stand long enough to take a shower in the tub, and therefore even with a non-slip shower floor, they still might fall and hurt themselves.

Getting a bath chair is an excellent way to avoid this situation. If your loved ones are obese, then an ordinary bath chair will not do. In this scenario, you should consider getting a bariatric shower chair instead.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your shower, you might want to consider purchasing a wall-mounted folding bath chair.


How Do I Make My Shower Floor Less Slippery


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Handheld Shower Heads

As discussed in the shower chair point, it is difficult for seniors to stand up for the entire duration of the bath. Along with a shower chair, a handheld showerhead will help them to take a proper bath without having to worry about standing up.

Bath Rugs

The bathtub is not the only place where you might fall. When you try to exit the bathtub, the floor outside it may also have a bit of water on it or might be tiled and slippery. You should consider opting for anti-slip bath rug where you can dry your feet completely before moving out of the bathroom.

H.VERSAILTEX makes one of the best bath rugs for your bathroom. These anti-slip rugs are made from water-resistant microfibers and are highly water absorbent and breathable. They are super soft, easy to wash, and available in multiple sizes and colors as per your needs

H.VERSAILTEX Grey Rugs for Bathroom
Microfiber water absorbent bath rugs, quick drying and easy to wash.

Medical Alert Systems

While they are not exactly preventive, it is very important to ensure that your loved ones always have a medical alert system on them. In case of an accidental fall in the shower, an early response can be the difference between severe damage to life and limb and a minor injury.

A medical alert system is a simple button-operated device that you can wear around your neck or on your wrist. There is a simple button to be pressed if your loved ones are in an emergency. Depending on the product, it will either connect them to their favored contacts or else a dedicated helpline for first responders to come and rescue them.


How To Make Your Shower Floor Less Slippery


Do note that medical alert devices can be a bit expensive because they have a monthly contract built-in for the use of the emergency personnel helpline and the network, as well as GPS capability. But worry not; there are medical alert devices available with no contract as well if you are looking for an inexpensive option. 

These days, many medical alert systems come with fall detection as well. This is a brilliant feature to have because if your loved ones lose consciousness while falling down, the device will still alert emergency personnel, who can come and rescue them. 


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When it comes to home adaptations for seniors, the shower is the first place that we should pay attention to. Slipping and falling in the shower can be a nightmare, especially for the elderly. Minor injuries aside, you might get a concussion, pass out and even bleed to death if you don’t get help on time.

Shower safety should take priority in every household. Getting anti-slip mats or adhesive tape is a simple, cost-effective way to prevent horrible tragedies. We recommend you to try the above products; they are the best in the market. 

Lastly, if your loved ones have been in an accident, please go through our guide on what to do when you fall in a shower.