Best Non-Slip Bath Mats for Elderly

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In this article, we have reviewed the best non-slip bath mats for the elderly. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 6.

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Yimobra Bathroom Rug Mat, 24'' x 17'', Luxury Chenille Shaggy Bath Rugs, Extra Soft & Thick, Absorbent Water, Non-Slip, Machine Washable, Bath Mats for Bath Floor,Tub and Shower, Gray
Anti-Slip Bottom
Hot Melt Adhesive bottom
Top Surface
Machine Washable
Water Absorbent
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VANRA Small Bath Mat Bath Rugs Anti-Slip Memory Foam Non-Slip Bathroom Mat Soft Bathmat Carpet 15.7" X 23.6" (White)
Anti-Slip Bottom
Top Surface
Memory foam
Machine Washable
With cold water
Water Absorbent
Amazon Prime
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H.VERSAILTEX Non Slip Thick Shaggy Chenille Bathroom Rug Mat Set Extra Soft and Absorbent Striped Floor Rugs, 2 Piece, Machine-Washable
Anti-Slip Bottom
Hot Melt Spray
Top Surface
Machine Washable
Water Absorbent
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Every year, 3 million American elderly citizens experience a fall-related injury and are treated for the same. Nearly 20% of them end up with a serious injury, such as fractures or head injuries[1]. Bathroom related falls (both inside and outside) are a major reason for these injuries.

This is why, when selecting a bath mat for your bathroom, you need to make sure that the mats are designed with a material that prevents falls.

In this article, we will be discussing the best non-slip bath mats for the elderly, a buyer’s guide discussing what features need to be looked at, and a selection of 6 products that we believe would be suited for every need and budget, while being safe and comfortable for everyday wear and tear.

Best Non Slip Bath Mat for the Elderly

Here we have a video below that show other ways to reduce fall risk for seniors.

Advantages Of A Good Non-Slip Bath Mat for the Elderly

Good bath mats are thoughtful additions to your bathroom decor, that add to aesthetic beauty while making it safe for the elderly. Researching well before buying the right non-slip bath mat is important because:

  • Bath mats cover flooring. Many floor types are naturally slippery. Water can only serve to aggravate the problem.
  • In winter months, mats add warmth to cold floors.
  • Beautiful looking bath mats at home help to enhance the look of the house. 
  • Bath mats help to keep the floor clean and hygienic.

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Features of a Non-Slip Bath Mat for an Elderly Person


Well, duh. Bathrooms are slippery. Bath mats are the first line of protection. A non-slip rubber grip underneath the bath mat is perfect for wet floors.

Large Size

Large-sized bath mats are much better than small ones because you can place both the feet on them comfortably. Larger mats are more difficult to move and are usually heavier as well. They will have a higher coefficient of friction. 

Thick microfibers

Rugs made of dense microfibers prove to be very good water absorbents. A good mat should absorb moisture quickly instead of allowing it to accumulate at the surface, which can create a fall hazard.

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Memory foam

Memory foam mats are wonderful! They are durable, anti-skid, and really relaxing for the feet. They are also water absorbent and quickly soak up any moisture slipped on them.

Odor and germ-free mats

Mats can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, and fungus. Therefore, from a safety point of view always look for rugs and mats that are antibacterial and antifungal. Some rugs may also emit a foul odor due to chemicals used in their manufacturing. 

Machine wash

You don’t want to end up hand washing bulky bath mats. Make sure whatever you are buying is machine washable.

Next up, we discuss six products that score high on the parameters that we mentioned above, are rated highly by existing users and have got good reviews for their safety and quality.

#1 IPRIMIO Bathroom Mat For Shower

IPRIMIO Bathroom mats are perfect non-slip bath mats, with a special copyrighted design that has proven effective in nursing homes and for elderly homes. You can put this mat in the bathroom, in the shower tub, near the entry, or outside your tub.

IPRIMIO Bathroom Mat For Shower, Basin, And Doors

This anti-slip mat is of a generous size (35 inches by 23 inches). The mesh on the mat absorbs dirt particles and water. As it is made of PVC material, the mat can be easily cleaned by spraying water on it. The mat is waterproof as well.


  • Waterproof design, perfect for bathrooms, tubs and under the basin
  • Anti-slip material, perfect for bathroom use.
  • PVC material is easy to clean 
  • Available in 4 beautiful colors: grey, beige, maroon, and black for one to choose from.
  • Creases on the mat can easily be removed by putting it in a dryer for 5 minutes.
  • Plaid design helps to enhance the look of the bathroom.


  • The rubber coating on the mat is hard to use just after a shower.
  • Some users felt that it was of more appropriate usage as a doormat because it wasn’t very thick.

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#2 Yimobra Non Slip Bath Mat 

Yimobra luxury mats are a real luxury accessory for a bathroom. It is super soft, and the soft chenille material of the mat is thick as well as comfortable. Your loved ones will feel as if they are standing on cushion padding. 

Yimobra Original Luxury Shaggy Bath Mat

This shaggy bath mat is perfect for bathrooms and even other rooms as it absorbs water and does not slip. The mat is durable and easy to wash. It is machine washable, making it convenient to use. 

One can dry the rug in the dryer because the long fuzzy hairs on the rug dry very quickly. The longer fibers are 1.5 inches each, and the short ones are 1 inch in length. There is an adhesive backing on the mat which is soft, non-slippery, and odor-free.

The mat is available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs. It can be used next to the tub, under the sink, or even places other than the bathroom.


  • Four different sizes are available for one to choose from.
  • The size is large enough, perfect for placing under bathtubs or sinks.
  • Thirteen different colors are available to choose from.
  • Walking on the mat relaxes the foot.
  • Available in 4 different sizes to choose according to preference as toilet rugs, bathroom runner, doormat, and under the sink mats.
  • Cost-effective and budget-friendly bathroom accessory.


  • A few users complained that the anti-slip covering at the bottom does not work very well
  • The dimensions mentioned are slightly bigger than the actual product which is delivered.

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#3 Lifewit Indoor Doormat 

Lifewit indoor mats not only look good but work even better. With a 90 cm X 60 cm size, they are perfect for placing in front of the door, under the sink, and even at doorsteps. 

Lifewit Indoor Doormat

A nonslip backing on the mat ensures that it does not skid easily; neither does it shift from its place. It absorbs water and dust quickly and makes it suitable for the elder’s washroom. 

It is easy to maintain the mat as it can be machine washed. Due to its thickness of 0.4 inches, the low threshold design makes the mat perfect for senior use. 


  • A lightweight mat that can be placed anywhere in the house.
  • Durable fabric that is sturdy enough for home and bathroom use.
  • A very portable and useful accessory for bathrooms.
  • With good absorbency, the mat is suitable for elders.


  • Not suitable if pets are around. As the fiber can shed if the pets play with the mat.
  • Not dryer friendly
  • Do not use fabric detergents to wash the mat as it will lose its natural beauty.

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#4 VANRA Bath Mat With Anti Slip Memory Foam

The VANRA bath mat is the softest and most comfortable bath mat that you will experience. 

VANRA Bath Mat With Anti Slip Memory Foam

It is made from soft coral velvet and memory foam, which relieves pressure on the foot and helps you relax. 

There is an anti-skid latex backing on this mat, which makes it extremely useful for bathroom usage. The water-absorbent capacity of the mat is very high.

There are 2 sizes and several nice colors available for purchase. Maintaining and cleaning the rug is very convenient. It works like foam and absorbs a fair amount of water without the water leaking from it. 


  • Skin-friendly material is suitable for elders, kids, and youngsters.
  • Memory foam and velvet fabric make the mat very soft.
  • Stylish mat perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • Extra thick microfibers help to absorb maximum water. 
  • Anti-slip latex fabric makes the mat strong and durable.
  • Easily fits in the budget. 
  • Four different color options are available to choose from ( grey, blue, brown, and green).


  • The mat makes a Squelching sound when wet, and this can be not very pleasant due to memory foam.
  • Takes a long time to dry as machine dry is not recommendable. 

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#5 H.VERSAILTEX Non-Slip Bathroom Rugs

The H.VERSAILTEX non-slip shaggy chenille rug is perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, and even for the house entrance. The hot melt adhesive at the back of the mat makes this mat very anti-skid. 

Non-Slip Thick Shaggy Chenille Bathroom Rugs

The mat is laced with Plush chenille that is ultra-thick and makes it look like an area rug. This mat is ideal as it is soft and comfortable to touch. It is a water absorbent mat that is perfect for spillage and using outside the tub. 

The rug is available in two different sizes 32″*20 “and 24″*17 inches that make it ideal for any room of the house. It is available in 12 different colors for one to choose from according to preference. 


  • The mat protects the feet from cold flooring.
  • It acts as a giant sponge as it absorbs a fair amount of water that makes it perfect for bathrooms, kitchen, and even kid’s rooms.
  • Mat holds the floor grip and does not move from its place due to its slip-resistant backing.
  • It also enhances the look of the room with its vibrant colors and ideal size.
  • Chenille fabric is soft to touch and does not need much maintenance.


  • Not to be washed with detergent with hard bleaching effect.
  • Only mild dry and machine wash are recommended. 

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#6 ITSOFT Non Slip Bath Mat

Elders feel cold when they step on to the floor with wet or bare feet. 

ITSOFT Non Slip Shaggy Chenille Soft Microfiber Bath Mat

With ITSOFT bathroom mats, not only will their feet get protection from the cold floor, but it will also provide a soft and cozy feeling to them. The Chenille microfibers on this mat are very soft to touch and also provide perfect padding to the feet. 

There will be no fibers coming out even when you wash the mat in the washing machine because the fiber locking technology used in the mat makes it tough. 

Three-layers of fleece makes the mat durable to withstand many washes. The PVC material at the bottom of the rug makes it non-slippery and provides perfect grip and traction. A perfect absorbent mat that has a high quality of absorbance due to thousands of small microfibers that keep the bathroom dry. 


  • Non- shrinkable material that can withstand many washes.
  • Extra soft three-layer fiber coating makes the mat 100% durable.
  • Chenille is a perfect choice for elders due to its soft microfiber and non-slippery coating.
  • Easy to handle and maintain the rug.
  • A foldable mat that is portable and can be stored in a small place.


  • Should not be washed with a harsh detergent.
  • A little expensive as compared to other bathroom mats.

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The most important thing to keep in mind when buying bath mats for the elderly is safety. Anti-slip features and moisture absorption capacity cannot be compromised at all. Similarly, the mat should be antibacterial and resistant to microbes

In this article, we have selected the Best Non-Slip Bath Mats for Elderly based on the features mentioned in our buyer’s guide and the ratings and comments mentioned by actual users on Amazon. 

In our opinion, the Yimobra Bathroom Rug Mat, 24'' x 17'', Luxury Chenille Shaggy Bath Rugs, Extra Soft & Thick, Absorbent Water, Non-Slip, Machine Washable, Bath Mats for Bath Floor,Tub and Shower, Gray  is the best choice among the various options that we have considered, because it is ideal for elders, rich in features, and serves the purpose.

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the VANRA Small Bath Mat Bath Rugs Anti-Slip Memory Foam Non-Slip Bathroom Mat Soft Bathmat Carpet 15.7" X 23.6" (Gray), which offers great value and features at a very reasonable price point.