Cubii Pro Seated Compact Elliptical Reviews

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In this article, we share our Cubii Pro seated compact elliptical reviews, recommendations, and alternatives 

Overview – Cubii Pro Seated Compact Elliptical

Staying healthy is not easy in this era, especially if you are above the age of 55-60. At that age, your metabolism slows down, and you usually can’t perform most activities, let alone working out. 

Here enters Under Desk Ellipticals, the perfect solution to your health issues. 

Cubii Pro, the upgraded version of Cubii Jr, is the Only under desk seated elliptical that features Bluetooth connectivity. 

Cubii Pro

You can paddle your feet just like a standard elliptical, but sitting at your place. It is a perfect example of working out while working.

With eight levels of resistance and an LCD screen that displays your workout data. Along with these features, it also has a handle for portability.

As we go forward in the article, we will deeply analyze each feature of Cubii Pro, but first, we will discuss some of Cubii Pro’s positive and negative points.


  • It comes with eight levels of resistance for an adequate workout for seniors.
  • Cubii Pro is entirely silent as it comes with an ultra-quiet mechanism.
  • The LCD monitor features in Cubii Pro show your workout data from which you can track your progress. It shows you time, distance, speed, and calorie count.
  • It also features Bluetooth Connectivity.


  • It is quite expensive than under desk ellipticals.
  • It is also heavy.

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Buyer’s Guide: Under Desk Elliptical

Light Ellipticals that can go under the desk are probably the best way for seniors to be fit and keep themselves healthy at the age of over 60. While they are great for a passive and low-impact workout there are still many things you will have to keep in your mind before you buy an elliptical like this. 

This section will be listing out all the features that you must consider while buying a seated elliptical.

Resistance Levels

Most workout types of equipment need some kind of resistance for a good workout, and the same goes for the seated ellipticals. It should have some adequate level of resistance, even if it’s for the seniors. Having Multiple easy-to-adjust resistances are the best in a seated elliptical.

Cubii Pro

LCD Display

You need to track your workout if you want to see any major results, no matter how passive or low impact the workout may be. Usually, the seated ellipticals have a display showing you the data need to track your progress. The monitor generally shows you the distance, time, speed, and calorie count.

Stable Design

Safety should be the top priority if you are buying anything that includes physical activity for seniors. It is the same case with seated ellipticals. If you buy an under-desk elliptical that does not have a sturdy and stable design, it can wobble and injure you.


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Features & Benefits: Cubii Pro Seated Compact Elliptical

Resistance Levels

The multiple resistances are one of the USPs of the Cubii Pro, and it provides you eight resistances that ranges from 1 to 8. The resistances are reliant and consistent, unlike most seated ellipticals. 

The resistances assure that you never get stuck in your progress and enhance the difficulty as you get more comfortable with the lower resistance levels.

Cubii Pro

Extra Silent

It is the most silent under desk elliptical available in the market. It makes absolutely no noise and never distracts you while doing any work with working out simultaneously. It features a silent mechanism built to stay quiet.

LCD Monitor

It is challenging to track your progress without any reliant data. The workout data help you follow your workout regime in a more professional way and get the desired results. Cubii Pro helps with your workout by giving you consistent data that is reliable. It shows calories burnt, speed, time, and distance traveled.


Here comes the real selling point of the Cubii Pro. The Cubii Pro is the very only seated elliptical machine compatible with almost all tracking devices. It easily connects to a Fitbit or an Apple HealthKit. You can even connect it with your mobile using Cubii’s mobile app called the Cubii App. 

Bluetooth is all you require to connect Cubii Jr to any of the tracking devices mentioned. It helps you track your progress in a much easier way right from your mobile.

No Joint Pain

Unlike many under desk ellipticals, Cubii Pro puts nearly zero pressure on your joint, which is an essential feature from a senior’s perspective. Not having unnecessary pressure on joints also lets you paddle for longer and, as a result, get the best workout for your lower body.

Cubii Pro

Straightforward To Assemble

Most people might think the Cubii Pro difficult to assemble at the first glimpse, but once you follow the instruction provided in the manual properly, it is very easy to put together without any complications. The machine hardly takes just twenty minutes to assemble, and you probably won’t need any assistance in doing it. Four screws and a screwdriver are required for assembling, and they are provided inside the box itself.

Calorie Burning

If you need a complete assurance of burning calories, then Cubii Pro is the perfect seated elliptical for you. You can lose up to 125 calories under an hour by using the Cubii Pro, as mentioned by the company. 

Some of Cubii Pro users even mentioned in their reviews about losing 144 calories under an hour when working out at the hardest level. 

Cubii Pro

Premium Service

Cubii is renowned for amazing customer service. They are known to provide the solution to your problem as quickly as possible. Cubii even solved many of the customer problems just through internet review, which tells a lot about their exceptional service.


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Even though Cubii Pro is literally the best seated elliptical in the market, it’s always good to have some alternative options available as a buyer.

This section will list out the top three alternatives of the Cubii Pro.

#1 Stamina 55-1602 Immotion Under Desk Elliptical Machine

It weighs a lot less than the Cubii Pro. It weighs a total of 26 pounds which is six pounds lighter than the Cubii Pro that weighs 32 pounds. It is much cheaper than the Cubii Pro. Also, similar to Cubii Pro, it has a digital display for showing you your workout data. It also comes with multiple resistances that are operated through a dial on the machine. 

Let’s compare it with Cubii Pro:

  • It is much more affordable than Cubii Pro, which is the most expensive under desk elliptical in the market.
  • It is lighter in weight than Cubii Pro hence easy to carry around, especially for the seniors.
  • The major difference between the two is Bluetooth connectivity. Stamina under desk elliptical does not have Bluetooth.
  • You can use this elliptical both while sitting and standing.
  • It does not have consistent resistances like the Cubii Pro as it does not comes with resistant straps.

It is a safe and affordable option for the seniors if you don’t want to spend extra bucks for Bluetooth.

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#2 Sunny H&F Elliptical SF-E3872

Here is another more affordable alternative option of the Cubii Pro. Just like Cubii Pro, it also has eight magnetic levels of resistances. It has a very smooth and simple operation and generally does not need a lot of maintenance. Along with these features, it also comes with an ergonomic handle so that you can take it with you anywhere you go.

Let’s compare it with Cubii Pro:

  • Just like the last product mentioned, it is also less expensive than the Cubii Pro. 
  • You can not connect it with other devices.
  • It is even more lightweight than the last alternative mentioned as it weighs only 25 pounds which is seven pounds lighter than Cubii Pro.
  • This seated elliptical is one of the most silent ones in the market and helps perfom well without sacrificing the productivity; still, Cubii Pro has the edge over it as it is without a donut, the most silent seated elliptical available in the market.
  • The resistance levels, Digital Monitor, and size are almost the same in these machines.

If you do not want the problem of maintenance and also need an easy-to-use under desk elliptical. In that case, this Magnetic Underdesk Seated Elliptical is made for you.

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#3 DeskCycle Ellipse Seated Under Desk Elliptical

It is not as cheap as the ellipticals mentioned above but does provide beneficial features. It is affordable than Cubii Pro and comes with multiple resistances. Like the Cubii elliptical, it has multiple resistances, and a monitor for tracking your performance.

Comparison with Cubii Pro.

  • It is almost as quiet as Cubii Pro.
  • It is less expensive than Cubii Pro.
  • This elliptical is slightly lighter(2 pounds) than Cubii Pro.
  • No Bluetooth.
  • The resistance levels and monitor are the same in both machines.

If you want a high-quality seated elliptical with consistent resistance, this is a great alternate.

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Getting fit or even staying healthy is not a cakewalk if you are over 60. You need a safe workout regime for it as you don’t want to get injured at that age. 

Without exercising, you are welcoming several health-related problems.

Cubii Pro, the best under desk elliptical machine, is the best option for you to stay healthy as an elderly. Let us again see its positive points.

  • Bluetooth
  • Sufficient Resistance levels
  • LCD monitor
  • Silent.