Burning Sensation in Your Back: Causes and Treatments

burning sensation in back

The feelings are universal: pain in your back when you get out of your seat, sore neck after sleeping on it wrong, or, worse, a dull pain that sticks with you every day and every moment according to Medical News Today. About 8 out of 10 people will experience some sort of burning sensation in their back … Read more

Lower Back Pain After Squats: Muscle Soreness or an Injury?

lower back pain after squats

Squatting is a very popular exercise that offers a full body strength training workout according to Nerd Fitness. While you will put the majority of muscles to work during your squatting session, this exercise mostly concentrates on the hip, thigh, quadriceps, buttocks, and hamstring muscles. It is an intense exercise and, when done correctly, squats strengthen your … Read more

Back Pain during Pregnancy Sign of Serious Problems

Pregnancy Back Pain

While some women find pregnancy to be a joy, others experience one uncomfortable symptom after another. One of the most common and even painful side effects of pregnancy is back pain. This makes sense when you consider that your center of gravity is changing, you’re gaining weight, and hormonal changes are relaxing ligaments in the … Read more