Affordable Care Act Do – Detailed Guide

What Does The Affordable Care Act Do

The ACA provides healthcare insurance to all U.S. citizens at an affordable price. Over the years, it has provided coverage to more than 20 million people in the U.S. Read on to know more. For years, many people found it difficult to get proper medical treatment in the U.S. due to the high costs involved. … Read more

8 Ways Seniors Can Get Free Legal Advice

Ways Seniors Can Get Free Legal Advice

Here are some ways seniors can get free legal advice if they ever get into trouble with the law. Sometimes you have to pay a lot to get legal advice from a lawyer and what to do for those whose income is fixed or senior citizens. We have rounded up some ways or methods to … Read more

Tax Planning For Seniors-All Your Questions Answered

Tax Planning For Seniors-All Your Questions Answered

Are you worried about the taxes that can decrease your retirement savings? This article below discusses tax planning for seniors, which will help you to preserve your retirement savings. You toil hard to save money during your working life to utilize it later in your golden years. With life expectancy inching towards the 80-year mark, … Read more

What to do if an Elderly is Abandoned by Family

What Counts As Elderly Abandonment? When the person/group of people responsible for the care of an elderly person deserts or otherwise fails to provide the necessary care to the older adult, it is a case of elderly abandonment. The caregivers have in short, failed to provide the elderly individual, the necessary goods and services required … Read more

Problems With Home Care Agencies

What happens when you face problems with home care agencies? Below we look at some common problems, and how you can avoid them. Do you have a senior member in the family? Do they need proper care that you cannot give due to busy work schedules? If yes, then why not contact a home care … Read more

How To File A Complaint Against A Home Healthcare Agency

If your loved ones are not getting the right care from their HHA, below is a step-by-step guide on how to file a complaint against a home healthcare agency. A Home Healthcare Agency (HHA) should provide quality healthcare to their patients. Nearly 4.5 mn people use Home healthcare agencies in the US for assistance with … Read more

How to Report Unsafe Living Conditions of Elderly

If you are wondering how to report unsafe living conditions of elderly persons that you may know or have seen, there are several options that we will discuss in this article. The living conditions for the Elderly living conditions can be unsafe, either physically or emotionally. A home with a bad condition of walkers or … Read more

How to Find a Good Elder Law Attorney

An elder law attorney helps you navigate through the issues of life that arise simply because of age. An elder lawyer can be of great help as they provide you with legal guidance and counseling on a host of factors. These include matters like preparing for long-term care, choosing retirement plans, settling your estate, and … Read more

What Age Is Legally Considered Elderly?

Do you know what is legally considered elderly in the US? Let us clear some of your doubts in this write-up. Gone are the days when wrinkled faces and white hair determined a person’s age or a person was called old or elderly. Now, age is just a figure, and you are as old as … Read more

Benefits for Seniors Over 55

Did you know that there are several benefits for seniors over 55 like you? Let us take you through the world of perks that open up as your golden year’s approach. So, in addition to a birthday cake and warm wishes from friends and family, the onset of your 55th year opens up a whole … Read more