What are Your Options to Pay for Assistive Devices

An assistive device can provide you with independence, but it can be very expensive. What are your options to pay for assistive devices? Let’s find out. Assistive devices can cost you a fortune. If you need an assistive device but are incapable of buying one then you can use many ways to get one. In … Read more

Planning For Future Care And Support

Planning For Future Care And Support

Are you thinking of planning for your retirement but don’t know where to start? This article discusses planning for future care and support, which will help you in your golden years. Old age comes with various changes to your body and mind. Your body starts deteriorating, and you have a higher chance of suffering from … Read more

Must Know Places That Offer Senior Discounts

Must-Know Places That Offer Senior Discounts

We have collected a list of must know places that offer senior discounts across 17 categories including retail, travel, hospitality, gas/electricity, and many more! As a senior, you are eligible to get discounts from different business and service providers. However, most older adults don’t have education about senior discounts and how to avail themselves and … Read more