Understanding the Connection Between Low Blood Sugar and Pregnancy

low blood sugar during pregnancy

If you are pregnant and experiencing frequent lightheadedness, dizziness or even fatigue, chances are that you have contemplated whether or not your blood sugar levels are healthy. Pregnant women can experience low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) during their pregnancy. However, high blood sugar also referred to as hyperglycemia, is considered to be much more common. According … Read more

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Safe During Pregnancy?

can pregnant women drink apple cider vinegar

There Are Many Woes of Pregnancy Sure, your family and friends can be sympathetic, but they’re not the ones rushing to the bathroom with morning sickness, dealing with backaches and swollen feet, or pushing through the fatigue of carrying another human life. Foot rubs and words of encouragement are always appreciated, but they do nothing … Read more

Why do my feet hurt during pregnancy?

pregnant foot pain

In addition to overall weight gain and a noticeably swollen abdomen, a number of women have swollen feet and legs while they are expecting. The additional weight can put more pressure on the feet, which can make it difficult for some women to move quickly while pregnant. This is usually more common during the last … Read more

Can Pregnancy Cause Heart Disease?

pregnancy heart disease

Many pregnant women are more concerned with back problems, eating a healthy diet, and staying fit, a growing body of research shows that pregnancy comes with a hidden danger: an increased risk of heart attack and heart disease. While uncommon, it is possible for pregnant women to develop rare heart conditions or suffer a heart … Read more

Is pregnancy a pre existing condition

Is pregnancy a pre existing condition

In the context of health insurance, a “pre-existing condition” is “Any condition (either physical or mental) including a disability for which medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was recommended or received within the 6-month period ending on your enrollment date in a health insurance plan”. Coverage of pre-existing conditions might not be the “untouchable third … Read more

What are the signs of gestational diabetes during pregnancy?

signs of gestational diabetes during pregnancy

Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that only occurs during pregnancy, and this condition affects about 18 percent of all pregnant women each year. Gestational diabetes normally begins to develop between weeks 24 and 28 of pregnancy when hormones from the placenta start to block insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is created by the pancreas and helps to … Read more