6 ADLs for Long Term Care: Essential Activities of Daily Living for Seniors

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Long-term care is a form of assistance provided to individuals who require support with their daily activities. These activities, known as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), include basic tasks such as bathing, dressing, and eating, as well as more complex tasks like managing medication and finances. The ability to perform ADLs is a crucial factor … Read more

How To Buy a Vacation Home For Your Golden Years?

How To Buy a Vacation Home For Your Golden Years

Planning to buy your dream vacation home for retirement? Don’t invest without reading our guide on how to buy a vacation home for your golden years. Golden years of life usually refer to those incredible years when you have just retired and are still in good health to relax and enjoy your life. You do … Read more

Is in Home Care Tax Deductible?

Paying for at-home care services can be very helpful for you, or a loved one, to be able to stay in your home and keep your independence but it can become very expensive very quickly. There are definitely some medical costs you can deduct from your taxes to help with the cost of paying for … Read more

55 and Older Community Rules

Planning to move to adult community? Read about 55 and older community rules to maximize your benefits. There are plenty of things to look forward to as you age. As a retired older American, you would most probably be looking forward to a relaxed lifestyle and spending more time with the family. And of course, … Read more

What Is Considered Low Income for Senior Citizens?

Low income is a term that is bandied about far too often. But what exactly is considered low income for senior citizens? Let’s find out. Poverty among senior citizens is more prominent than many people realize. The reason is that many people often do not save enough for their retirement due to ample reasons. Suppose … Read more

How Do I Apply for HUD Senior Housing?

What is HUD? The HUD is an agency of the US government that is established for the purpose of homeownership and community development. The HUD implements the Fair Housing Act and provides housing assistance through the Voucher program for Housing choice and the Community Development Block Grant. Applying for Housing and Urban Development Benefits: When anyone … Read more

Assisted Living Insurance Costs

Worrying about living and care assistance needs as you age is normal – your working years are behind you and you (may) have a limited income depending on the pension plan and savings you have. While your retirement pension and savings may cover your cost of living for years, will it cover the cost of … Read more

Will Social Security Pay for Assisted Living

Will social security pay for assisted living? The short answer is yes, but the short answer never tells you the real story! Find out the details below. Social Security Administration is a program that the federal agency runs, and it provides Social Security for Disability Insurance, Survivors, and Old-age, popularly known as the OASDI program.  … Read more

Are Family Members Responsible for Nursing Home Bills?

We all want the very best for our family members, especially when they get into their senior years and may need more assistance and care than they did previously. As we know, when we age and need more medical assistance our bills can greatly increase and adequate care can become very expensive very quickly. Our … Read more

How to Get Into Assisted Living With No Money

Assisted living is a wonderful but expensive option for elderly people. We look at how to get into assisted living with no money. Assisted living is an excellent option available for the elderly who do not want to reside alone at their homes but do not need a clock attendant. Unfortunately, these assisted living houses … Read more