Best Tattoo Machines for Beginners

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We have reviewed the best tattoo machines for beginners. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 5.

Tattoo making is an art, and those pursuing it are called tattoo artists. It is also a risky job as it involves piercing into the body of another individual. Many people may want to create that famous dragon tattoo on their biceps, but there are only a few artisans who can beautifully and safely deliver the same. One needs to have the skill and the best tattoo machine at his fingertips.

Though it may seem like a relatively new trend, tattoo making is an improved and safer version of an ancient practice. There are multiple cultures where creating a symbol or mark is an absolute necessity to stay in the community. However, all these piercings took place without safety measures, and there were chances of people getting infected.

With modern machinery for creating tattoos, the chances of infection are substantially low. That is why people have started opting to ink themselves a lot more. It has become a mark of people’s self-expression. There is a tattoo to celebrate success and love. At the same time, some tattoos depict tales of survival.

Best tattoo machines for beginners

With so many designs, people do not stop at just one. This is the reason a tattoo maker is never out of a job. The one thing to take care of is that though there is creativity involved, you also need a mastery of the tools. 

To bring in that kind of confidence, an expert tattoo maker must have faith in his skills, which develop when you start with the best tattoo machine for beginners and slowly build your mark in the heart of your customers.

What Should You Look For in the Best Tattoo Machine for Beginners?

The first step to becoming a tattoo artist is by investing in the best tattoo machine for beginners. However, it may become challenging to choose one without proper knowledge of the subject. Given below is a buying guide so that you can choose the right one to kickstart your passion.

Comfort While Handling

A large machine that has a slippery grip may be fine later in your career when you are an expert at creating designer tattoos. But when you’re starting, it is always a wise idea to opt for a lightweight machine. One should also ensure that the grip is sturdy, so there are no chances of the machine slipping out of your fingers. The weight of the machine will play a pivotal role in your work.

Type of the Machine

There are broadly three kinds of tattoo machines i.e., coil, rotary, and pneumatic. Out of the three, a rotary tattoo machine is the most convenient option for beginners. You may also opt for a coil tattoo machine, but it is considered more apt for intermediate to expert tattoo makers.

Fit For All

While creating a design, you may have to work with multiple needles. Hence, invest in a tattoo machine setup where you can work with the same pen by inserting different needles. In case your machine lacks this feature, you may have to purchase more devices, which will be a waste of resources for a beginner.

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Speed of Machine

A tattoo machine may range anywhere between 50 to 3000 RPMs. You can choose the one that can help you to stabilize speed and then increase it gradually.

Best tattoo machines for beginners2


Tattoo machines can have several functions. For example, ink storage, absorption, easy assembling, flexibility, etc. A beginner should opt for a tattoo machine with multiple features so that they can learn the various features for later use.

Quality Product

Tattoo artists provide their services not only in the store but also at different locations. So you might often be traveling with the device. All of this may lead to wear and tear of its parts. So when looking for the machine, ensure that it is of the best quality, you don’t want to be chasing the manufacturer for replacements and spare parts all the time.

Easy to Use

Beginners should opt for a machine that is easy to use. With a user-friendly device, it becomes easier to polish one’s skills and upgrade with time. Don’t go for a fancy option with too many buttons.


For a beginner, it is best to opt for a more affordable yet reliable tattoo machine. Tattoo making is a fine art and not meant for everyone. If you are picking it up as a hobby, start with a more basic version with which you can practice before graduating to the higher-end models.

Now that you know how to look for the best tattoo machine here, we have compiled the best five to help you.

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Best Tattoo Machine for Beginners

#1 Dragonhawk Essence Tattoo Pen Style Rotary Tattoo Machine

It is a pen-style rotary tattoo machine that is exceptionally lightweight and has a comfortable grip. The Japanese motor is powerful and makes minimum noise. This machine doesn’t even vibrate while working hence reducing the amount of wear and tear. 

Dragonhawk Essence Tattoo Pen Style Rotary Tattoo Machine

The tattoo maker can work efficiently with this machine as it activates quickly, and also one can easily adjust the voltage that ranges from 6V to 9V. Dragonhawk essence tattoo pen is also one of the most affordable devices with superior quality. It helps the artists create all kinds of tattoo art that includes lining, shading, and colorings.

The main focal point of this device is that it is compatible with all cartridge needles. You can quickly create scenic white, black, grey, or any other colorful design with this rotary tattoo machine for beginners.


  • Comfortable grip
  • One of the most affordable tattoo machine
  • Lightweight with only 140gm
  • Activates quickly
  • Adjustable voltage


  • The motor doesn’t last long
  • Instructions leaflet is a bit confusing to follow

The video below features Essence Pen Style Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit.

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#2 Dragonhawk Atom Cartridge Tattoo Machine

The powerful DC motor is the highlight of this tattoo machine as it helps in continuous operation. This helps the artist to take create designs that demand working continuously for more extended periods without exhausting the machine. 

Dragonhawk Atom cartridge tattoo machine

Due to its low noise and low vibration, this machine is not prone to damages and proves to be your reliable partner for years. Also, since it is lightweight and adaptable with almost all the cartridges, there will be no need to swap machines during needle changes.

It provides a needle depth that ranges from 0 to 4.5mm. This helps create striking images at the desired depth. Also, the speed of 55 to 165 Hz is excellent for a beginner. One can create long strokes to 3.5 mm and complete the task at a higher pace. This kit is also advantageous since it contains a foot pedal and a carry case to help you transition.


  • Powerful DC motor
  • Long strokes of 3.5 mm
  • Low vibration 
  • Helpful in continuous operations
  • In-depth tattoo making till 4.5 mm


  • Sometimes the cartridge refuses to fit in
  • No manual is provided

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#3 Stigma Tattoo Machine Kit

The stigma tattoo machine is a pen-style rotary device that comes with a powerful Japanese motor. It can continuously work for longer hours without collapsing hence helping you create wonders without a break. This pen made with aluminum alloy is long-lasting, noiseless, and is created in an anti-slip design.

Stigma Tattoo Machine Kit

The needle of this tattoo machine can be adjusted according to your design’s requirement so that dark patters inside the skin can be enhanced efficiently. The best about this tattoo machine for beginners is that it is a kit that has a 20 pcs cartridge for all your needs. One can efficiently color and shade a variety of tattoos with this device.

There is also a high-quality RCA connector rod along with the device to help in uninterrupted carvings. If any of these advantages prove lesser, remember that the stigma tattoo machine is CE certified and carries a one year warranty.


  • CE certification
  • One year warranty
  • Anti-slip design
  • Noiseless operation
  • Powerful Japanese motor


  • The kit doesn’t include ink.
  • The foot pedal has a delay in responsiveness.

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#4 Grinder Tattoo kit by Pirate face Tattoo

The Grinder tattoo kit is the ultimate package for beginners looking out for a coil tattoo machine. The kit mainly comprises of four tattoo machine guns that are of 10 coils. The ink that comes with this machine is made in the USA and provides the desired results to the artist.

Grinder Tattoo kit by Pirate face Tattoo

One can do both lining and shading with this pen due to the high-quality ink. Seven beautiful colors are safe to use. This machine is equally popular among professionals and beginners as it is easy to use and has a sturdy grip. 

This device, too, is CE certified and has a six months warranty period. Even if you are not a professional but aspire to be one, this kit helps you by providing supplies for the same. There are an instruction book and DVD that renders a step by step guide to carving out tattoos like a professional.


  • CE certification included
  • Six months warranty on both the power supply and machine
  • The USA made high-quality ink.
  • Instruction booklet and DVD for working knowledge
  • Includes everything in the carry case


  • The clip cord and pedals may not last long.
  • The power supply needs delicate care.

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#5 Dragonhawk Rotary Mast Tour Tattoo Pen

This machine is lightweight i.e., only 82gms. It is custom made with Mast coreless motor that is powerful and can be helping you for at least 3000 hours. It is a classic yet straightforward device to help you a line, shade, and beautifully color the art pieces. You can opt for black and grey shading or some solid colorings with this tattoo machine.

Dragonhawk Rotary Mast Tour Tattoo Pen

The tattoo machine works seamlessly with almost all standard accessories, which is the cord and pedals. The light-colored cartridges ensure clear visibility of ink flow. The grip is also sturdy and slip-free. Needle depth is adjustable to the desired limit to carve out designs.

It is a device that is tested multiple times to ensure there are no loopholes. Hence, a beginner can confidently utilize it without fearing a potential risk. Moreover, it is compatible with any cartridge too.


  • Custom made coreless mast motor. 
  • Can perform all kind of works including lines, shades, and coloring
  • Lightweight with only 82gms
  • Anti-skid design
  • Extensively tested


  • A bit costly when compared to others
  • The instruction manual is missing

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Tattoo making is both an art and a science. The designs and creativity are all right-brained activities. However, the fine art of making the tattoo requires a technical understanding of the tools that help you make them. That’s where your left brain comes in – you need to understand the rpm’s, features, and options that a tattoo machine comes with to truly extract the best work that you can from a machine.

As a beginner, you should always go for a machine that offers the maximum features while being comfortable for use. Whenever you’re finally ready to upgrade to your next tattoo machine, you should have understood the major aspects of using these fine machines, and the pros and cons of various features.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best tattoo machines for beginners. In our opinion, the “Dragonhawk Rotary Mast Tour Tattoo Pen” is the best choice among the various options that we have considered. The main reason is that the motor is powerful and can be used for long hours.

Along with that, clear cartridges allowing the visibility of ink flow also add value. The fact that it has been extensively tested helps as well. If you are looking for a value for money option, you can consider the “Dragonhawk Essence Tattoo Pen Style Rotary Tattoo Machine”, which offers great value at a very reasonable price point.  

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