Best Infrared Sauna Blankets

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We have brought for you the best infrared sauna blankets. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 6.

If you enjoy sitting in a sauna cabin and sweating all the toxins of your body away, there is good news for you. We have searched the best infrared sauna blanket and have brought the best for you.

It allows the user to have better sleep, improve blood circulation, and help get rid of sore muscles by staying at home. Sauna blankets are the latest trend in health and wellness. They let you get the best of both worlds – the relaxation and detoxification of a sauna without the bomb it costs to get that club/gym membership.

Most people don’t have the money, space, or time to invest in an infrared sauna cabin. Sauna blankets are comfortable, easy to use, result-oriented, and ideal for your health.  

Below, we discuss these godsends in more detail.

What Is an Infrared Sauna Blanket?

An infrared sauna blanket is a thermal body wrap, which is quite prevalent in spas and gyms. However, now you can own one yourself and use it wherever you like. The blanket emits “Far Infrared Ray”, which is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum of solar radiation.

These rays have been proven to be harmless for the body. They can penetrate the skin to almost 4 inches in every session, thereby stimulating the tissues and muscles underneath, helping us lose toxins and excess fat from our body

Benefits Of Infrared Sauna Blanket

An infrared sauna blanket has far-reaching benefits. Some of the prominent benefits are listed hereunder.

Improves Blood Circulation

Even a small 20-minute sauna session helps you improve your blood circulation. The heat emitted by the blanket helps to dilate blood vessels and capillaries, thereby improving blood flow to different parts of the body. Better blood circulation has several advantages – from making your skin look radiant to preventing cancer – everything is linked to how well your blood flows through your body!

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Relieves Muscle Pain

If you have a physically challenging job then this blanket is certainly for you. It helps in relieving muscle pain and smoothens stiffness. It also relieves stress from the muscles and helps the body relax.  

Heat Regulation

A regular sauna cabin session can be a bit too hot. Excess heat may not be good for some people as it causes skin irritation or uneasiness. For such people, a sauna blanket is a perfect solution, because it never gets as hot as a sauna cabin, and its heating is usually easy to regulate.


A sauna blanket is a one-time investment, for a lifetime of sauna sessions! Compare that to the fee that you pay at your health club or gym for regular sauna visits. Also, you get the freedom to enjoy a session when you want, where you want.

It Burns Calories and Removes Toxins

Just like a sauna cabin, a sauna blanket also helps in reducing weight and eradicating toxins from the body. Moreover, since the heat reaches deep into the skin, it has a significant impact on body metabolism. A half-hour session helps to burn anywhere between 200-600 calories!

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What You Should Look For Before Buying an Infrared Sauna Blanket?


The design of your sauna blanket will decide the kind of experience you get from it. It is therefore imperative to look at how your sauna blanket has been designed. An ideal sauna blanket always features three heating zones, and all these zones are controlled independently. If your blanket is designed to control all the three zones then it is ideal.


When you use the blanket you wear it like cloth and wrap it around your body. It is therefore necessary to have a blanket that fits you perfectly. A smaller, ill-fitting blanket will not give you good results, and neither will one which is oversized and does not fit you comfortably. Therefore always buy one that fits in perfectly.


The material of your blanket must be sturdy, comfortable, and soft. It should not release heat, in other words, it must be heat-resistant. It must also have flexible tensile capabilities to accommodate different sleeping positions. An ideal sauna blanket has an exterior body made up of PU material whereas its interior should be made up of waterproof PVC.

Maximum temperature

An ideal temperature range for the blanket is 77-80 degrees, which helps you choose your ideal setting. If the temperature goes over 85 degrees a good blanket automatically disconnects after realizing the same for safety purposes. When you buy one make sure that the time and temperature can be adjusted for your comfort.

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Best Infrared Sauna Blanket

#1 Gizmo 3 Zone Infrared Heat Sauna Blanket

If you are looking for body therapy at home, you will love this 3 layer sauna blanket by Gizmo. Now you can burn calories without going to the gym at home with this blanket. It uses far infrared rays for burning calories which is one of the most effective ways of weight loss.

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The FIR penetrates the skin and increases blood circulation and also increases cell metabolism that helps to decrease weight conveniently at home. The blanket causes heat and this causes sweating which helps to reduce unwanted fat from all over the body. 


  • Super convenient to use without any coach at home.
  • It is made with carbon fibers that heat the blanket much faster than other sauna belts and blankets available in the market.
  • Three separate temperature control zones for even heat distribution on the whole body.
  • With a one-touch button, one can switch it on and off as per usage.
  • As it is compact it can be stored anywhere after use.
  • The blanket helps to work out without causing any exertion.
  • The blanket helps to get rid of joint pains, swelling in the body, detoxifies the body, and helps to feel relaxed.


  • This blanket can cause overheating which can lead to redness and dehydration.

Here we have a video featuring Gizmo 3 Zone Infrared Heat Sauna Blanket.

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#2 Far Infrared Sauna Blanket by Altratech 

Burning fat can be done at ease now with this Altratech Far Infrared Sauna Blanket. Do away with skin irritation caused by different materials of most sauna blankets. It comes in Oxford Fabric of high grade that is skin-friendly and is safe for use. 

You need not worry about overheating as the blanket comes with a UL Certified design for overheating protection. It makes sure that the power is disconnected when the temperature goes beyond 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it raises the alarm for 1 minute if the temperature goes beyond the limit. This waterproof sauna blanket comes with better performance, strength, and durability.

Altratech Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

The far-infrared radiation of 9 to 14 um provides thermal radiation with the skin cells oxidizing them into the water, carbon dioxide, and other compounds leading to a slimming and fat burning tendency. 

The sauna blanket is 70 inches in length and 32 inches in breadth, making it suitable for use for most. If you are planning to purchase a sauna blanket that is highly effective and yet is within the budget, this Altratech product is the one for you. 


  • The sauna blanket comes at a very reasonable price making it an affordable way of losing extra fat for many.
  • Waterproof nature, better strength, and durability make it a product worth buying.
  • The UL-certified product with overheating protection design makes sure that you are safe during the sauna process.
  • 70X32 inches dimension and high performance ensure that it is a good buy for all.
  • It has an amazing fat losing feature that assists you in losing weight and slimming down.


  • You need to handle the product with care. It is harmful if the blanket is not cooled down after use and before storing.
  • The product is not suitable to be used on the bed.

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#3 Vanell Upgraded Digital Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

The Vanell Digital Sauna Blanket is perfect if you wish to reduce belly fat or burn fat from arms and legs. It is very effective for overall body detoxification and slimming. Unlike most other blankets that require you to lie down straight, this sauna blanket is suitable to use in any sleeping posture with optimized performance in each. If you have persistent pain that won’t go away, this sauna blanket can reduce it in no time. 

Vanell Digital Sauna Blanket

With this blanket, you can do away with short circuits or overheating issues. The blanket automatically shuts off any power within 0.1 seconds in case of an emergency. The waterproof, soft fabric ensures that your blanket does not get damaged due to the accumulation of sweat. The best thing I like about this product is the flexibility and the durable nature of the oxford material. It also has a varied range of temperature to set, from 86 degrees to 175 degrees. 

There are two-zone temperature controls and can run from 15 to 60 minutes at a stretch. Do not worry about the operation of the product. It is very convenient and easy to use. However, I suggest that you go through the user manual to know the safety tips and user directions. 


  • It is made of a durable Oxford material with internal waterproofing.
  • Automatic security switch for your safety while in use.
  • It has a wide range of temperate and time to set.
  • A large-sized blanket ensures that it is ready to use for one and all.
  • If you are wondering about the price, it is a good value for money. 


  • There are quite a few prohibitions to use. Read the user manual well before use.
  • If not folded properly, the blanket sticks to itself while heating.

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#4 Body Shaper Sauna Blanket By S SMAUTOP

Far infrared radiation helps to bring the body into shape by heating it through vibrations. Fat gets oxidized into carbon dioxide and oxygen and helps to reduce weight. A 10-15 minute session regularly helps to bring the body into perfect shape at home itself. Made out of oxford material the blanket is capable of bending and stretching in any position while using it. 

Body Shaper Sauna Blanket By S SMAUTOP


  • Helps to relax the body and makes the body pain free.
  • Blanket also helps to get rid of any kind of pain.
  • Improves blood circulation and opens pores so that the body sweats while taking the sauna.
  • Improves body metabolism and problems like insomnia. 


  • A couple of users complained that the wiring inside the blanket burnt through its covers

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#5 Infrared Sauna Blanket For Weight Loss By TOPQSC

The infrared ray enters the body and causes vibrations that help to open up pores through heat energy. The blanket heats up and helps in better blood circulation that further helps to increase the body’s metabolism. Hence, this results in weight loss.

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The PU cloth is waterproof that makes it one of the best for sauna blanket therapy. 


  • Improves immunity and boosts up body energy levels.
  • Helps in improving cell metabolism.
  • The blanket helps to stay fit and relieve fatigue after every session.
  • A double zipper blanket helps to give proper hand movement even while taking the sauna.


  • Not suitable for people having any kind of skin allergies and also prohibited for pregnant ladies.
  • Anyone who has a pacemaker or hyperthyroidism must not use this blanket.

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#6 T InlovEaRTs Upgraded Sauna Blanket With Digital FIR

This device is a perfect anti-aging and body shaping machine that can be used easily at home, salon, and even spas. The blanket has a zip all over so that the heat cannot escape and one can enjoy the sauna therapy with ease. The sauna blanket is environment and skin-friendly as it is made up of PU material. The material is soft to touch and is very effective. 

T InlovEaRTs Upgraded Sauna Blanket With Digital FIR

The blanket provides even heat distribution on the whole body due to infrared rays. This is one of the upgraded versions of sauna blankets from the other blankets available in the market. Sauna blanket has the power to convert light energy into heat energy. Heat effectively enters into the layers of the skin and helps to lose calories and enhance body muscles.


  • Safe to use at home.
  • Two-zone slimming from front as well as back.


  • Not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

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With today’s hectic lifestyle, people can hardly take out the time to visit a club or gym for a sauna, neither do they want to shell out that kind of money. A sauna blanket is the next best option. It gives you the same benefits as a full-fledged sauna, sitting in the comfort of your home at a fraction of the price.

In this article, we have reviewed the best-infrared sauna blankets. In our opinion, the feature-rich Gizmo 3 Zone Infrared Heat Sauna Blanket is the best choice among the various options that we have considered. Another great option is the Altractech Far Infrared sauna blanket. If you are looking for a value for money option, you can consider the Body Shaper Sauna Blanket By S SMAUTOP, which offers great value at a very reasonable price point.